Ask Lord Arcturus and the Galactic Healers to take you to the
immersion tubs. These tubs completely immerse you in liquid. There are
different kinds. In this situation, you are bi-located and left in the
fluid to soak, usually for some hours, and it can be up to three days,
depending on the severity of the trauma. These tanks have sensory
deprivation and are an excellent atmosphere for healing. This gives
the rest and rejuvenation needed, without input form the other senses,
to implement the necessary healing. The Galactic Healer who puts you
into the the tank will choose the correct fluid needed for your
individual healing. This application has many indications, including
psychic attacks as well as physical trauma.

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For Increased Telepathic Communication

Ask Lord Arcturus and the Galactic Healers to Clear your nadis and
meridians with light technologies. Sometimes over decades, pathways of
light, which normally circulate around and through nadis and meridians
become compressed or blocked due to wrong thinking.
If you ask for these pathways to be opened with light technologies,
they will go through all the pathways with light, in the range that is
right for you, and clear these pathways. In doing this, the body is
infused with more energetic light pulses. This greatly improves the
subtle bodies' ability to receive telepathic communication.

For stimulating the Immune System

Ask Lord Arcturus and the Galactic Healers to apply light technologies
to your liver, spleen, and bones, together with your lymphatic system.
When this happens, your etheric body is placed on a table under
different light frequencies. These are applied in the ranges your body
needs to detoxify these immune system organs and stimulate increased
function of these organs. You may do this in combination with other
Self-Healing techniques, for general balanced health, removal of
cancerous cells, and enhanced healing of chronic problems.

For cleansing and clearing the 13 Chakras

Ask Lord Arcturus and the Galactic Healers to use their Chakra
Balancing machine on your chakras to clear any dross stagnant energy
from your chakras. This will help with the flow of the Force through
all the chakras, causing balanced health in the organs and glands of
the body. It is a good idea to ask for several of the healing
techniques at once. Know that these things are working to heal your
body. Your body is a sentient Being and is completely effected by your

For Heart Imbalances of any kind

Ask Lord Arcturus and the Galactic Healers to open the heart to the
352nd level. Ask that all traumas to the heart center be healed in all
aspects, in all dimensions, in all parallels, for all times, in all
layers and levels. Ask the Light Surgeons take the heart into surgery
for examination and repair. Ask if the heart is beyond repair, you
give permission for an etheric heart transplant. I have seen this
surgery done and it can restore health in some who had little hope.
This Self-Healing technique goes deep into the core of the problem and
helps the physical heart have what it needs to repair and recouperate.
Anyone suffering with cancer should employ this technique in
conjunction with others. Cancer originates with buried anger and the
core of this problem, typically is found in an imbalanced or damaged
heart organ.

For removing Wrinkles in the Skin

Ask Lord Arcturus and the Galactic Healers to apply etheric nutrients
to your body. Wrinkled skin is a result of not having the nutrients
the body needs. You may ask for the maximum infusion needed for your
body requirements. You may ask for vitamins, minerals, trace minerals,
super foods such as spirulina or algae, hormones, homeopathics, immune
boosters, detoxifiers, and any other nutrient your body may need to
function at maximum capacity. By providing etheric nutrients you will
decrease hunger, increase body function, and repair damaged cells,
such as skin and hair cells. Age reversal will be the result. Try it!

For balancing any Digestive Disorders

Ask Lord Arcturus and the Galactic Healers to etherically add the
perfect balance of digestive enzymes into your alimentary tract. When
receiving etheric nutrients, it is the same as receiving any energy
medicine. The body and medicine, or nutrients, are all made up of
energy. The perfect balance of digestive enzymes is missing form a
body plagued with digestive disorders. Often the medicines used for
this strip the digestive tract of mucus creating deep caverns in the
tissues. Also, there can be a build-up of plaque, mucus, and gas.
These get locked in together causing a chronic difficult problem. Live
enzymes are needed to clear away these imbalances and these may be
received etherically.

For Hormonal Imbalances in Men and Women

Ask Lord Arcturus and the Galactic Healers to be infused, on the
etheric level, with the correct amount of all hormones your body needs
to function in harmony. All the nutrients the body needs, including
the biochemicals it produces for health, can be etherically taken into
the body and balanced. Because everything is energy, this will work.
Hormones govern many things in the body, including cellular
reproduction, pH levels, digestion, immunity, and many many others.
Having balanced hormones is a good idea at any age. It precludes many
chronic illnesses and has an effect on weight gain and loss. Hormone
levels help with anti aging and are important for men and woman. As
the crystalline body continues to increase its ability to process
ionic light energy it will cut back on the maximum necessary hormones
needed to regulate many body functions, the greatest being

For clearing the Lungs and removing a Cigarette Addiction

Ask Lord Arcturus and the Galactic Healers to place the Light Vest on
you. This vest is able to transmit light pulses to the lungs
detoxifying them. It also works with the liver to detoxify the
chemicals which cause addiction. The light pulses debride old
blackened tissue from the lungs and also stimulates new pink cells in
the aveolar cells, easing breathing.

