Death-Life Homeomorphism Immortality

Death as a gateway to 'another world' can be understood even if we think that there is no soul and 'everything is physical'! So the questions like whether consciousness is caused by the brain or something 'immaterial' has nothing to do with the question of whether or not there is life after death! The debate about the existance/nonexistance of 'the immaterial' as a way of underpinning or undermining life after death is pretty old fassioned, and is doomed to fade away.

To be specific, rather than positing someTHING 'unknown' such as 'soul' as a means of continuance of life, we can posit some 'unknown' BEHAVIOUR of the known things. Example of this 'behaviour' is what I may term it as 'death-life homeomorphism'.

A cup is homeomorphic to a torus in that you can mould a clay from a cup to a torus without 'cutting'. That is if how 'neighbouring' parts of the cup are connected is what matters, then changing a cup to a torus doesn't matter. But it looks like 'the cup is dead'!

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Comment by Rahma on May 24, 2020 at 2:20pm

Its so nice, the hologram Sky.:)

Death is nothing but a profound illusion.:) The body 'get lost', or 'get distorted'. But if you shine an hologram with laser, the image (akin to the body) is there. However, if you shine it with ordinary light, the image get distorted. Thats it! If we donnot think of the light that reveals the image to us, we think that it is the image that got distorted/'died'. However, it is the light that got 'distorted', but the image is intact. Same applies to the 'image' that is our true identity.:)

Comment by Rahma on May 10, 2020 at 11:15pm

Thats it! If a specific molecule in andromeda can communicate to a specific molecule on earth, then there is no reason to think that death is the end of consciousness even if the brain is the only source of consciousness! This is because even after death, every particle that formed your brain still exist. All that is necesary is for them to communicate the same way they used to communicate. But we know from quantum entanglement that particles that were once together can maintain a strange connection even if you take one up to andromeda!!

The question now remains how you can move, etc or 'leave in another world' with such a distorted body which, of course, is not moving around. The answer is that a 'real world' is nothing but a vast 'dream' with information inputed from without the brain. Or in other words, the mind constract an 'Hilbert Space' by coordinating the data it receives due to its molecules being able to communicate with every other molecule everywhere on universe!

Comment by Rahma on May 10, 2020 at 10:52pm

Now think of a computer whose motherboard is made of an extreemly flexible and extreemly elastic material, together with elastic conductors. You can streatch this motherboard upto the moon! So you can fold, twist, wind, crunch, pull etc or distort this computer beyond recognition but it will still work because all such twisting, munching, hammering, etc changes everything except how the components are interconnected. The latter is all that matters!

The above analogy is now closser to what I call 'death-life homeomorphism'. Death appears to us a kind of distortion of the body (the cells burst etc). We just assume that this distortion affects what it matters for a living thing to be conscious. However, there is a reason to beleive that it doesn't! The 'nearness', for instance, between molecules is not what matters. The 'communication' is what matters and 'nearness' is just one way of enhancing communication. 'being in tune' is another way.

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