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when the universe has not been created, time and space do not exist, God Almighty created the very beautiful bright light , and god named the light with the name nur  Mohammed, which means the light of an unparalleled, from this light  Allah Almighty created the universe, sky , the earth and its contents including ourselves the humanity
The bright light is then transformed into a figure of our prophet Mohammad who was born in the city of Mecca,
in Islam known as a spiritual prayer  called salawat which means gift of prayer, blessing and request salvation to the prophet muhammand  SAW,
provide prayer, blessing and request salvation to the prophet muhammand SAW, means also to give the matter to the core of our existence in this universe, because the core of who we are is the light of our prophet.

provide prayer salawat will have the effect of giving a blessing one million times better than we give prayers  to ourselves ,  because gives salawat to the  prophet means to revive the core of our existence in this universe

This event is based on the above philosophy, although sounds like a very Islamic, but those who are outside the spiritual path of Islam also has the opportunity to receive this blessing in the form of this empowerment

This is a very powerful energy, it works on many levels, some of the functions are: Clearing the air of a very deep and make the aura strong, opening the heart center and the thymus, the empowerment of the third eye, canceling the effect of negative energy, entities, black magic & etc. ... removes energy blockages and more thinning
and most importantly, empowerment is a way for you to obtain the blessings of our self-generating core is made of the light of  prophet muhammad .

for receiving this empowerment , relax and then ask


" I am Ready Now to receive Salawat  Empowerment prepared for me by Bimashakti"


I am fit and keeping below a video about salawat that may interest you


thank you for this opportunity to serve, i hope this energy bless you with love & light of infinity...



and this is some text salawat with different spiritual usefulness



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  • Marhaba sister, I am not Muslim but open to all paths of light

    I am sad that your videos are not visible here, I would have loved to see them. Thanks for the energy



  • Is it appropriate to receive this empowerment every certain period of time?

  • thanks bimashakti

  • ?

  • Thank you ...for powrfull empowerment

  • Namaste master viedo is unavailable...kindlyprovideme

  • Thank you...I took the empowerment yesterday. Is there a manual that you can share, Bimashakti ?

  • Thank You Bimashakti for this powerful and blessing energy....

  • I would like to receive the attunement , there are no videos to help me send me a kind! ?namesta
  • Thank you so much, felt it in my thymus and heart from the first moment i asked for this attunement!!

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