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This is a support group for anyone needing support. We want to help you. 

Conecting with higher selv and ask him to do this great job for the higher good of all living things, and is more easy like you can imagine. Just by intention.......

Love and Light 

If I want to send Reiki fast to an animal or person while I am driving how can I do that with out going thorough all the symbols and script for distance healing?   


Can a chi ball be created to send to animals and people quickly?


How do you create your own attunements to help others like the ones on this site?



Hi Robin,

What I do is visualize cho ku rei symbols on cars, people, accidents, ambulances, fire trucks, police, etc etc and I also surround them with a blue flame of Archangel Michael's protective light. Everything is done through intent and visualization for protection. Protective visualization is instant and a little easier than healing. I do not recommend distant healing while driving. But if necessary (i.e. recipient is badly hurt, in coma etc) if you wish to send healing there are several options: Recommended before driving: visualize the person or animal and intend to send healing for their highest good received at the perfect time for them and then start sending (you can say chokurei and honshazeshonen and other symbols in your head three times to strengthen the flow or trace the symbols on your hands, start the flow and know it is flowing while your hands are on the wheel driving), another method: before driving write the name and location of the recipient on a piece of paper. Then start the Reiki activation process on your hand and place the paper in your hand and then drive. But please focus on driving over anything else. Another way, set up a distant healing with a chi ball, with intent it heals the recipient perfectly when it is received for their highest good, then provide call down instructions to the recipient to receive the healing. Intend the chi ball is for any recipient needing healing and can continue to be called down as needed by each recipient of the healing.

How to create mass attunement (everyone has different techniques- I use chi ball):


ROBIN, One thing i have noticed since i was a little boy was when i simply thought about sending energy to the person (before i started doing animals) I would ask them when i got there if they felt the energy and they would jump up and say "I KNEW I WASNT CRAZY!" "SO IT WAS YOU SENDING THAT" I said yes i was driving in my car and i would focus on an area of his or her body, just by focusing or honing in on an area attracts the energy to that area. dont ask me why or how it works other than intention. intention is the main part of our life and learning . once we learn intention is the most powerful thing on earth when it comes to humans, we can impliment it into many different things. the symbols are NOT necessary in order to provide reiki, even at a distance. Sometimes i like to visualize a cho ku rei symbol in metween my eyes ( i dont draw it, it just appears) and i push it onto the area i am sending the reiki, doing all this hands free when i have my hands on the steering wheel.being an empath i can usually tell if or when he or she recieves the wonderful energy. i know you wrote this 5 years ago but if your still around, try and practice first while sitting in a room and have someone sit in a place where you have NO IDEA where he or she is at. then close your eyes and picture the person in your mind, I like to use people hands to make them feel the energy since hands are very sensitive however i usually cover their entire bodies with the light of the healing energy and it works wonerfully. even if its someone over the internet when i have no idea of what their name is nor where they are located, all i know is their screen name and it worked beautifully because as i said "INTENTION IS THE STRONGEST ASPECT TO OUR HUMANITY" I hope i helped and if you or anyone else has any questions please feel free to ask. I have so many healing modalities under my beslt im sure i can help. Including those who have healing as a natural gift just like myself. have a wonderful day! :) PS please dont be shy and ask questions, it never hurts to learn more.- Mike Farley

Dear Chris,

Very essential group.....

Thanks with Love & Blessings.....


Dear Chris,

Mass Healing session by reiki.....part -1.

I have posted this video on my site on your page.....with out your permission.....

Thanks.....I like it....


Recommended Attunement Order (Chris Comish's attunements)


This is only a recommendation based upon energy/vibration levels. This order mirrors what is found in Chris Comish's books as well. If you didn't follow the exact order, no worries as your higher self is watching over you for your highest good. This is only a guideline. Try to stick to this order, but also follow the order that works best for you based upon what you are ready to receive at the time. Remember to take breaks between attunement levels. Lightarian Rays require a minimum of 7 days between attunements.


Usui Reiki Level One Attunement


Usui Reiki Level Two Attunement


Usui Reiki Master Level Attunement


New Usui Reiki Level One Attunement


New Usui Reiki Level Two Attunement


New Usui Reiki Master Level Attunement


Full Spectrum Healing Attunement


Lavender Flame Reiki Attunement


Silver Violet Flame Reiki Attunement


Karuna Ki Reiki Master Level Attunement


Kundalini Reiki Level One Attunement


Kundalini Reiki Level Two Attunement


Kundalini Reiki Level Three Attunement


Imara Reiki Master Level Attunement


Green Tara Seichim Reiki Attunement


Golden Ray Empowerment


Gold Reiki Level One Attunement


Gold Reiki Level Two Attunement


Gold Reiki Level Three Attunement


Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing Level One Attunement


Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing Level Two Attunement


Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing Level Three Attunement


Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing Level Four Attunement


Purification for You


Axiatonal Lines Connection


Mahatma Ascension Reiki


Metatron Initiations


Lightarian Empowerment Ray (client)


Lightarian Clearing Ray (client)


Lightarian Healing Ray (client)


Lightarian Activation Ray (client)


Lightarian Manifestation Ray (client)


Lightarian Source Ray (client)


Alpha Omega Healing


Alpha Omega Healer Activation


Higher Self Joy Bliss Connection


chris I have many of these attunements but i would say 1/3 of them. I dont have ones such as Metatron initiations and so on. are these attunements/initiations listed from inside a book or are they attuenments that we can actually get? AMBA provided me with some WONDERFUL negative energy clearing attunments including negative entity banishment initiations. very wonderful and amazing. do dont get me wrong. this is only a question asking whether they are attunements yo laid out to do in order however are they jut listed in the bood or are they something you are attuned to do and can pass it around? this is only 100% curiousity. as i am reading some of these right now this very second, they feel like super high vibration initiations especially since the empath ability as increased im able to piv up on these wonderful things, no not all are peaches and cream LOL but it does help with my work a million!! please let me know as i am very confused on whether these are to be shared or if they are just in a book.

You can actually get them by calling them in. They are ready for you to receive. Namaste


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