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I am a teacher and have fout children. I am a lightworker, Angelic Starseed and creator of http//, a place which allows us to help each other in our spiritual growth. We connect to each other twice a day at 11 am and midnight Middle European Time through meditation with the Violet Ray, sending it wherever it is actually most needed.
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When I found your site I immediately felt at home. Maybe we can work together by establishing links between our sites or even in some other way - Spirit will tell ;-)

Love and Light,

Sonja Myriel

Find more photos like this on LIGHTGRID - Lichtnetz - REDDELUZ This is a site to UNITE and CONNECT through the USE of the VIOLET RAY in what is called the LIGHTGRID - REDDELUZ - LICHTNETZ To find out more before signing in, read the Channelings below and check out the GROUPS "Lightgrid" and "GRID information - What is the LIGHTGRID". You have access to all the pages of this site without having to sign in because all the information of this site is shared freely with everyone who is interested. If you decide to CONNECT with us, please register to become a full member of lightgrid.

As I have been asked, what exactly to do during lightgrid connections, I wrote the following summary which is a personal account of what I do during connection time.

First, I get in a meditative state and imagine the Violet Ray filling my bodies, clensing and transmuting ... and then spreading, filling the place where I AM ... and then connecting to all of us, like a Violet light net which is woven throughout the world ... and then I usually connect to our Cetacean friends and our star brethren, which is the connection to the WATERS below and the UNIVERSE above ... and then I feel the air on my face, my breath, and hear the birds sing and ask that the Sylphs and birds may help to spread the energy of the Violet Ray even further ... all life is being touched by the Violet Ray energy - liberated ... we are ALL CONNECTED and whoever so chooses - consciously or subconsciously - benefits.

If you are in need of healing or know of someone else who is, you can set etheric crystals which you fill with Violet Light until they start to rotate. This Violet Ray Energy will then be diffused trhoguhout the day - and during our next connection you simply re-fill the crystall with Violet Light.

All this is described in more detail in the channelings below. Please feel free to find your own unique way to connect to the NET of LIGHT, to LIGHTGRID, after having read the following two channelings which provide the basis for all the work we do! The time to look for guidance in the outside world is coming to an end. All you need to know is given to you and your inner guidance will show you the way. By following your heart's voice you connect to the web of life and are drawn to do, think and feel things which are in sync with life itself.

We are here to find out more about our basic BEING which is LIGHTFILLED SPIRIT, connected to ALL THAT IS through our I AM presence. I whole heartedly invite you too join our quest if you feel the call, as we are re-uniting here as the FAMILY of LIGHT we always are, were and will be!


Sonja Myriel

About the Use of the Violet Flame" Channelling from St. Germain translated by Sonja Myriel This is your brother Saint Germain speaking, the one of which you have heard on various occasions through books, the spoken word, and some of you through my tangible presence. Today I want to tighten the contact with you who already know the nature of my vibration and the role which you are supposed to play within the group of this Ray and what your task is which you shall fulfill in the four directions of this planet. I will give you some clues about how to work with the Violet Flame of Transmutation.
Today you shall rediscover this Violet Flame because I will give you tools which have never been given to external groups before.

First of all, I will tell you that the purpose of handing over the power of the Violet Flame to today's humanity is to give you a tool which is powerful enough that the small percentage of conscious beings is able to balance the enormous quantity of unbalanced energy which has already begun to suffocate psychically those beings who are caught up in the materialistic world without having declared themselves as belonging to the conscious seekers of the truth; moreover, the latter find their seed plot in those impartial beings who have not decided yet which way to go.

If the dark forces had closed the psychic atmosphere against our vibrations, we would have lost this seed plot and the instructions would have returned to the strategy which we followed in the epoch of Pisces: from the mouth of the Master to the ears of the disciples. Thanks to the continual and intense use of the Violet Flame, we are able to open big holes through which the Cosmic Energies are finally able to come down to the surface of the Planet and enter human consciousness. Yet, the Violet Flame must be understood in its material function as well as in its internal function. The use of the Violet Flame brings in its most rudimentary manifestation the direct transmutation of the non-manifest harmony to an energy of a higher level, an internal function of the Violet Flame inherently activates the individual's fire which is located at the base of the spinal column.

I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now. This may or may not have consequences for you as spirits in search of truth. Therefore, in order to avoid losing orientation in the sight of innumerable new impressions which will flood your mind, it is necesary to use the power of affirmative decree.

