A Simple Meditation for How to Ground and Balance Yourself Every Night Before Bed!

By Dr Joshua David Stone

One of the lessons a great many lightworkers deal with is not being grounded. They often are too top heavy and live too much in the Heavenly world. Sometimes they are too mental or intellectual. Sometimes too much esoteric reading and studying. Often the energy is too much in the higher chakras and not enough in the lower chakras. Often the four-body system is not balanced. There is much more energy in the Spiritual body and mental body and even emotional body and not as much in the physical body and in one’s grounding cord to the Earth and in one’s feet chakras. Also, people go to work every day and are not in their physical bodies and there are some who are never in their physical body.

What I personally find in my own 22-body system is that if I am not balanced in a Spiritual, mental, emotional, physical sense I do not sleep as well. I do not sleep as deeply and I sleep more restlessly or fitfully. Not being balanced in the chakras causes an imbalance in the glands.The seven glands of the chakras are:

First: gonads

Two: lyden gland

Three: adrenals

Fourth: thymus

Fifth: thyroid

Sixth: pituitary

Seventh: pineal

If there is not enough energy in the physical body and in the lower chakras there is not enough energy for the lower glands to work and this can cause a depletion of energy, fatigue, not enough healing within one’s body because the lyden gland is not getting enough energy and so on.

So I have developed a practice that I do every night before bed religiously which I thought I would share with you which is the best grounding and balancing routine I have ever found. I find I sleep better and it keeps me physically healthier. The routine is as follows:

I first take a hot bath, which really grounds me and gets all my acupuncture meridians flowing. Then I sit in my comfortable chair even sometimes watching television while doing it and sometimes not. What I do is make a prayer to God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, my Mighty I Am Presence, and my Higher Self, and say, “Ground my energies!” Immediately I feel the energy leaving the Spiritual plane and move into my physical body, legs, and feet. Sometimes I repeat the invocation or prayer if I loose focus and I stay in that for about 15 minutes.

Then I say to the same group, “Balance my four main bodies!” By this of course I mean balance my Spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies. Immediately a different type of energy comes in which grounds me and balances me even more.

Then after staying in that meditation for about ten minutes I say another prayer by saying, “Balance chakras!” Immediately I feel the energy come in, and I feel all my chakras being balanced by Spirit. I usually stay in this for about fifteen minutes.

Another practice I have started doing after this, which you might want to try is, I ask for a nutritional infusion. God and Spirit immediately start downpouring vitamins and minerals energetically into my entire four-body system and chakra system. If you are under stress or not eating properly I would highly recommend this. The vitamins and minerals go directly into your system.

Then sometimes after I am completely balanced I occasionally do some other short prayers like, increase service work and business, or any other prayers. I also every night ask that my room and house be cleared of any imbalanced energy and I ask for extra protection. I also ask God and the Masters to work on any health adjustments I need made all night long!

I also do this meditation sometimes in the middle of the night if I have gotten up and can’t go back to sleep and I have been lying in bed just thinking about things. Sometimes I will do this meditation just to get myself out of the mental body and/or Spiritual body. I would highly recommend especially before bed doing this grounding, body balancing, and chakra balancing. All you have to do is just sit there and let Spirit do the work. I make it fun as I said, for sometimes I watch a little TV and just do the meditation while I am watching TV. The nutritional infusion can be very helpful as well! It can be an adjunct to a healthy diet for you can never have enough vitamins and minerals.

So as an old commercial used to say on television, “Try it, you will like it!”

I did try it last night and slept really well ~

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Comment by Michele Lacombe on June 9, 2014 at 7:22pm

Thank you for this meditation.

Comment by Valery Jianu on June 6, 2013 at 9:12am

Thank you.I need it.I will try it


Comment by Dr.Sohini Shukla on May 6, 2013 at 6:41am

Dear Fay Kelley,

Yes, You ask & will get it.....Asking is very important....

Thanks for your Guidance....


Comment by Elisabeth Lilly on May 5, 2013 at 12:24pm

This is wonderful! Thank you so much!



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