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Attunements, Initiations, & Empowerments differences in:

Attunements, Initiations, & Empowerments
differences in:


When 1 person Attunes another the process is
changing the electrical network of the person being attuned.
Usually attuning them to a Different or Higher Frequency.
The person being attuned must be open to allow this to happen,
and the person doing the attunement must already be attuned to
the energy they are passing on.


Being Initiated into a System is different then
an Attunement because all the initiation does it being forth
what that person already has within them. After being Initiated
the person is tapping into a resource that has existed all
along, but the person didn't realize it, they for making it
known so they can now use it. Most Initiations are passed down
though someone already Initiated into the system.


This is completely different then both listed
above. Being Empowered to an Animal, Flower, or Crystal/Stone,
helps you to pick up the qualities of the thing your being
Empowered too. These Qualities already exist inside you, but
this makes those qualities stronger. Also you have control over
what qualities of these, you want to bring forth and start
using. Empowerments happen in 2 ways: A lot of Empowerments are
Self-Empowerments, because you read and study the item you wish
to be Empowered too, them making a Statement with Intent will
be enough to bring these qualities forth. You can also be
Empowered by someone else, at which time the person during the
Empowerment will pass the qualities though a statement of

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  • Thank you
  • gratitude for the info.

  • Thank you for the explanations.

  • Hello Amba!

    Nice information about initiations, attunements and empowerments and detailed information about Chi-Ball attunement process. Thank you Dear Amba.

    With Lots of Love and Light...

    Anil Gur

  • Very enlightening! Thank you dear Amba!
  • Dear Amba,

    It is very helpful for those who do not know the difference...

    Thanks a lot for posting..

  • We must decice without doubt that we are powerful and this must be balanced with humbleness, meaning that each day we're doing better, the best as we can even if sometime we fall or we dont appear at our top. it just a question of time to be completely aligned with the purity of our true self.



  • Thank you Tario. Your words are very inspiring to me, because I am not always sure I am this powerful.

    Love and Light


  • personnaly, i think that there is to much attunements given from one to others with a fee coming with it. I prefer to take command of my own life and attune to everything i need in going inside and command it myself. I'am the Creator's, i deserved everything, i ask and command for eveything good for my growth and in due thing it is graciously given, as simple as this.

    Tario, Blessings

  • Thanks for your answer Amba!

This reply was deleted.

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