I AM God in Action
I AM God's Will in Action
I AM God's Love in Action
I AM God's Creative Intelligence in Action

By affirming the three qualities of the first three personalities of God, you will be able to enter through the Seventh Door which is represented by the Seventh Ray, to the three higher aspects of the manifestation of God. If God is Will, Love and Intelligence, you are Will, Love and Intelligence as well, affirming the decree:

I AM God's Will
I AM God's Love
I AM God's Intelligence

In this way you will find your way to the true key of your I AM presence.“

Let me explain in which way the Seventh Ray is working on Earth these days: First of all, the Seventh Ray came down by cosmic command and even if, as a sensorial impression, it is perceived as a similar colour to Violet, this Senth Ray in its higher aspects, is but uncoloured light in a certain superior radiation. When this energy comes ino contact with your energy, this violet tone appears which you have learned to identify. Thus you can eplain why you sometimes sense other tones, not violet, when you invoke the Violet Flame using certain spiritual techniques; and this is exactly when you start realizing the work done internally by the Violet Flame.

When you started out to work with the Violet Flame we told you to visualize the colour violet.
Once you are trained in this, once you are familiarized with the essence of the Violet Ray, the simple decree

I AM The Violet Light
Transmuting This Place

will immediately help you with the true energy of the Ray, no matter what colour you actually manifest, which in the most cases will be violet; just on those occasions, when you use the Ray in order to transmute something which is already part of the higher harmony, you will perceive it in glistening tones which you still don't know.

This Ray comes down at certain magnetic areas of the Earth. These sanctuaries are generally erected in the mountains where the minerals which you find there work as Cosmic Antennae. Then some advanced disciples of the Seventh Ray set up their homes in concentric circles around the mountain. The disciples who are most closely to the Master live on foot of the mountain and they serve in a double way: they are guardians on one hand and on the other they are retransmitters of the energy of the 7th Ray in its descending quality. These disciples usually work on the inner planes and in the physical world you will perceive them as simple farmers or workers.

Then there is a second circle where adepts who are also on their way and consciuous of their role, continue working with the 7th Ray. They usually work in groups and consciousness schools and they retransmit the Violet Ray to all those places where it needs to be applied. Then the particular homes of the disciples in general of this Ray also work as centres of distribution of the same energy.

Now I want you to see the Seventh Ray fall upon the top of a mountain. See it come down as an intense light until it reaches a pyramid whose faces are like mirrors which reflect this same light which is falling upon its vertex in the four different directions; see these four Rays reach the minds of the four guardian disciples which are located around the mountain; then see the Rays multiply in many through the work of these advanced disciples; finally see this Ray come to many different homes in many parts of the planet through the unceasing work of all the students of the truth, all the students of light of the different schools where the use of this energy is practiced.

Form this picture in your mind and see yourself as part of this inmense lightgrid; and now, with this picture in mind,imagine it as a big fountain of light which jumps from one mind to the other until reaching all of humanity. See this light travel, taking on the violet tone exactly when it comes into contact with the minds of the people.

Now I will ask you, as an exercise, to see how the rest of the Seven Rays work in a very similar way, too, coming down to the tops of certain sanctuaries, distributing and multiplying themselves thanks to the unselfish action of the conscious disciples of the world. I want you to see the whole Planet Earth crossed and flooded by little rays of light of the seven different colours, see how the energy of the Seven Rays comes forth from the minds of the initiated, whereupon the rays start to multiply and mulitply until they cover the whole surface of the planet.

I'd like you to capture this picture because it is of vital importance in your future development. What you are seeing is the lightgrid which you so often have been asked to fortify and strengthen. Now pay special attention to the seas; see the few lines which cross the seas. Well now, today you will be asked to work on this grid of communication which unites the continents. It is necessary to integrate all the different continents in this vast grid; give your best to establish contacts with lightgroups on the other side of the ocean, try to increment your ties of light bridging the whole ocean and once you succeded in it, form a lightgrid in the following way:

That a number of people on the other side of the sea coordinate their thoughts with yours so that at the very same moment when they are working, you are doing the same. It is necessary to make a coordinated effort so that at the very same moment, without reagrd to different time zones, at the very same instance when a brother on the other side of the ocean starts working with the Violet Ray, you do the same, establishing a bond. Interchange fotos in order to be able to strengthen this ray of light via your visualization which shall unite the oceans, which shall unite the continents, which shall unite the races all over the surface of your planet.

At the moment each country has more or less established a lightgrid through which we can come to all conscious beings; yet, it is necessary that the groups who work on a physical plane can recognize each other and fortify the bonds of light, so that the seas and the arctic ice are no obstacles anymore which would prevent the Worldwide Unification of this lightgrid.

