Initiation:    The Christ Initiation is the route everyone must take who wishes to experience initiation of all the vehicles which make up physical man, woman, mind, body, soul, etheric and astral, f…



The Christ Initiation is the route everyone must take who wishes to experience initiation of all the vehicles which make up physical man, woman, mind, body, soul, etheric and astral, for ultimately, though Initiation must have or will have in the past manifested itself upon the earth plane, there are many other levels upon which initiation must take place.

As an aspiring person wishes in its soul to experience and undergo Initiation, immediately that note is sounded loud and clear to those connected with that soul's progress, and a new step will have been reached, and to those who guide and love their pupil, rejoicing is experienced – the plan of its life has come into operation.


Gradually and at times un-noticed through all the levels of being, that soul is taken and at times tested, left to itself, introduced to many people whom it knows from so many lives, but some it recognises not, for with that inner step of Initiation that soul will meet up with many other people in the spiritual realms, for what they all have in common is that wish to be Initiated, to become one with God and to know once more that dream that died so long ago.

Many people today have gone through part Initiation in so much as certain steps were taken but the ability to carry out and complete the process failed to be accomplished, due to either one or several weaknesses, so that soul as it expresses the wish to be Initiated, has already travelled part of the way, and this is when dreams come into their own to some, for many tests and experiences, coupled with that inner testing of honesty, faith and strength, the overcoming of situations one would retreat from upon the earth, all these have their part to play and so on many levels, Initiation begins once more to take place.

The purification of all the subtle bodies is but the first stage upon that road of Initiation, which is a long and at times painful process. Although the pain is not so much physical as mental, an emotion difficult to describe, for the soul feels alone, never completely at home, except sometimes in the dream state, where it meets and experiences that bond of love and memory which transcends time, both the past and present, and as it remembers the earth world can seem more lonely - the path without that excitement which the memory of dreams has left, so that more and more as the soul sleeps, it wishes to experience Initiation in all its phrases, depths, to enable the earth world to be less foreign to its senses.


Sometimes those dreams will be wonderful, the soul wishes it were still there; sometimes only a fleeting memory remains; at moments it will wake with jumbled impressions, but when the dream is so clear and lucid like watching a film, something has taken place, either a past memory come to life, instruction given or perhaps a symbolic sign that the aspiring student must learn in its waking hours to understand.


The Christ Initiation is the wishing to merge and become one with The Cosmic Christ, for like a magnet the soul is drawn, albeit at times in subtle ways, as if in a dream, a far off memory, a longing to be once more with that Spiritual Being it once knew so well and loved, and who it knows trod the way of the Christ Initiation.

The Cosmic Christs’ indeed have under their jurisdiction Masters and Teachers who oversee and teach groups of souls both on the earth world and upon many levels of the spiritual planes; it is like one vast soul group, each soul or group member having reached a particular step on that ladder of its own group, but no matter what step has been attained, there is always a higher one, and also Teachers, to guide and inspire a soul. It can be likened to a large family, all in close harmony one with the other, all reflecting and basking in the unity they share.

Pat Grabham.


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Comment by Pat Grabham on August 22, 2012 at 8:35am

Hi Julian

The words are beautiful.


Comment by Pat Grabham on August 21, 2012 at 5:27pm

Hi Julian,

Thank you for your picture and feedback.  (One can forget of course that in the beginning, but before the wheel of earth life began and rebirth took its course, we did not need initiation as it has been known in later times) - good!  Interesting words. All seeps in.


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