For clearing the Lungs of Toxins

Ask Lord Arcturus and the Galactic Healers to place the Light Vest on
you. This vest is able to transmit light pulses to the lungs to
detoxify them. This Self-Healing technique can be very useful for
clearing caustic gases or other toxins quickly form the lungs for free
breathing. All of this is done on the etheric level and and quickly
manifests on the physical level as an easing of symptoms. Any and all
of these techniques may be used on children and animals as well. They
may also be used remotely, from a distance. Everything is energy, and
so everything will be effected when you ask and allow. Do not ask for
healing for another adult, without their verbal permission. Do ask for
children, knowing that the healing will only be applied if their Soul
has agreed to it. Silently ask, before proceeding with the technique.

For Increased Vision of the Inner Eye

Ask Lord Arcturus and the Galactic Healers to electrically activate
the Council of 4 and 20 in your brain. These correspond to the 12
pairs of cranial nerves in the brain which govern the senses. This
will help with light connectivity and will help open the Inner eye.
Also ask that the multifacited diamond merkiva in the crown chakra
infuse rainbow light, unimpeded into the third eye, by the path of the
Council of 4 and 20. This will activate the pineal gland and have it
working in concert with the pituitary gland, the hypothalmus, thalmus,
and hippocampus, for best results. Having all of these things working
together greatly enhances the ability to register pictures onto the
'movie screen' in the Inner eye.

For repairing Connective Tissue (joints, muscles)

Ask Lord Arcturus and the Galactic Healers to give you a light
infusion into all of your connective tissue. Do this on a regular
basis. Infusing light into these areas repairs cells, removes toxins
and also removes any crystallized energy causing stiffness. Come
early, ask often.

For ridding the body of Cancerous Cells or tumors

Ask Lord Arcturus and the Galactic Healers to put you into a light
surgery. Special exacting light infusions will be applied to the over
growth of cancerous cells. The Galactic Healers can see into all the
areas of the body. Ask, if there is a metastasis, also remove all
cancerous cells found in the body. Ask for this therapy several times
a day, as you feel inspired. Ask the Light range be applied after the
surgery which will stimulate the growth of normal cells. Ask that this
results in the body dissolving and reabsorbing any and all cancerous
cells until the last one is gone. Do this Self-Healing technique,
along with the others needed for trauma clearing, core fear removal,
opening the heart, and any others you feel inspired to add.

For Diseases of the Blood

Ask Lord Arcturus and the Galactic Healers to apply light surgery to
the bone marrow. One range will debride any abnormally reproducing
blood cells in the bone marrow. The next range, which will be set to
your individual needs, will stimulate new growth of normal blood
cells. This may be used for red blood cells, white blood cells, or
platelets. Ask for this several times a day, as inspired, until the
balance is restored and the symptoms abate.

For Losing Weight

Ask Lord Arcturus and the Galactic Healers to infuse to you all the
nutrients you are missing which will regulate the immune system,
regulate the blood sugar, and restore fat burning capacity to optimal
in your body. Many times the inability to lose weight stems from a
lack of nutrients in the system. This Self-Healing technique will give
you more energy and you will find it easier to exercise and rest as
needed. Everything is energy and so any nutrients needed in the body
can and will be absorbed etherically and used by the physical body as
needed. The more you ask and allow, the better results you will see.

Continue to work with these Self-Healing techniques, invoking the
Galactic Healers and your Guides to help with these techniques until
you see changes. Feel free to change your requests, slightly, to
accommodate an individual need for healing not mentioned here. The
Galactic Healers will know what you need, and help you find and apply
the technique when asked this way. When you feel motivated to eat
right, exercise, be in nature, take time to meditate, and your
symptoms abate, you will know you are on a path to healing. We have an
unlimited capacity to work with you in your waking hours and as you
sleep. You love you more than words can say. We want to help you and
we hear you every time you approach us, with gratitude, with faith, in
confidence that these Self-Healing techniques are for your
empowerment. We Bless you, the Divine Being that you are, in returning
to a state of perfect health.

Thank you for all of these :) love and light

Such a gorgeous blessing and gift. With all the love in my heart thank you!

thank you Amba

Fabulous, namaste y'all!

Thank you for the information.

Amba, by Curious about galacticos beings manifest desires exist?. A little kiss


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