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70th AD 'End Of The World'

Following the notorious COVID19 and the several 'weird' things happening around the world these days, it is not too uncommon to once again hear Christians come across with their usual 'Jesus is just around the corner' message. You will be forgiven if you think that the bible has a coherent teaching about how the world will end. In the famous olivet surmon such as the one recorded in Matthew 24, we see Jesus makes it clear that the temple will one day be destroyed. Then the writer takes it as… Continue

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Genome Project And Neo-Darwinism

The famous scientist, Bruce Lipton noted problem in the idea that all cellular activities are controlled by DNA. However, he doesn't seem to realize that such an idea is crucial to neo-Darwinism. Same thing applies to all those who note that the famous human genome sequencing project was advertised using what is now seen as a wrong idea that most if not all diseases are caused by mulfunctioning of genes.

How can it be said that genes has anything to do with diseases? Disease can be… Continue

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weakly Interacting Chi

It is said that chi flows through the body organs such as lungs etc. Then the chi can physically affect the body organs. But the body moves from place to place. So chi must follow the body from place to place. This suggest that we should consider body-chi interaction akin to the electromagnetic interaction. Well we could 'answer' these questions the usual way the careless 'gurus' do: 'it is beyond understanding'. But why should we do that without making any attempt to understand? Furthermore it… Continue

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Top Down Causality In Chi Dynamics

If you search the word 'reiki' online, you will soon or latter find the word 'placebo'. 'Placebo'is a reluctant and temporary acknowledgement that 'sometimes mind can affect the physical world'. The ability of the mind to affect matter is an example of 'top-down causality'. The 'bottom-up' causality is, for example, when chemical reactions, as in dopamine affect the mind. But simple reasoning using 'action and reaction forces' should show you that there isn't anything in the world that is acted… Continue

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Quantum Miracles States

In physics most changes are understood as motion. So the concept 'state' reduces to the concept of 'spatial configuration'. The miraculous state will then be just a certain extraordinary configuration. This is not to say that all changes are understood this way in physics. 'change in magnetic field',for instance, may be accompanied by happenings that are not motion, hence the state of magnetic field is not entirely 'spatial configuration'. Whatever 'change' might be, though, we can describe a… Continue

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In The Language Of Hilbert Spaces

It is not hard to accept that one can form a spiritual idea that generalizes the concept of existence.Normally we understand existence as 'spatio-temporal precence'. Hilbert space can be said to be a 'non-spatial coordination'. So the concept 'precence' is generalized to the concept 'coordinated'. 'Spatial precence' is what we usually call it simply 'precence'. Then we normally equate 'this 'precence' with 'existence'.

'Space' can be defined in general sense as 'set of… Continue

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Top-Down Causality To Shift To Different Frequency Levels

One of the most knee-jerk dogmas in mainstream science is the so called 'bottom-up' causality. It is 'knee jerking' because whenever it fit the 'materialist', the riverse causality is casualy suggested. In a nutshell, given a complex system such as an ocean, the behavious of atoms in isolation don't help us to fully understand the ocean for the atom's behavious in the ocean can be thought of as their fundamental behaviour in the ocean, that has little to do with their behaviour in isolation.…


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Analogy OF Quantum Spin

A spining thing can be thought of as vibrating. In the case of quantum spin, the Larmor frequency and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance exemplifies this. In spirituality, vibration is used to, amongst othings, illustrate 'multi-dimensional' reality. There are two issues pertaining to spiritual.

1.) There is the epistemic part of spirituality whereby we are often forced to use analogies to depict a possibly 'unfathomable' scenario.

2.)We know from our experience that anything vibrating…


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Vacuum Polarization=Light Body

Space is not empty. It is composed of several mediums. These mediums are 'matter-antimatter potentials' that can undergo polarizations. They especialy do so in the vicinity of charged particles. This creats literal auras around charged particles. Carefull thinking of the structure of such auras in the living bodies will show you that they form a living bodies on their own! As a carrier of consciousness in the photonic (positron-electron potential) plenum, yes, it is a light…


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Soul Substance

Unfortunately, over time, people redefined 'soul' oblivious to the fact that it thus overemphasized on actualy what it doesn't count: 'the sabstance'. What counts: 'immortality' eventualy went under the bed! So I warm the floor by re stating the truely meaningfull and original definition of 'soul'.

SOUL: The immortal part of us.

