Last few days i have been speaking a lot with my students and clients about taking various attunements from various online sites....and various energies....i have tried to warn them that attunements from various sites,may cause that the recipient can attach negativities...that mixing energies is not good....that taking a lot at once is not good......

Today while searching my groups on facebook i came across same post about what i have been discusing , by Aditya.....

Please i would like to hear your comments and  experiences.....here are some advices for those who want to hear them..

Post from Adita

Someone took an online attunement from a site after seeing an advertisement and suffered a great negativity attack.
The net abounds with so many "great "masters offering so many "great " energies that the common man gets thoroughly confused what to take.
Lofty claims and slick marketing make people fall for the sales pitch.
It is difficult to judge who is genuine and who is not,  even more, difficult to find out if you need that energy and what it will do and what benefit you will get.
The general rules of thumb for energy are
1.Do not take energy from an unknown source.
2. Do not take energies you know nothing about.
3.Always look for a reputed and reliable source, do not go by the sales pitch verify yourself or consult your peers and seniors.
4.Do not mix energies unless it is clearly stated that they are compatible.
5.Remember energies can be contaminated at the source as well as in transit. Take adequate protection.
6.Post energy detox is to be expected sometimes it is too strong so be prepared.
7. Please do not run after every energy being offered, choose only what you need, energy hoarding leads to severe energy overload.
8.Be on the alert as certain sources have a reputation of sending negative energies and negative entities with normal energies, their names are often discussed in various groups.
9.When you come across some Genuine source then stick to it no matter how.
10. Do discuss your experience with your peers you all will learn something in comparing notes

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Comment by Golden Path on February 14, 2017 at 10:40am

Yes that has happenned to me, to look at a new developped Reiki symbol, and i just knew that was not for me, but i didn't had any confirmation the source was "contaminated" just that the stuff would maybe not adjust well in my current situation.

Also, many times there is a "energetic detox" i can even feel depressed during some days with that, that was all of my bodies, cleansing themselves with the arrival of a new energy,

Specially when i did work against blockages, all blockages came in the surface to be healed, it felt awful,but i discovered 3 days ago, the person have not send any negative energy for me, the negativity was on me.

So till now i have no experiences with negativity coming from unknown Reiki sources, but i don't take those advices slightly, i think i was just lucky,LOL

Comment by Douglas Allitt on February 7, 2017 at 2:46pm

There is only one energy. Universal Life Force Energy or it's other name The Holy Spirit. Intention is everything. If your intention is for the good of all then you have nothing to worry about. Psychic attacks may cause problems. If you feel that you are under psychic attack just say to yourself "Jesus help me" and they will quickly dissipate. Evil cannot exist where the Christ Spirit lives. I don't believe it matters too much who attunes you as long as your intention is pure. Spirit will take care of the rest. Self attunement is perfectly acceptable. Peace and love.

Comment by Manuel Sánchez on February 7, 2017 at 1:04am

The truth is that so many systems of healing confuse. There are thousands and thousands of reikis and thousands and thousands of healing systems, and there comes a time when one does not really know which one is correct, because each publishes that it is the best

Comment by Kyanite on February 6, 2017 at 11:40pm

    I forgot to add. It is possible to "De-Attune" yourself from any attunements that you have taken. I have read about it on one website atleast. If some one has taken an attunement that has -ev energy or entities with it or is regretting taking any attunement for any reason, they can de-attune themselves from it.
Can some one Please mention here details/steps of How to De-Attune from any attunement?

Comment by Kyanite on February 6, 2017 at 11:32pm

I have taken free attunements from some websites. Never had any problem with them. I shared those links with others and no one reported any problems after the attunements. I have never bought any attunement from websites offering several types of attunements. So I don't have any idea about them.
    But yes this issue does affect people. I was going to mention some points but I see that they have already been posted. Point 7 by Aditya and Point 1 by Wanchain L.

