Anyone who can ask my higher self what is going on? (Murder threated by astral harasser)

Title says it all, PM, mail -whatever. Do it soon, do it good.

Happy day!

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I am sorry but what is the problem again ?

Hi Heart,

I am guessing it is hard to connect because of the distractions from this astral harasser. My suggestion is to use your will to block their contact. Your free will is powerful in blocking. Get the will choice down into your subconscious which is a stronger block...repeat your will to block over and over so it filters into your subconscious...also focus on what makes you happy...shift your energy to what you want vs what you don't....don't give them energy...surround yourself with love vibrations...happiness....satisfaction....don't give them room...despair is what they want...fear is also...after blocking with will, pray for protection and connect with your angels and ask for their assistance

@Leo - LOL, that was what I asking.

@Chris - Good advices, but I would not mind getting help with connecting to my higher self.

Would love to ask her about my astral kids, husband and my etheric jewelry and implants I want to remove!!

@ Heart...your higher self is already here but takes time to contact at suggestion is to take usui reiki through master level, then visualize cho ku rei symbol on you intending only the highest love and light contact you for your highest good....this will keep the astral influences from influencing.... then get in relaxed meditation and beam energy into your heart...and intend to contact your higher self...and intend with loving feeling...reunion happy for the contact....then listen to any words that come in your mind...your third eye may activate it is ok...higher self is multidimensional and this contact activates....if there is resistance in any way it comes from the ego so tell the ego you want the contact you want to learn of your spiritual mission it is for your highest good....visualize the higher self as a light being if bright light that is merging into you.....let ego get quiet and listen to the silence...listen for words in your head that are not of the ego but are of the higher self.....the more you contact higher self the easier this gets....don't worry it takes time to open yourself from 3D to 5D...gradual get more and more will be perfect for you in its own time

That is good advice, would it be fun with silence for now! (Something I have not gotten for a month or so)

This all started to happen after leaving a forum and a guy likely called Ark Pathwalker started to manipulate my mind. Also some Eish guy I really have a hard time enjoying. Would like to disconnect from this destruction completely and it is hard to see what could be done.

If anyone do channeling go ahead.

The words Yeah right come into my mind...

You don't know or receive communication from these guys.

But I am glad if this is working for you.

Tried the happy attitude, still I get this entities and it is in the degree of severeness that I think most humans (since they are not true to themselves are not easily ready to help out which higher astral beings would be -including my orginal self). Problem is, even thinking about something good or doing something good I get negativism and felt part of my astral body dying.

Hi Heart,

Maybe this helps you

Love & Light


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