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The Power Of Equanimity

By Ruth King

At this momentous time in our nation’s history, “equanimity” probably does not describe what most of us are striving for right now. On the contrary, many of us are striving for justice, for healing—some of us, for survival. Is the peace and balance of meditation taking us in the wrong direction?

Not in my understanding. In my experience, equanimity has great power—especially at times like these.

When I reflect on the power of equanimity, I think of…


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I want to express my gratitude to all of the members of the City of Shamballa. Thank you for the past 13 years of contributions. Eternal gratitude. You are all amazing and I love you all.

Love and Light, 


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Higher Bodies of Consciousness

From the website

There exists 3 levels of Consciousness (Buddhic, Atmic, Monadic) that bridge the Individual with the Collective Whole.

A description of them is at the link below. ~ Divine Love/Unity (The Baptism Initiation is the first experience of the Buddhic…


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"Trust in the many invisible arms that hold each one of you, that carry and comfort you, and know that not ever do you walk alone, for we are All One, and we are with you always, in all ways. And may all that your heart and soul desire and require to manifest a fulfilling life for you – one that is in perfect alignment with the higher plan of your soul and that of Mother Earth – manifest under grace, in perfect, harmonious and miraculous ways. And may this manifest through the abundant…


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God's Instrument (Video transcript)


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43 Qualities of Enlightenment

Four establishments/presences of mindfulness (cattāro satipaṭṭhānā)[…


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Buddha's Noble Eightfold Path

The eight Buddhist practices in the Noble Eightfold Path are:

  1. Right View: our actions have consequences, death is not the end, and our actions and beliefs have consequences after death. The Buddha followed and taught a successful path out of this world and the other world (heaven and underworld/hell). Later on, right view came to explicitly include karma and rebirth, and the importance of the Four Noble Truths, when "insight" became central to…

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Happy Equinox everyone!

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City of Shamballa One Year Plan

Wanted to keep you all informed about my plans.

First of all, I love all of you and love the content here. I love the continued posting by Steven, the continued postings of attunements, and other content being added. I love seeing the love behind all of the content here.

Right now, I'm waiting on another 10 year renewal of the City of Shamballa trademark, this keeps the website going online without issues. In order to do that I have to show proof of the…


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Invitation to post events etc.

We are all a Wonderful Community full of many talents. Let us expand for the Service and Love of the Whole. I would like to extend an open invitation for any member of the Community to post events (attunements or otherwise), forum discussions, blog posts, videos, and photos as a way of lifting each other up. Feel free to contribute anything that your Heart desires. Feel free to bring others to this website. Let it be a resource for our evolution. We are all in this Life together, so let us…


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Who AM I?

I AM Life being lived, I go with the flow, I stay in the moment and filter my thoughts and feelings through my heart as I commit to loving action in service to others, I AM worthy, I give and receive love as the moment presents itself, I AM gratitude for all blessings, I accept all challenges as opportunities to grow, I send impersonal love to all beings recognizing all deserve love, I AM love in alignment with free will, I detach from outcomes and know God's Will is done. I AM an instrument…


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Be universal Love. You are the river. You flow. Free will exists here and will always exist here as this is the nature of this density. Not everyone is ready to accept your love. These are the barriers, the rocks. The water simply flows where it is accepted. The love flows where it is accepted. The water flows around the rocks, the barriers people create. But what happens when rocks are near the river? They are carved slowly by the water. So just keep flowing your love. Being near your…


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Prayer of Saint Francis

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace:

where there is hatred, let me sow love;

where there is injury, pardon;

where there is doubt, faith;

where there is despair, hope;

where there is darkness, light;

where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek

to be consoled as to console,

to be understood as to understand,

to be loved as to love.

For it is in giving that we receive,

it is in pardoning that…


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Has Earth Moved Into the 4th/5th Dimension? by Alan Lew

FOR the past decade, at least, New Age spiritualists and channeled beings have talked about how Earth is transitioning or “ascending” from the 3rd Dimension to the 4th or 5th Dimension. Some said we are already there, but for most it was as if each year was “the year” that this ascension would…


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Prayers and Healing

Please join me in Prayers and Reiki Healing and Light for the people of Ukraine. It is a tragedy what is happening in Ukraine. Lightworkers unite and send healing Love and Light for world healing!



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Happy New Year

Wishing each of you health, happiness, and abundance in this New Year of 2022. May the Divine bless you always.



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12 years

12 years ago on 09.09.2009, I connected with my monad/soul and brought the City of Shamballa to the world. It wouldn't be possible without the help of AMBA and many others. So please thank them. Happy Anniversary everyone!



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Excerpt of conversation with 5D being Ra and the beings Q'uo from Light/Lines newsletter

(Jim Channeling)


Q’uo: I am Q'uo, and we greet you in love and in light. We are pleased to be called to your circle again today. We were amused that this instrument was waiting for us to speak through another instrument as this instrument was somewhat perplexed itself. We appreciate the service to others aspects of waiting for another to speak. However, in this instance, it would be more helpful if this instrument had more…


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Link to the City of Shamballa

Dear City of Shamballa members,

I found this page

Don't forget to link to The City of Shamballa if you like this site.


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Heal the world

There is Coronavirus, worries about the economy and jobs, worries about food shortages, protests about police brutality, and natural disasters over the summer. There will be a US Presidential election in the fall. Don't forget we were placed on this Earth to make the change we want to see in the world. 

CALLING ALL LIGHT WORKERS... IT'S UP TO US. We need to be the answer to all this darkness. SHINE BEACONS.

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