1) I do not believe in having a "collection" of attunements. I will not get every attunement that I come across even from reputable sights and even if they are free. WHY get attunements that you know you are not going to use??

2) If some one is attracting attunements into their life that are affecting them negatively, then they need to work on their subconscious beliefs. Same goes for any one who is attracting negative events, circumstances, people into their life. Law of Attraction at work here. The World Outside Is A Reflection Or Manifestation Of The World Inside.
In my case, I got powerful attunements from people that I didn't know at all. Not only did it not hurt me, but many people have benefited a lot from them when I use them. (Actually they are some of the best that I have at this time. :) <-- Tests have confirmed it. ) I have already mentioned that not one of the free attunements that I got from other websites have had any negative impact on me.

3) Before getting any attunement, we should use :
1 - Our "Good Judgement" along with the info gathered from research (if we have done any!) to see if we should get it or not, if it is for our highest good or not.
2 - Use our "Intuition". What does our heart say about it? Do we feel guided to take it or not? If not, then we should AVOID it! Look out for any signs and how we feel. If your intuition is not active, get the help of someone whose intuition is! :) I do it often for guidance.
3 - Ask our "Spiritual Guides, Angels etc." There are websites with free Tarot, Angel Card Readings, Oracle Card Readings that can be used by those who are not in touch with their guides and are not sensitive to energy. I have used them and they are very accurate. Their accuracy was confirmed by some other people to me also. See what sign you get before jumping towards an attunement.

4 - Before taking any attunement
A) I call in columns and spheres of light to shield and protect me from -ve energies, entities.
B) I ground myself.
C) I always call my highest self, spiritual guides, angels, beings of love and light, ascended masters etc. to "Help me take an attunement Perfectly in 100% Love and Light and for my Absolute Highest Good."
D) Sometimes, I also ask them specifically to block out anything evil or negative.
These steps block out all or much of what will not serve me.

4) Try to do some research before getting attunement from a new source or website. As Aditya has said in Point 8 that some sources have a reputation of sending -ve energies and entities. Find out about them.

5) Personally, I am NOT Comfortable with and avoid accepting any help from entities that are Neutral or Evil. Neutral spiritual entities or energies help with both good and bad intentions. Evil Entities take away much more from you than what they give. Also their help and solutions are superficial. They slowly enslave you.
In the description of some attunements, you can see what entity the attunement was channeled from. Ofcourse, the website may be lying. But what I am saying is that if you can clearly see in the description that the entity is a negative or neutral one, why do you want to take that attunement??
Why get help from them when you can get all the help that you need from beings of love and light ???
I never accept attunements, energy or ANY help from -ve or neutral entities, regardless of how bad my situation may be.

Taking attunements is a Serious Thing with significant consequences. We need to take it seriously.

Comment by Wanchain L on February 6, 2017 at 7:01pm

Three things:

1) You are a vibrational match to what comes to you.

2) Everything, be it good or bad, is an experience.  What matters is what you learn from it.

3) Although the point about sending negativity is possible, on the one hand, it is alerting people to the possibility while on the other hand creating fear.

Comment by Naresh Mintri on February 6, 2017 at 6:07pm

Amba, after reading Adityaji's post, I was taken aback with something else which happened, something similar. I wrote a post on Facebook too. You can look it up there. 

Not only people offering attunements on the net could, I won't say all will, send some negative energies with the attunement. But the height of the matter was when one so-called master here, in India, copied the first part of Soul Mate Reiki from the manual, verbatim, and then added a whole part about using crystals with this system, including creating a crystal grid and new symbols, and passed it on as his own, on a watermarked sheet bearing his name. 

This is the limit to where we can stoop to make a fast buck. 

To add to what Adityaji suggested, I would like to add...... any one taking an attunement, please also ask for the ORIGINAL manual from the founder, if the system has not been founded/channeled by the person giving the attunement. All Masters these days have been making their systems very simple without the use of symbols and crystals or other tools. 

All we can do is to warn people. Beyond that it is up to them.

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