How to deal with negative thoughtforms and entities

On psychological and spiritual levels one has to deal with the negative thoughts,
feelings, emotions and energies of other people. The 3D world has basically
institutionalized negative ego behaviors and lower self consciousness as it permeates
through every aspect of our society.

If you are not strong in your energy field, awareness and personal power to ward off
these energies it can absorb into your subconscious, drain your energy and leave you
feeling heavy.
Negative elementals, thought forms or disassociated thought forms latch onto your aura
causing dark energy spots causing drain and psychological imbalances. Just as a disease is
contagious to the human body, negative thoughts are contagious to the mental body. The
mental body is a part of your energy field that generates on a plane of its own, all substance
that is your "thoughts". We have a mental plane basically separated in two main areas, with
lower areas for basic functioning and as we gain mastery over our creations, a higher
mental plane area to access higher _expression of thoughts. Mind is the builder of form, and
so it is a plane where all thought substance is created and interacted with to begin the
thought form to manifest into physical form.
When words are spoken or thoughts are thought, a 'thought form' is projected out. It
might just stay in your field, float around randomly, or it may be directed at or about
another person. Every time you watch television, a movie or read a book you generate
thought forms. There are no neutral thoughts; they are either positive or negatively
charged. Many thought forms are as mindless as the subject matter, some are loving and
others may be nasty or violent. When you live or work in close proximity to other people
you are subject to not only the thought forms you generate but those you come into contact
So as there are parasites in the physical body, the etheric body will be carrying debris
or hangers-on as well. Just as you shower to clean your physical body each day, you should
also develop self-awareness and make an effort to cleanse and clear your etheric body too.
Otherwise all the lower vibration muck, such as these negative thought forms and other
energetic debris may create blockages in areas of the etheric body, the energetic gridwork,
the chakras and meridians from receiving vital force and eventually affect the physical
body from healthy functioning.
So what can you do to prevent this? It is important to be aware of the thought forms you
are generating, about yourself, about other people, the sort of entertainment you watch and
read. Intend to clear from your field all thought forms that are not your own and visualize a
barrier to keep negative thought forms impenetrable from your field. The Silver Rain
visualization or Platinum Net technique is a good daily practice to clear and protect your
field. Working with the Lords of Karma in energy balancing and clearing your field is also
superb. I have become aware of a dispensation of a lattice work of light, called the "Core
Fear" matrix removal program that does work to release and remove implanted emotional
response and trauma patterns. This has definitely improved emotional charge and repatterned
a neutral association to many key emotional themes in my life and that of my
The advantage of clearing your field of dark thoughts is that you do not attract more
and compound the problem, which brings us to the next topic of entities. When you become
weakened physically, psychologically or spiritually this leaves you open to psychic attack
from the lower astral plane, (most commonly) and possibly other planetary or dimensional
source. In cases where energy is severely depleted entity possessions and spirit
attachments may form. Further obsessive thoughts, addiction, deep inner turmoil or
personality disorder imbalances result in attracting lower energies and entities.
Earth bound spirits (discarnate) are attracted to those who resonate with lower
emotional states, such as addiction, anger, etc. that they themselves have not worked
through in their own incarnation when alive on the planet. Interesting to note that karmic
residue and remains cannot be cleared outside of a physical form, hence the tendency for
lost souls to find a human body energy field to attach to. Many times there are those
persons whom are fighting off addiction and addictive tendencies only to have these urges,
cravings and messages from the subconscious to be manipulated through an entity
attachment or other negative energetic influences. These symptoms are greatly reduced
when an entity attachment is removed. However if the person continues to indulge
unhealthful habits, live in imbalance or does not take responsibility to clear conflicts, the
entities will reattach to the "damaged" spot in the energy field, until it has been cleared
emotionally and resolved completely.
Like attracts like, and if your field is full of dark thought forms it may attract dark little
entities that come in to enjoy the space you've provided. They also attach themselves at
times when your resistance is low such as during illness, grief or stress.
Most entities that attach to us are not evil, they are just lost little souls or fractured
pieces of soul. Sometimes we will have people hanging around who have passed over but
not sure where they are - especially if they have led very physical lives without much
spirituality, or if you are still keeping cords of attachment to them. Spirits who died with
addictions will also hang around live addicts trying to satisfy cravings. The variation of
entities in the etheric is wide and varied.

The first thing to decide is whether or not you want these entities with you or not. Even
though they are draining your energy and will cause physical problems, some people are
not ready to let them go. They may have become familiar and comfortable at some level to
the ego’s sense of structure and fear will surface at the thought of releasing old patterns of
behavior attached by entities. It is best to remember that they only stay with your
permission, and all of them have their proper time and space to return to where they
should already have gone. If you want them to leave you must be firm. Bear in mind that
some health problems, energy blockages and spiritual growth will not improve as long as
they stay in your energy field.

With practice you can see these energetic forms, like entities, as you scan your field
regularly with your inner vision. If you have trouble visualizing them, learning muscle
testing, asking for guidance and spiritual help is very effective and powerful. Cultivating
your particular higher sensory perception will be unique and individual to you. Some
people are more clairaudient, clairsentient and lastly clairvoyant. With practice and your
intention to bring your intuitive gifts to the surface it will transpire very quickly. The
challenge is learning to trust your intuition and the guidance when revealed to you. This is
what takes the most time, to build the confidence and trust in the messages and discerning
the ego self from the higher self guidance. Your intention to remove any of these items
while visualizing running light through your field, between your grid work and out of your
chakras and into the Earth will help immensely. When finished create around yourself a
protective bubble sealed around and through your aura before venturing out into the

Allowing more light into your field and performing spiritual house cleaning will assist in
your spiritual growth, inner peace and connection. However, after you become more
proficient, when your field is clean you will feel the constant pressure of the negative
thought forms coming from the other people around you. Thought forms can create residue
in spaces, rooms and places that may make an energetic sensitive person very
uncomfortable. This too, may give the impression of psychic attack as you feel pressurized
by the density of its substance. However learning boundaries by maintaining your personal
power and understanding the energy dynamics you share between people and things
makes it incredibly easy to remedy as you progress.

Lisa Renee

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Comment by AMBA on February 10, 2017 at 11:46am

Dear Manuel, i said you few days ago, be more not alow bad-negative thoughts to win....stay in the light....

Comment by Manuel Sánchez on February 10, 2017 at 5:41am

Bad luck follows me and I can not eliminate it, if I am happy or have something that encourages me, something strives to remove

Comment by Moore Kelly Marie on January 28, 2017 at 10:03am
Please could you cleanse my Aura I had a black rose attachment & need cleared by someone else as I can't pull energy down, is it possible to set up a regular cleaning - blessings
Comment by Wanchain L on January 9, 2017 at 11:18am

Thanks very much!  This information came at an opportune time!  I haven't visited this site for a long time, but this post brought me back.

I was just scanning myself last night, and felt strange.  Then I scanned to see if someone had dropped some thought forms on me which did not agree with my desire and intention.  After I cleared the parasitic thought, I scanned myself again, and got very different result.

Comment by Jeanelle (jeanna) Rivas on January 8, 2017 at 7:12pm
Thank you for sharing this information. It is so very helpful to read these truths and lift thoughts!
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