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in the light city of Shamballa, is done what is missing on earth : any action, thought, word, movement, feeling is a prayer. Before the veil came to us incarnated, for each and every action we did it by simply asking God for it and received. Now praying is misunderstood, done only in despair, and done in a sacred fashion. It is not. Remembers beloved that prayer is the real thought, the real talk, the talk of the Heart.

Once awake, we don't think anymore, we don't judge. Let the heart speak all the time starting now.

I hereby invite every heart to learn how to pray, to share prayers, to grow as a receiver of the Source.

I had this idea after i wondered how i can be more love and light. How can it help me ?

The ego would seek people, reiki masters, hard. Why worry when you can pray ?

I asked God.

I simply said this in my mind and heart : "God, make all the miracles you want through me for all your Creation, all your children, through my heart, my self to bring me closer to you and my true nature for my highest good and greatest good. Do it everyday, all the time for all of us and the highest good and greatest good. Do your Will, God. Thank you.

I think my intent was precise and clear, so i simply thought that. And i felt great :)


You can also prepare rendez-vous to pray all at the same time.

Maybe we can make a special prayer, a connection, an intention that will connect us to a mass consciousness ?


For example, for the prayer "our father"

why not say before "i now join god's heart & the consciousness matrix of all the hearts saying this prayer" and then say it ?


Some prayers also here :



I pray daily, my Service is simply with prayers and the soul network.

I would love that you align with all my prayers that are for your highest good and greatest good.

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Asking for a divine dispensation to accelerate

We can pray and ask for anything, It can change faster the world.

Group s of prayer exists already in the world and you can conact them to have all your prayers to their altar to they can join everyday praying for you with their own acpacity of manifestation. So you can write to them also :; and them

So prayer is the talk of the heart. For everything, when i have an intention coming (like a someone, a situation appears>a new opportunity to love all and serve all like God do) or when my consciousness expands/i have an idea, i am guided (pick your words ;) I just be and let my heart chakra do. Or let God do. God do your will. Amen.

You can use my system here to get your God's faith consciousness already

and while your practice, centered, grounded, receiving attunements, healing, settings intentions...expanding and rafining your light (all that is quickyly done by simply asking and then it is the soul working on you, merging) , what you can do is master you attention and your thoughts to align with it and free your humanself. For this simply follow the training of the ebook here called Course of Miracle

The oneness is the complete surrender to God, your chirst, holy spirit, soul spirit reality and love. It's your Source and true nature to be a God instead of a human.Spirituality means all is simple and easy, so when you go to sleep intent :

God i open myself infinitely to you for my highest and greatest and purest good and joy.

I decreete that each time i think of the divine, "my dear God, i now totally surrender to your will and to my higherself and chirst, bouddha, holy spirit and receive full benefits of this oneness for my highest good and greatest good and divine joy. I decreete to accept your will dear God without resistance to always fully be opened to your love and a God. Amen".

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Comment by alain on April 14, 2014 at 1:56pm

We can pray and ask for anything, It can change faster the world.

Group s of prayer exists already in the world and you can conact them to have all your prayers to their altar to they can join everyday praying for you with their own acpacity of manifestation. So you can write to them also :; and them

Comment by alain on February 15, 2014 at 11:19pm

group/spiritual-growth/ By Ascended Masted Kuthumi "You are always supported, loved and assisted in every moment of your reality.

It is from the love of the Creator that abundance forms and all you wish to experience but with so much more magnificence than you could possibly imagine.

I wish to share this affirmation with you:
‘I now choose to stay, stand and be presence in the love of the Creator eternally, enjoying bathing and experiencing the love of the Creator with truth and honesty.

I now choose to relinquish all ties to lack of love, filling lack of love with love, allowing for an eternal healing to be received, activated and experienced within and all around me.

I now choose to acknowledge all experiences and reactions born from lack of love as an encouragement to accept the love of my being, standing in my power.’

You can imagine yourself grounding your feet into the Earth as if grounding yourself into the Era of love and the vibration of love, therefore demonstrating to yourself, soul and the Creator your willingness and wish to remain in and
as love whatever occurs within or around you. It is a powerful process of aligning yourself with the vibration of love eternally.

Comment by alain on December 12, 2013 at 9:58am

So Mandela is now in Shamballa among our souls happilly living and loved and serving even more and enjoying his vacances.

How would you pray to express Gratitude for his incarnation ?

