Actual Alien Contact - intuitive writing

Back in the year 2012 I was very excited because people said we were about to ascend. Of course, that did not happen. But one thing I tried was "automatic writing" where you go into a light trance and permit your hand to write quickly and without watching it. Well, you see it a little but your mind is elsewhere. 

I asked to communicate to friendly and well-intentioned space aliens... and here is my actual blog of the contacts... you can tell which parts of the conversation are me and which are not, I hope.

This is just to leave this actual contact stuff as public record, instead of keeping it to myself all these years. I am very practical and try to be factual with my reiki manuals, and this is sort of "way out there" ... so ... did not want to share it with anyone. But I think now is the time for lots of people to practise this trance-writing and see what we get...

First Contact with Xan of the Small Folk
Posted on July 15, 2012
Greetings, peace and honor. This is Xan of Zoay, of the Small Folk.We are wanderers from between the fields of the stars. We are making contact to express our admiration for you in these times of change.

What do you look like?

Very similar to humans. Our ears are more pointed. Our eyes are larger. We can glow when we are excited. But you can also, though you do not perceive it. We are quite tiny by your standards. About three inches tall. Our vessels are ten feet long and three feet wide and would look like jagged rocks to you. We used to live in hives in the rocks so they are comfortable to us. At one time we lived on your planet, in the high mountains.

Are you solid beings?

Yes. But our ships can move in the shadow dimensions between the Light and the Dark. We are not solid then. It is difficult to move quickly when one is solid.

Do you have families like humans do? How do you live? Do you work? How do you play?

We may love as we choose, and raise children with our mates. In the old days clans would raise each other’s children as hostages for peace. We are more peaceful now. We work to raise food and make things, and yes we play much as you humans do.

Where do you come from?

From outside this galaxy, from the group of stars you name M92. But as I said, we have lived upon your planet a long time ago.

We are moving out of range but we will contact you again. G’fiado!

Xan talks of his language
Posted on July 15, 2012
Greetings, peace and honor. This is Xan of Zoay, of the Small Folk. I hope you are well?

Yes, and I hope you are well, also. Please teach me some words of your language.

As you wish. “Kele Glajjonetu” means “good morning.” “G’fiado” means “good night”. Food is “fraar.” Water is “thessoog.” Honey is “daom.” A hive is “hassi.” A friend is “yopo.” But a foe or danger is “gaaxo.”

A space vessel is “meb.” A male is addressed “heteg ….” and a female is “kele ….”. When one is being polite. Kele Glajjonetu literally means Mother Moon is rising. G’fiado means Safe Shadows. Or good luck. We wake at night and sleep by day.

What does Zoay refer to?

Zoay is my clan. The common clans are Fojj, Ayok, Zoay, Yaro, Eefau, Treff, and Iti. Some are wet – they live in lands of rain and forests. Some are dry, from the sun and rocks. Zoay is a wet clan.

What is the name of your ship?

Baoleezeeg. Rose Thorn, roughly, in your language. Our head ship is Nabreetha. Under Dree Gemmo of Fojj.

Do you have a navy? Like humans do, with officers and ranks? What is your rank, Xan?

Yes, “Dree” is our captain.

I would like to talk with him.

No, human. The word “dree” means “captain.” Our captain is Dree Aubilon of Treff and she is female.

Oh, sorry.

Next in order is “ondree” which means an officer in charge of a whole chamber of the ship. We have pilots. We have engine decks. We have under the ondree several topanash, mid-level officers. And last come akiseff, junior officers in training. My rank is topanash.

I see we must leave you for now, human. Stay well.

G’fiado, Topanash Xan.

Xan and the Galactic Federation
Posted on July 16, 2012
Greetings, peace and honor. This is Xan of Zoay, of the Small Folk. I hope you are more comfortable, human?

Yes, the weather suddenly cooled and rained here. I hope you are well, also. Tell me, have you met the beings who name themselves the Galactic Federation, under a person named Ashtar Sheran?

I must access your memories to understand your question. Wait a moment.

Yes, we have encountered them. They did not give that name to us. They are from this galaxy, the Milky Way. They are more powerful than Small Folk. But they cannot follow us between dimensions.

Are they good?

Are they to be trusted, do you mean? They are of the Light. Their ships travel by the Grammar of Light. They may not pursue us into the Dark. They have a Great Treaty with the Outer Ones. Trust that they consider themselves to be good, but it is wise to avoid beings that powerful.

Who are the Outer Ones?

The Great Dark tribes. We avoid them. They eat us.

You don’t seem as -uh- saintly as the other aliens I read from other channels.

We have not contacted you so that you could write a self-help book, human. One of your sayings is Do Justice, Love Kindness. That is practical.

But what about Ascension? Spiritual rebirth of our Earth? Don’t we have to be very good and forgiving our enemies and detached about outcomes of situations?

You are permitted to defend yourself. Your spirit does not need to be reborn, in my opinion. How will this Ascension work, if I may ask?

I think we all become young and good-looking and create things with a snap of our fingers. We all live in peace and good-will. We can read each others’ minds.


I see. I think you have forgotten that you are playing a game. So you play a game within the game, called I Become My True Self.


But if it IS your true self, how can you stop being it? It is the game that is unreal, not you. You do not have to do anything to be real. You simply are.

Well, that is going to be a bummer to a lot of folks. They like self-improvement. They like the Quest.

I am not understanding you, human.

Not important. Will your people appear to my people, Xan?

We have mixed feelings on this matter. I cannot say yes or no. Shall this be all for today?

