was allegedly a great civilization

that once existed in the third dimension.

This grid program was created by the Great Atlantean God, Tehuti,

and placed in the Atlantean Pyramid which rose into the sky.
ome to

take you on a sacred journey to the ethereal Pyramid of Atlantis.

You follow Tehuti, spiraling through space and time

faster and faster

higher and higher

until you are no longer part of physical reality.

Suddenly you STOP!

You look around and discover that you have ascended

to the Great Halls of the ethereal Pyramid of Atlantis.

Your physical body has transformed into light.

Tehuti guides you to a sacred temple.

There the High Priestess awaits you.

The time away seems long ago for you.

But you will quickly realize that you have only just left.

You experience the energies of the High Priestess,
as once you both were.

the is surrounded by a crystal matrix.

With a tone, she activates your codes within the matrix.

You chant in the language of the ancients

sounds, tones, the harmonics of creation.

This activates the crystals creating beams of light

which forms a pyramid of light around three ...

You, Tehuti and the High Priestess.

She gives you a crystal which contains a frequency that is

your signature and will activate your DNA genetic memory.

It is time to remember who you are and what

you did in a land that was known as Atlantis

that now you must embrace.

As you join the Priest and Priestess

your crystal activates and you remember.

Wait for your messages.


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