Only a few schools which work on international planes are supporting these effors to unify the lightgrid, but these are isolated efforts which require fortification. Therefore, one of the tasks which you are asked to undertake is exactly this, to close the net of communication to make the dream of a unified human race come true.
If you succeed in this, we will no longer have just little holes in the dark clouds, which form the psychic atmosphere of this planet, but step by step we will have a cloudless sky which will allow for the Glory of God and his Kingdom on this blessed planet.
I will tell you something else: the Seventh Ray is the Ray of Synthesis, it is the ray which closes a circle, it is the Ray which precedes the New Era. This Violet Ray, for being the sevnenth, is consequently the ray of the highest vibration, it comes transmuting everything which has already been achieved by the active work of the ohter six Rays.
This is the Ray of Transmutation par excellence, this is the Ray of ceremony and ritual, it is the Ray of white magic, the magic which all the followers of the light employ when they arrange their lives in line to God's Purpose; then their surroundings start to change in a magical way and go down on their knees before the one who has arranged their life in such a way.
True white magic does not require candles, uniforms and power objects, true white magic is of the same irradtiation as the disciple who is alined with the devine purpose, who, wherever he passes, is transmuting the environment around him. Even the Universe itself goes down on its knees and alines itself to this Devine Plan of which the Conscious Being is an active part.
Do you want to change the world? Do you really want to step forward as active collaborators of the devine plan which the Father has prepared for this humanity? If your answer is positive, be assured then that the simple continual use of the Violet Flame of Transmutation will empower you in the course of time to alter everything which is not in accordanc with this Devine Plan; you will be given the power that your simple presence, even if you don't even notice, transforms in a radical way your surrounding evironment.
May your daily prayer always be:

My Father, May Your Will Be Done In Heaven And Earth.
My Father, Allow Me To Be An Active Collaborator In This Your Devine Plan
My Father, May My Hands Move Through The Inspiration Of Your Will
May My Steps Always Lead Me To The Place You Want Me To Be
My Father, Allow Me To Be The Same For All Your Children What You Are For Me.


If you say this prayer with all your heart, you will feel that inside of you a light of such proportions will appear, that you will, indeed, want to surrender yourself to humanity in order to teach, which is the way which leads to the Father.
Therefore, nourish the serenity of your being, eliminate the fury which often causes a mission to fail, and in this peace which is obtained by knowing that you are consciously working in the Father's Will, walk with firm steps and savely on the ways he wants you to walk.
I also want to relate in a special way to the delicate work which has to do with those of our brothers (and sisters) who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If you direct the Violet Flame directly on the laryngal chakra, the heart chakra and the front chakra, this will bring immediate help to the persons who are under the influence of these ennervants. If it is your task to bring the beginnings of spiritual teachings to these groups, invoke the Violet Flame upon which I will come to help you whenever you face a difficult case.

I have a special interest in everyone who has fallen under the influence of drugs.This love which I practice towards them is born out of the consciousness of knowing that all these beings, who have fallen into the abyss can still be saved from there, and brought to a new world of light and harmony.

NEWS!!! - NEWS!!! - NEWS!!! - NEWS!!! - NEWS!!! - NEWS!!! -

The following Chanelling came through one of the Members of the Lightgrid. St. Germain asks us to extend our daily CONNECTION, adding two steps to the first one of connecting through the Violet Ray. „UNITE NOW, About the Use of the Violet Ray“ From Master Saint Germain and Ashtar Sheran Beloved Lightworkers, all of you are experiencing certain joy and certain fears these days, so I tell you: Don't be afraid, this is the moment of union, and just this! Don't give other impulses, which would weaken you, any room, stay united and in this way you will be stronger. Many of you already know the violet lightgrid (Lichtnetz – Red de Luz) which has shortly been activated. It is the grid which shall unite races and continents, it is the grid which shall transmute the energies and it is a grid which will help you to be strong. Could it be that you don't see the necessity to unite in order to arrive where we all want to be?, The darkness will take advantage if you don't remain (stay?) united and it is uniting (as well) these days; don't let yourselft be manipulated by the powerful of this world and their traps and most important, don't take anything for granted! It is true that the goal has already been set, but it is also true that you have to work on and for it. Ashtar Sheran and I, Saint Germain, will give you the necessary instructions for this work, beloved ones; much energetic work is reaching its goal, now we ask you to unite in this grid because it is the time for it. The work (you shall do) consists of three parts; in the beginning it may take some effort, but once you have integrated it, the work will be easy and will be done effortlessly as if by itself: UNION First of all exchange addresses as you have already been doing. Simultaneously direct the Violet Ray, which comes forth from your third eye, across the seas. It is important that it passes over the seas, uniting continents, while thinking of that other person. In the beginning this will be more personal as you are few, but as the group expands, the intention to reach the country where the people live shall suffice. Direct this Violet Ray with your intention, and it will reach the people you want to reach.

