Allow yourself to become comfortable in a place where you will not be disturbed. Close your eyes and take a deep breath, mentally holding it to the count of four. Now exhale slowly as you mentally count from eight to one. Then take two more deep breaths in the same manner.

In your mind's eye create a relaxing scene somewhere out in nature. Visualize it utilizing all your senses. Now imagine a beautiful ray of sunshine beaming down from the sun into your body in the area of the base of your spine. Take a moment to tune into the present condition of this chakra. Notice if you see or sense any cords, roots, or protrusions. If so, imagine your hands moving into that chakra and removing them. You may also call upon the Archangels to remove them for you. Ask that the correct color (red) be anchored into the chakra after the cords are removed.

Notice now that the sunlight creates a bubble of White Light mixed with iridescent pieces of pink for love and green for healing. In your imagination place this bubble of light over your root chakra. Allow the light bubble to balance and heal the root chakra. Visualize the color red anchored in this area as the sun energy harmonizes and balances the chakra, allowing your vibrations to increase.

The ray of sunshine moves up to the second chakra. Now tune into the current condition of the second chakra. Notice what you see, sense, or feel in this area. Scan it for any cords, threads, roots, or blockages. If you discover any of these, decide if you want them removed. Then proceed with pulling out everything you wish to discard. Again you may call upon the Archangels for healing this or any of your chakras. Ask that the correct color (orange) be anchored into the chakra once the area is cleansed. Another bubble of light with pink and green iridescent colors is formed over this chakra area to balance the energies there. It will also serve to fill any voids left by the cord removals. Visualize the color orange anchored in this area as it is harmonized by the bubble of sun energy and vitalizes your life-force energy.

The sunlight bubble of energy now moves up and covers the solar plexus chakra. As before, check in to discern the present state of this chakra. Since this is your center of personal power, a cord here could prove to be a strong energy drain for you. If you wish, you may follow this cord to its end to find who is connected to it. Remove as many cords and blockages as you are guided to do. Then let this bubble of energy heal and balance this chakra. Anchor and visualize the color yellow in this chakra and become aware of your own personal power.

The bubble of vibrant sun energy mixed with particles of pink and green now moves to the heart chakra. Pay attention to any cords, connections, or blockages you might be experiencing in this area. Evaluate and then remove whatever cords you wish to disengage at this time in your heart chakra. (It is not uncommon to discover trap doors, wounds, or weapons in this area.) Call upon the Archangels to do any additional healing here. Ask that the correct color (green) be anchored into the chakra. Focus your awareness on your heart and feel it becoming warmer. Notice its energy radiating out from your being in waves. Allow the bubble of sunlight to balance and harmonize the heart chakra. Visualize the correct color ray of green in the chakra. Feel the love from the Universe.

The light continues to move upward to the throat chakra. Since this area is your communication center, it is vital that you remove any cords, roots, or protrusion residing there. On occasion, people have felt lumps in their throat area. As always, call for assistance to heal this area. Then request that the correct color (blue) be anchored there. Now the bubble of healing light is formed over your throat area. Let this bubble harmonize the energies in the throat chakra. Visualize and anchor the color blue as your spiritual awareness increases.

The light moves up and forms a bubble over your third-eye chakra. Cords in this area can be quite uncomfortable and may even cause physical sensations, i.e., headaches or dizziness. Focus on the removal of any cords or attachments. Follow that by having the color indigo anchored there and request any necessary healing. Allow the healing bubble of sunlight to vibrate and open your third eye. Visualize the color indigo anchored here as you are bathed in wisdom.

The light moves to the top of the head and forms a protective bubble over this area. This is the chakra for understanding and Oneness. Cords in this area could manifest as feeling controlled. Often people perceive tentacles or puppet strings attached to their head. Remove them all with the Archangels' assistance and request any additional healing. Ask that the correct color (violet) be anchored there. Allow this energy to activate the powers of your mind and spirit. Visualize the color violet at the crown chakra as you reestablish your connection to Source.

Allow the light energy from the root to crown chakras to now flow out the top of your head and cascade down around your auric field. Imagine it as a waterfall of shimmering White Light.

When you are ready, count mentally from one to five. Slowly open your eyes and revel in a state of balance.

 by Diana Burney

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