Our current evolutionary goal is to become Soul conscious in our brain awareness. To bring about Soul consciousness in our brain awareness, obviously there has to be initiated some communication between the Overlighting Soul and the Soul’s extension of itself anchored in the brain – the so-called „conscious thinking I“ – because, in essence, to become fully Soul conscious means that the Overlighting Soul fully incarnates in the brain.

Now, to bring this about, as part of the preparation, the Overlighting Soul starts sending Divine ideas towards the extension of itself anchored in the brain; ideas which enter our mental field, or mental body. Once these ideas become a part of our mental body, it is our job then – the job of the conscious thinking I – to correctly interpret these ideas so we can then go about applying them in our daily lives. Sounds simple, right? Big problem: our mental bodies, speaking of humanity in general, are so polluted with thoughts of fear, separation, guilt, jealousy, competition, greed, lower self, violence (from watching crime movies every night, etc.), and so, whatever lofty ideas are sent to us, we naturally distort them.

We, as Souls, inhabit various bodies – physical, emotional, mental. Living in a polluted mental body is like living in a place where the air is so dirty and thick that you can’t see your own hand before your very eyes. So whatever beautiful idea tries to blossom there suffocates right amidst all the dirt. That’s what the condition of our mental body is like.

So here is the point: If we want to become Soul conscious in our brain awareness, one thing we have to do is learning to purify our mental bodies so we can establish a clear communication with our higher prototype. The Overlighting Soul, which is our higher prototype, cannot reach us in our brain awareness if our mental body is in such a bad condition.

So here is a very simple but very powerful exercise to purify your mental field:

Close your eyes, relax your physical body, emotional nature and mind. Focus your consciousness in your third eye, and then take some 10 minutes or so and just let the mind wander around as it pleases. Don’t judge or criticize anything and don’t try to repress any thoughts. Let everything out. Let the mind wander freely, and just see how in front of you there gather all these thoughts. When the 10 minutes are over, see the light of the Soul flowing down upon all these thoughts and dissolving them in the light of the Soul. Close this meditation by thinking of your mental body as a crystal clear field of pure electrical energy. Open your eyes.

Do this exercise as often as you feel guided to. It is a necessary exercise to prepare our mental body for higher communication. Try it out. You will feel so much lighter when you do it.

As I have said before, the 21st century shall go down in history as the Age of the Soul. One thing that we will learn in this new age is to think in terms of energies. We will be able to solve all our personal and planetary problems once we start to think in terms of energies. It is exercises such as this one, that are freely available and cost no dime, which the doctors of the future will prescribe their patients. Depression, anxiety, inferiority complex and all the psychological problems of humanity are simply misqualified energies that need to be transformed. Energy cannot be destroyed but it can be transformed. This is one way of doing it. Namaste.

Gloria Excelsias, I AM UNIVERSITY

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perfect time and synchronicity for this informations to show up... 
last two days was thinking of the mental work required to balance and integrate the experiences...
after the emotional body work i guess this is one aspect to be worked with. the light of betelguese helped in large part of expression and release of emotions in breath patterns and now time to work with mental plane and reimprinting the patterns and programs :)
thanks for sharing........


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