It is comforting to see how many lightworkers set their mobile alarm clocks and orient themselves to it.

To better understand what I just said, read the Channelling (above) in which I explain where this Ray comes from.


The second part (of your work) is to heal with etheric crystals.
Does anything hurt you? Do you feel anxious? Create this etheric crystal, visualizing it exactly in the area which bothers you. Activate it with your Violet Ray and then the crystal will start to rotate, wrapping the area up in a violet sphere which transmutes that energy. When you connect again the next day, you can continue to activate the crystal if the uneasiness has not yet dissolved; there are no limits to this procedure, neither in days nor in crystals. You can do this for yourselves or for someone who has given you permission to help him / her; you can use this procedure with any uneasiness or illness. It will help you and you will help (others). This procedure has already been tested and used with excellent results. You can use octohedrons.


And finally, as a third step, direct your ray using your intention to the surface of the earth to those groups of power from whom you already know who they are and what they pretend (at the moment the famous obligatory vaccine). Send them your violet energy using your intention so it reaches those groups of power and then (direct it) beneath the surface of the earth, to their laboratories; transmute their productions and their experiments because you have the power to do so. Some of you will perceive images of where to direct that transmuting energy.

Come on! This is your full right to transmute everything which is against God's Divine Plan.

You should recognize your energetic power, everything you can achieve.
Recognize your power. You are doing excellent work and we congratulate you. The Union will come now and you know it.

I Am, I Am, I Am

Saint Germain and Ashtar Sheran through Cántico

Dear Family in the Light of the Violet Flame and Ray,

St Germain is the Cohan of the Violet Ray, the Seventh Ray, the Ray of Transmutation announcing the coming of the New Era of Love and Light.


We CONNECT twice a day at

11 am and 12 am (midnight) Middle European Time

To find out the exact time of your time zone, click on the following link to the Time Zone Convertor:

Beware of differences between summer time and winter time! If you sign up or have already signed up you will receive a message from me when we change times in Europe.

You find the names and location of the people who already participate in the daily meditations in the Discussion below called "Members of the Lightgrid". PLEASE CHECK IT OUT, so you know where exactly you schould direct the Violet Ray!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me.

Love and Light,

Sonja Myriel


More and more channellings speak of the same truth: it is essential to UNITE! It is time, indeed, to realize that WE ARE ONE! Let us CONNECT and unite, let us come together, let us work, meditate, pray, sing, dance and have fun together! Organize meetings where you live to talk about spirituality and what we can do to make our dream of a peaceful world without anger, war and fear come true and then DO IT! And of course: let us meditate together, worldwide, UNIFIED!

Love and Light and Peace and Joy to each and every soul on this planet,

Sonja Myriel

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August 16/17 - 26 years after the Harmonic Convergence: LET US CELEBRATE!

Posted on August 8, 2013 at 5:20am 0 Comments


Dear Grid- and Lightworkers,

We all know about the Harmonic Convergence which took place August 16/17 in 1987. It marked the beginning of Humanity changing the prophecies of ancient times from apocalyptic disaster to Ascension. Since that day MANY world wide synchronized meditations have taken place in…


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At 12:50am on April 7, 2020, Richard Levison said…

"Happy Birthday!"

At 1:05pm on September 29, 2013, Elshara said…

I have always held the vibration of love in my heart and I am finding new ways of trying to express it and invite its powerful embrace to people everywhere, here included. I love yours two, if you need any help I would love to assist you in any way I can.

At 6:15am on April 07, 2013, Chris Comish gave Sonja Myriel a gift
Happy Birthday! May abundant love and many blessings flow your way.
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At 4:57pm on April 6, 2012, Melodie Munro said…

Happy Birthday (multi-language) Chipmunks - Happy Birthday to You!!! Native American Flute - Happy Birthday

At 2:15am on April 06, 2012, Chris Comish gave Sonja Myriel a gift
Happy Birthday! May abundant love and many blessings flow your way.
At 1:00am on April 6, 2012, Claudia said…

Happy birthday, dear Sonja! Light, divine love and blessings!


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At 4:10am on October 30, 2011, luis pestana said…
~<3~ ONE LOVE ~<3~
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