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Arcanum Numerology - Numbers of the Bible / Historical texts

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1. Respect the sanctity of a loving union. Treat your partner as your equal regardless of their gender, age, breeding; or any other factors. Give them complete honesty, trust, support, and most importantly your heart in love. If you submit to your desires for another to commit adultery, or you are unable to…

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True love

Never allow yourself to fall in love with the idea of being in love,

So many good hearts in this world convince themselves that their partner is perfect for them, not because they are; but because they want them so badly to be.

They act against who they are; what they want and give up so much forsaking their own happiness, so they can maintain a perception that what they have is perfect.

If you base…


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Virtue of the journey - Wisdom gained by a baptism in fire (Parable of respect)

Many of those I speak to seem to be more in love with the idea of being awake, than they are actually interested in doing it.

Many more think they are awake, but you need only look in their eyes to see they are fast asleep behind the wheel.

I have found that simply giving the people the keys to their awakening is generally not enough. And sometimes it can be dangerous for them, much like giving a learner driver the keys to a Ferrari.…

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A fable of the 'Value of heart'

In long forgotten days of old, there was a city of renown above all others.

A city made of gold, in days of stone and wood; of which no other could conquer.

This was a city of peace radiating of grandest beauty,

where love and happiness were rule of life.


Its strength was that of Dragons, mighty, wise and old.

From the grace of the wild beasts who loved them, came…


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"We are" - Teaching for 7th Dimensional Initiates.

I speak to you all today; as one people of this planet.

I do not speak to you as Christians. I do not speak to you as Islamist.

I do not speak to you as first world people, or third world people.

I speak to you as one people. My people. People of this world.

For we are not so separate as is commonly believed. We are one.

There are those who believe Jesus is the spiritual answer, some who say Muhammad.

Those who see…


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GOOD AND EVIL - The necessary internal balance of light and dark.

Darkness will always be darkness,

There is only one evil, though its forms are many.


Light is also always the same light,

Just as the same sun shines upon us all.

It is the same goodness and virtue within light,

Which is…


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