Do you have ascension symptoms? Discuss them here. Let's talk about them. When are they happening, how are they happening, what is affected, what could they be a result of, are they allowing a transformation to happen?

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Thanks for sharing. Sending love and light your way.

I have had ascension symtoms for  a few years now (I started my journey 3 years ago) Ever since I activated my kundalini (when I activated it I saw a big bang of white light and heat ran down my spine) they've been non stop. Ringing in the ears and a feeling of astral wings.

Those are interesting symptoms, I've had some of those too, it helps to ask your higher self to keep you aligned and it helps to understand that this is part of your path. Thanks for sharing.

Mine isn't a symptom but more of a question. I have tried searching for the correct forum to post this question and I am new here to the City of Shamballa.
On Oct. 21st I spoke with my Spiritual Healer prior to going in for surgery on Oct. 22. In our conversation she said that I should be talking and trying to connect to Lord Maitreya during my healing process. Before going into surgery I either slept or went into a mediatative sleep and at that time I saw 8 people praying over me and they felt like people -- not angels. I recently asked my spiritual healer about this and she said, "that I was visited by the ascending masters."
I'm sure this is all part of my ascension process and I know this was a wonderful gift.
Any clarity would be greatly appreciated.
Let the blessings rain.........

@ Monica. They may have been ascended masters or also people who know you that passed over and exist in a heavenly place. Either way their intentions were positive so you are blessed. Namaste

My symptoms, is in my body feel like someone has take my body through a washing machine, until its dry in the inside, and my head from the inside, feel like its going to pop!

I would like to join this Group because I can relate to what I have read and I have so many questions.  Given that I have been seeing purple and white lights and images off and on all my life to now see other colors even though they are very few right now and far between is helpful to talk with others because my environment does not afford me this opportunity.



I finished Part 1 on 7D and I am finding it troublesome to read white print on black background, after one page of writing.  The words are getting blurry and my head feels like a congestion is trying to come on.  So I stop and rest and it subsides.  In the past I use to take melatonin to fall asleep, but now nothing works but meditation and Alpha Omega Healing from Chris.  I find this quite interesting.

Since it is effecting you physically my suggestion would be a fast that is safe for you. You can find the block in the body flushed out. My second thought would be a healing. May I offer you my services? I could work on the block for you if you would like :)
I have a question. I am experiencing a past life block in my ascension. Since I have been guided to fast I am. I'm not sure how long I will be on this fast but, I'm on it. I was a "witch" (this is what they called me) in one of my previous life's who was burned at the stake. I know this past life to be fact, I know that in this past life I understood far more at my time of early death than I do in this one at this time. How do I repair this "fear" I'm experiencing? I have called on metatron but, I'm not accepting the healing. Please help, I'm sick of this block and I do not like it :( my real goal was to get access to my records then this fear came in, I was never scared of this "life" before why now? Could it be something else I'm not aware of?
Ears buzzing from last 3 month's, diet change, feeling high vibration in heart chakra area, want to change the world, always feeling energy flowing in crown chakra , want to read lots of book .

Is there any thing I need to do ? PLZ GUIDE ME

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Lot's Of Love, Light And Blessings
Today I was reading some book and I started crying . Suddenly I started thinking about all people who still don't know who they are and why they came to earth. I saw that after completing their life on earth while they going back to their original home by passing death , they will find that the days which they spent earth are complely waste means their life was useless.

The purpose for which they came to earthly plane, they had done nothing for that purpose. I was feeling their pain which they will feel after death. I want to talk with them all and want to remind them their purpose for coming and taking birth on this earthly plane.

I don't know what was happening to me.


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