Astral Healing Technique for Discarnate Spirits, Thought Forms, Limiting Mental Concepts, Psychic Bonds

The veils between worlds are getting thin and there is a lot of interference from unseen
negative influences. Here is the technique to help you to rid yourself off of those Influences.

With the vibrational lifting and healing of the Earth, the quickening or ascension
process come a greater sensitivity and awareness to other realms of consciousness.
With the greater sensitivity and expanded consciousness comes the responsibility to
heal any unseen negative influences.

There are thought forms, limiting mental concepts, and discarnate spirits often referred
to as lost souls, or wayward spirits, ghosts and poltergeists.

These unfortunate souls continue in an emotional and mental body and are bound to
Earth because of unfinished business, karmic ties, and unresolved attitudes, emotions,
wounds and traumas.

Some are even coercive and desire to manipulate, control and express through others in
the physical.

Just because someone is dead does not mean this person is enlightened.

Love heals and casting them out only sends them away temporarily or they find
someone else to bother. Some of the symptoms are headaches, nausea, pain within the
neck, heart, discomfort within the solar plexus, multiple accidents, bizarre erratic behavior,
large mood swings, suicidal tendencies and the clairvoyant seeing of gray or dark energies
around someone.

If you do the astral healing technique and feel relief, your problem may not be a
physical one; yet if the problem persists, by all means get any professional help you think
you may need. In the interest of cleaning up the consciousness here and making it easier to
access and maintain higher consciousness and energy, we are giving out the process for
healing unseen negative influences.

We all have Angelic Guides and Ascended Masters waiting to help in this process.

This is a power tool. Don't forget to plug it in and ask for help from on high.

Step 1

Call upon your chosen representative of the Source, all that is, God, through prayer or

Step 2

Ask that your aura be closed to all but your Angelic Guide or Ascended Master of the
Christ Vibration.

Step 3

Tell any discarnate spirits that they are healed and forgiven, lifted and enlightened.
Repeat several times until it feels clear.

Step 4

Tell them they are filled and surrounded with the Universal Christ light and the Christ

Step 5

Ask your chosen Angelic Guide or Ascended Master to take them to their perfect place

Step 6

Ask that all negative thought forms, limiting mental concepts be dissolved in the light of
truth and all psychic bonds severed.

Step 7

Ask that your/their aura be closed buy your/their own higher selves and that all residual
energies be cleansed from every level of your/ their being.

Repeat the above until energies feel clear; there may be many more than one time only.
Persistence makes perfection.
Remember Love is the ultimate power in the Universe and maintain self-authority at all
times. Those who are on the path to enlightenment often draw discarnate entities like a
moth to a flame; therefore it is very important to use this process in meditation and every
day living to keep one's energies clear and help others. You only expand to the level that
you feel safe and clear.

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Comment by Carmen Vidaurri on January 30, 2017 at 8:20pm

thank you somuch wonderful description~!!

Comment by Golden Path on January 27, 2017 at 10:19am

Thanks for sharing!^^

Comment by Chris Comish on January 8, 2017 at 4:11pm

Very helpful. Thanks for sharing Amba

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