Mind In Nature And Immanent God

Whenever we note a property in us, we understand it by thinking that nature has that property. Our bodies have electricity, temperature, movements, chemical reactions etc. So we think that electricity, temperature, movement, chemical reactions etc are properties of natural things. There is a property in our bodies, though, that our uninspired scientists have tried to exclude it from nature: the mind. Consequently, and with little suprise, we don't understand the mind. If we factor in the mind in nature, we arive at a remarkable picture of the universe: there is an immanent God.

When we observed that the stuffs that makes a living brain are the same ones that makes a non-living matter, our scientists (mis)taught us to only think of the events in the living brain from the light of the events in non-living matter. Thus the most basic events are (mis)understood as non-living. However, the right-side-up is to understand the non-living from the light of the living. Thus things, in a fundamental sense, have life.

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Comment by Rahma on May 5, 2020 at 4:55am

Well, thank you, Sky.

I remember Rupert Sheldrake complained that he was done with mainstream biology noting that life is denied rather than explained.

You see, we don't understand origin of life, the mind, the consciousness, evolution, growth, development, quantum mechanics, waves, motion, gravity etc. One reason is trying to force things into a clockwork of dead 'gogs', 'wheels' and 'gears'.

Of course if we think there is no mind in each and every wheel, we can't see how a mind can come about in a large collection of the same wheels. If rocks have no water in them, a building made by the same rocks cannot have water either. We have a mind, though. Ergo there is an hidden mind in every part of nature. Sometimes this mind can manifest and things surprisingly begine to seem to 'know', eg in quantum mech, we see particles 'knowing that they are being observed'!

Thus a right-side-up understanding of the universe is harmonious and spiritual.

Comment by Rahma on May 1, 2020 at 11:34am

The Brain
The matter that form a rock can, in principle form a brain! Therefore a rock is a brain in a different state! If the electricity inside your neurones is a 'thinking' as seen from within yourself, then the electricity out there must be a 'distorted' kind of 'thinking'!

From this, we can understand the strange things about electricity e.g how a supposedly brute electron can tell a proton from another electron. We can also get an hint as to how chemicals seemed to 'know' how to make DNA, proteins and living cells.

Comment by Rahma on May 1, 2020 at 11:17am

Now consider the moon orbiting the earth. That is an example of 'fundamental event'. But here we note a strange 'knowing': knowing where the earth is and how to orbit it. This 'knowingness' in the fundamental things is the same principle we inherit in nature and manifest itself to us as 'our mind'.

In mainstream science point of view, things fundamentally don't 'know'. So we neither understand why and how the brute moon etc seems to know nor howe comes we have a mind at all, when things that makes us all 'don't know'. The mainstream perspective of the universe is absurd and stupid!

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