The other common definition? Not very smart! It emphasise on ill-defined, mis-defined or downright undefianable concepts: immaterial, incorporeal,…


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Interdimensional Circuit

In my proper, elaborate theory of planes of reality, the frequencies pertain to particle interaction. Specifically, particles of a given band width interact only with other particles of that band width, and never of other band widths. There is the question then as to why particles don't simply alter their band widths and begine to belong to another plane of reality. For this, we can suggest a way of doing it in such a way that 'inter dimensional circuit' must be completed…


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Multidimensional Reality Inside 3D

We don't have to think that the world is literaly more than 3 dimensional to understand spiritual planes of reality and physics. A '2D' hologram has information about a '3D' world. I say the 3 dimensions exists inside the 2 dimensions! Same apply to 'Multidimensional Reality' in our 3D 'space'.

But we still can understand this more than mere analogicaly! Every atom forming the objects of our world can revolve around a tiny, microscopic circle as it moves. Points along the…


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Immortality In Quantum Entangled, Holographic Universe

If you look at an hologram, especially the transmission type, there is no image there to see. The image is 'dead'. Still if you shine the usual, decoherent light, through the hologram, it doesn't reconstruct any image at the other end. The image is there relative to the coherence of the light. Same applies to the 'immortal body' in the holographic universe. The meaningless image in the hologram is 'homeomorphic' to the meaningfull image it project.

Quantum Entanglement allows us to…


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Death-Life Homeomorphism Immortality

Death as a gateway to 'another world' can be understood even if we think that there is no soul and 'everything is physical'! So the questions like whether consciousness is caused by the brain or something 'immaterial' has nothing to do with the question of whether or not there is life after death! The debate about the existance/nonexistance of 'the immaterial' as a way of underpinning or undermining life after death is pretty old fassioned, and is doomed to fade away.

To be specific,…


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Mind In Nature And Immanent God

Whenever we note a property in us, we understand it by thinking that nature has that property. Our bodies have electricity, temperature, movements, chemical reactions etc. So we think that electricity, temperature, movement, chemical reactions etc are properties of natural things. There is a property in our bodies, though, that our uninspired scientists have tried to exclude it from nature: the mind. Consequently, and with little suprise, we don't understand the mind. If we factor in the…


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Quantum Mind

The classic world emerges from quantum world through quantum decoherence. A classic object, eg a billiard ball, when not observed, cannot seem to be all over the place all at once even if in isolation, its constituent particals can. This is because in interaction, the waves (of probabilities of finding the particals), cancels everywhere exept at the place where the billiard ball is found. What then does it take for quantum effects to manifest in the brain?

It is important to…


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Fundamental Consciousness

There is a misguided analogy that creats an illusion of understanding that stands on the way to the true understanding of consciousness. It is called 'Emergent Property'. There is a good reason why consciousness rather is a Fundamental property.

There are 2 types of 'emergence'. One is 'weak emergence' and the other is 'strong emergence'. As we will see, non of those can explain consciousness.

If we think of neurones as to cause consciousness, we should immediatly notice an…


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Bose Einstein Condensate Of Qi

A lot of people note similarities between quantum mechanics and eastern ideas. Incoherence, though, prevent macroscopic realization of quantum effects. If we are to relate 'wierd' qi effect to the 'wierd' quantum effects, we must find a way in which qi is quantum coherent.

Bose Einstein Condensate is a quantum coherent macroscopic substance. It is thus a realization of 'quantum wierdness' in the macroscopic world. A coherent state is composed of waves of the same frequency/wavelength…


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The World Is Not Yet Governed By Values

In the world governments concern for selfish national interests, dominion, control and power overides concern for life, human rights, liberty, equality, prosperity for all etc. The world is still stagering in dark ages.

Hypocricy is the norm of our world. A fat country like US can, at the same time, claim to be fighting terorists while also backing up terorists when they terorize other countries it doesn't want. It can claim to stand for human rights, freedom of religion, democracy,…


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Bebunking Blind Evolution

Natural phenomena don't happen randomly. They are directed. If you release a stone, it will move downwards and not at any other direction. This is an example of 'direction' in what I may term it as 'space of geometry'. But I can generalize to what I may term it as 'Hilbert Space'. The space of geometry is a set of locations. The 'Hilbert space' relevant to evolution of life is the set of states that a living thing can be found in. The 'movement' in this latter space cannot be any more random…


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