Comment by alain on December 12, 2013 at 9:57am

Gagliardi> Merci d'avoir posté en français ;)

Comment by Gagliardi Franca on December 1, 2013 at 9:28pm

voici une prière que je fais aussi avec le Notre Père Credo Gloire à DIeu 

Père Céleste - Source Sacrée Eternelle,

je viens à Toi maintenant dans le nom puissant de Jésus,

Te louant et T’adorant pour qui Tu es – le Roi des rois et le Seigneur des seigneurs.

Merci, Père Eternel de la Source Sacré, pour toute Ta grâce, Ta miséricorde et Tes bénédictions sur moi et ma famille.

Merci parce que Tu nous as donné Ton Fils Jésus qui a payé le prix de nos péchés à la croix, qui nous a acquis par Son sang et qui nous rachetés.


Saint-Esprit, merci de nous révéler les mystères de Dieu le Père Source Sacrée Eternelle et Son plan de salut pour nous racheter par le sang de Jésus.

Merci, Saint-Esprit, d’être Celui qui nous aide, nous enseigne, notre consolateur, et parce que Tu nous conduis dans toute la vérité.

Merci, Saint-Esprit de nous révéler la vérité dans la Parole de Dieu Eternel.

Père Eternel Source Sacrée, j’élève vers Toi, vers Ton trône de grâce et de miséricorde, toute ma famille.

Seigneur Jésus Christ, nous Te donnons toute la gloire, l’honneur et la louange pour ce que Tu as fait pour moi et ma famille.


Ainsi soit il !


Seigneur, merci parce que Tu as les yeux sur les justes et les oreilles ouvertes à ma prières. Merci de me permettre de connaître Ta volonté en toutes choses et de Te révéler à moi lorsque je Te le demande. Aide-moi à demeurer en Toi afin de pouvoir comprendre Tes voies et Ton coeur. Que Ton amour et Ta paix grandissent dans mon coeur pour qu'il devienne le plus grand témoignage de Ta bonté. Au nom tout puissant de Jésus.

Comment by alain on November 29, 2013 at 4:36pm

each thing is a prayer, god, love, an intention of heaven....everything is one :)

Comment by alain on November 29, 2013 at 4:35pm

to Source :

As I step into the flow of Divine Energy, help me to keep my heart strong and true in the ideals of my Soul purpose. Let my mind keep its focus on my highest intentions and release easily the thoughts that hold me back. Soothe my emotions and bring more balance into every area of my life. As I do this I open the way for new creativity, abundance and a profound sense of Well Being that purifies every cell of my body and radiates from me to light up my world. Thank you God. And so it is.

Comment by Melodie Munro on November 16, 2013 at 2:45pm


Blessed Are The Meek, For They Shall Inherit The Earth

A quiet heart, submissive, meek,
Father, do thou bestow,
Which more than granted, will not seek
To have, or give, or know.
Each little hill then holds its gift
Forth to my joying eyes;
Each mighty mountain then doth lift
My spirit to the skies.
Lo, then the running water sounds
With gladsome, secret things!
The silent water more abounds,
And more the hidden springs.
Live murmurs then the trees will blend
With all the feathered song;
The waving grass low tribute lend
Earth's music to prolong.
The sun will cast great crowns of light
On waves that anthems roar;
The dusky billows break at night
In flashes on the shore.
Each harebell, each white lily's cup,
The hum of hidden bee,
Yea, every odour floating up,
The insect revelry-
Each hue, each harmony divine
The holy world about,
Its soul will send forth into mine,
My soul to widen out.
And thus the great earth I shall hold,
A perfect gift of thine;
Richer by these, a thousandfold,
Than if broad lands were mine.

George MacDonald

Comment by alain on October 2, 2013 at 4:41pm

a pure healing meditation right at the begining (this extract). Be sharing all, healing with it, yourself and family and the whole as one.

Comment by alain on September 11, 2013 at 1:36pm

Today i woke up and received a new prayer to simply say in my heart everynight in bed before to sleep "God please take my in your heart to be fully in love with you and refine my consciousness and eventually expand it if needed, do your will for my highest good and greatest good; Thank you with all my love that i am"

You make make a specific request each night as all that is and you are are in fact one consciousness, yours, manifested and all the adventure of life is simply the refinement and expansion of it. Your pyhysical body is the projection, the manfestation, the shape of your physical consicousness for the actual planetary experience that you are. So ask for the refinement to have a body unconditionnally healthy for exemple.

If you are more in the ascension goal than health or any human life point, ask for oneness with your soul and God essence and heaven essence to manifest it on Earth.

You will have one idea everynight and enjoy an easy spiritual life as simplicity is the true nature of life :)

Ask little changes to maybe see the change the next day already.


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