Fundamentally, every human being has cancer. Everyone has cancer cells in their bodies, which can develop into the widely feared disease. The good news is that our body can also break these cells down, thanks to our immune system. This is an internal army that protects our body and does everything it can to keep us healthy. Even cancer which is already in a somewhat advanced stage can pass on its own.


In some people, however, this does not happen, and the cancer can grow into a life-threatening condition. This can happen if the immune system has been tainted and no longer possesses the correct weapons to attack the culprits. Unfortunately we live in a world in which these weapons are kept away from us in various ways. The elite, the owners of the pharmaceutical industry, earn billions on diseases such as cancer every year (1). Because the elite also possess the mass media, hardly anyone ever writes about alternative treatments to heal cancer. Instead, less successful and often harmful treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation treatments are promoted.



But those better, cancer-healing methods do exist! There are various treatments for cancer which work well and often lead to full recovery. The nice thing about these methods is that you can usually do them at home and that there are no side effects, let alone operations or amputations. Yet they work better than the treatments applied in hospitals.



The best medicine against cancer


Right at the top is cannabis (also called hemp, weed or marihuana). Laboratory circumstances have shown that cannabinoids, the active substance from the hemp plant, attack cancer cells and destroy them. They do this without harming the healthy cells (2). In fact, they make these even healthier! Even in places that are difficult to access, such as the brain, this substance still does its work flawlessly. The healing effect of marihuana has been known for nearly as long as there have been humans on Earth, which is why remains of hemp have been found in centuries-old graves (3).


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My son has a cancer declared in his arm, synovyo sarcom. He is 16 and reiki master, as i am, does anybody has any treatments, attunements, methods or readings for him?

I saw mesoderm dysfonctionments, with social psychic attacks on disrespect, depreciation, as dr hamer interprets tissue tumors.

I have an anti cancer symbol, emotional cancer by linda colibert, channeled a "social guardian reiki" for the healers around him, and "karma guardians reiki" for him and others, even if i know it'a a too short band for healing every cell, if you have got any ideas you're welcome <3

Have a look at the video below after the 5:40 mark and see how they got rid of a cancer cells in 3 minutes :
Powers Of The Mind! (What we all can actually do!)

Explanation on how they were able to do it :
Power of Subconscious MIND POWER Techniques. Gregg Braden Shocking ...

Metaphysical Meaning behind Cancer

A Theta Healing practitioner will be able to very quickly identify AND change the exact beliefs that are causing the cancer :
Theta Healing

Thank You! Had à Travel to original trauma causing cancer like Dr hamer dhs, but I feel your links will explain that in à good way for us! Love

You are welcome! Most physical illnesses are the result of beliefs and/or emotions that first create and then keep feeding negative energy to them. I hope your son completely recovers from his cancer soon.
    I have read that Rife Frequency Generator can kill Cancer (or any illness) cells. His frequencies for different illnesses can be found for free on the internet.

From the link :

Cancer, Sarcoma
  20, 465, 660, 665, 690, 727, 740, 787, 800, 880,
 979, 1840, 1998, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2128,  3672,
 5000, 7760, 10000

From the link

3,059,040 Hz

Radiónica y los códigos Arcturianas added by Sukhendu Mandal, Maybe i can help

A person sick with this disease may be willing to try everything. But the use of cannabis should not be spread, this is a drug that can lead in the least to dementia


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