Yeah, okay. Stay well, Xan.

And you.

Xan and the captain
Posted on July 19, 2012
Greetings, peace and honor, Stewart. This is Xan of Zoay of the Small Folk. I have a surprise for you today.

Greetings, Xan. What is it?

We are going to share Light, you and I. It will help you visualize our ship so we can take you on board when you dream at night. And when you meditate at day. Is this agreeable to you?


Then close your eyes and breathe deeply. Relax and allow your inner senses to open in trust. I will send you a beam of silver and gold light, coming down from the sky to the top of your head, and your hands. It will feel like the brush of rose petals, very gentle and yet a bit startling. Here we go…


Makes me feel like giggling.

Quite so. Now I want you to hold a picture in your mind. Imagine you are as small as me, and we are sitting facing each other with our hands held out. Take both my hands in yours. Can you do that? Good.

Now as you inhale, allow light to flow from my hands to yours. As you exhale, return the energy to me. It will feel like the ocean tides of your world. Warm, cleansing water ebbing and surging.


Now lean your face towards mine. Exhale your breath, like bubbles under the water into my mouth. Then inhale air from me. Breathe strongly.

Imagine we are rising slowly from the ocean floor, holding hands and facing each other, leisurely kicking our feet to move us upwards… Up, up we ascend… and the surface of the water sparkles and we keep rising gently into the blue sky… all is fine, all feels wonderful… and above us is a friendly rough granite rock and a door opens in the bottom, a circular door, and we kick our way gently up and into the space-ship.

You look around, open your eyes in your imagination. You can see silvery light shining down and a smooth metal room. The door in the floor closes. It is safe now to have some weight and our feet descend to allow us to stand firmly. You can see green fields outside the window, far below. And ocean. And blue sky and clouds. You see several doorways. You see me. I am wearing a silver silken uniform and boots. You are as well. Your belt has small containers and machines attached. But it doesn’t weigh much.

I smile and turn and beckon for you to follow. Walking is a little slow, as if the gravity is not so heavy as you are used to. We move along a blue and silver hall and come to a round chamber with comfortable cushions and sofas. There are tables with curious vases. There are people – they must look like elves to your eyes – chatting and playing board games and drinking from glasses of red or blue liquid. Some look up at our entrance and nod and smile at you.

I gently push you down into a chair and pour out a small drink. “This will help you to find us again,” I tell you. “Drink. There is no danger.”

I drink it.

Good. The light exercise and the drink help very much. They establish a safe rapport with us, and with your … hm… how shall I explain? You have an inner sense of 3-D space direction. It helps humans when they dream travel. It will remember us.

Now I will take you further. To meet our captain. Dree Aubilon of Treff. Remember to add “kele” to her name. Kele Aubilon.

Imagine we get to our feet and walk through another corridor and then find a large place with a stairwell that takes you up by itself. In a spiral. Get on. Go up. At the top, allow yourself to follow me into another chamber. The first thing you will notice is the dark wall of stars and the view of Earth. Then chairs before consoles. There are serious “elves” working over them. And there is a large chair with a very tall elfin woman with dark hair. She stands up and walks towards us.

“You must be Xan’s new Earth human contact,” she says. “I am Captain Aubilon. Welcome to my ship.”

You should say “Thank you for allowing me to visit you, Kele Aubilon. It is an honor.”

Good. The captain smiles at you and touches your new uniform and glances at Xan with a raised eyebrow. “You have given him clothing of Zoay, Topanash Xan.”

“Er… yes. I meant no harm, Dree Aubilon.”

The captain chuckles. “No harm taken. Treff has much to learn from Zoay. I think your human has had enough visiting for today. Perhaps you should return to Earth soon?”

Xan nods, and takes you by the arm and leads back to the original chamber. The door slides open and he holds onto you tightly and jumps out. Instead of falling you both drift gently down… down… into your own meditation or sleep.

G’fiado until next time, human!

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Comment by Stewart Farquharson on May 11, 2020 at 7:37am

7. You will not have a long time to talk with aliens. It is like their ship is moving and you have radio contact only for about 20 minutes. This is normal. Afterwards drink something and maybe eat something and walk around to just relax and get grounded in your personal energy again.

8. Good luck with it! :)

Comment by Stewart Farquharson on May 11, 2020 at 7:33am

Here are some suggestions for trying a "writing trance":

1. Have several sheets of paper already on your desk so you can just grab them without getting up from your chair because that would break the trance.

2. Use a pencil. It slows down your writing and gives your thoughts a time to maintain calm.

3. Begin your trance by calm and slow breathing. Imagine a white light surrounding you. Say aloud you are inviting contact with aliens who have good intentions towards you. 

4. Pick up your pencil and hold it loosely. Maybe draw a few circles. You will get not too much the first time. A burst of letters. Nonsense words. This is like static on a radio station. Its all good.

5. When you "feel" a presence, introduce yourself aloud, and ask the newcomer's name, and for them to help your hand to write down the responses. 

6. People ask me how do I know if this is all my imagination. Your intuition is developed by paying attention to your body energy when you do things. Like... try to be aware of how your hand feels. How you feel when you stand up and sit down. When you open and close a door. When you touch things. Try to imagine a silver and transparent hand stretching out from your real hand and imagine how this ghostly hand feels when it touches something. Try hiding a small item under a box and reach this silvery hand into the box and "feel" the item. All this is hard work, but it opens your "third eye" sense. Your intuition which reacts with the spirit world. 

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