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A word from God to your Self , your current consciousness

My dear family I like to share with you a some small talk with God from his heart through mine to yours

My dear Children my dear loved one ,

here I talking to your through Tetatron (Mhamed as you like) I will talk with you about ascension or descending

it's really fun process to let me come to your world first through your heart and through your mind and body , I have come to you to tell you I am closer to you more then your mothers when you are in her womb , i have…


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Speaking with Your Soul

hello my family I like to share with you my way of talking with soul this what I have use to talk with my soul I hope you get the benefit of it

close your eyes  and see your self in the room of the I AM where yourself your soul exist

take your time in this your soul for while sit jump fly do what you like for while and when you feel the time is right

start imagine your soul like a white pure light being radiate with loving white pure light every corner of your being lf…


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My way to Highest self-reailzation : Unified Field Activation

Greeting my Beloved Family

i have open this blog to talk about the unified Field Activation & Absolute Yamtraitron Curing attunements and the Manuals itself if you have ideal's related or not Feel free to share



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Meditation to Bring Heaven on Earth

Greeting My brother's and sister's 

Thank you so much for your willingness to help us in bring Heaven on Earth and the willingness to heal our mother Earth lady Gaia and our self

i have create simple metation to Help us in bring the heaven on earth  

Now to the Meditation :

First I want you to take 3 deep breaths and in every exhale I want you empty yourself from all the Negative energies

Ask from…


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Yamtraitron Healing

First I'd like to thank you so much for your willingness to read this manual to help us to bring heaven on earth and to heal and help our brother's , sister's and ourselves in our  journey

NOW as all of you know the energy of  the godhead is the most and the highest energy that exist in God infinite universe  , and I have share with you God highest and greatest name which is " Yamtraitron"; which mean's " the one without second

This God name  that if you say it like mantra and…


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The Returning To the Godhead

greeting my Beloved one's

today i have come to you to give you the god Greatest and highest name

which is : Yamtraitron

when you say the Mantra : I AM Yamtriatron ,  you will feel  Your true I AM which is Yamtraitron/God

so my friend's give this mantra a try and Meditate on it

before you start the Meditating say this first

I Am the Yamtraitron

I Am the light divine

I Am love

I Am will

I Am fixed design

so you could…


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Your Personal Wisdom

greeting my beloved one's

today i have come to you with humble small request i asking that you share with me your own personal wisdom that your heart tell's you

with my deepest love light and bless of Yamtraitron

Mhamed / Tetatron

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A New Ascension seat

My dear brother's and sister's

today i have come to you to tell about a new ascension seat i that i have found

the ascension seat is locate it in Saudi-Arabian , mecca , Allah Home (or the honored alkaba )

it very powerful one just say to yourself i call myself forth to ascension seat in alkaba

i hope that this information be useful for you

my deepest love light and bless of…


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Allah reiki

greeting my brother's and sister's

today i want to give the attunemet to Allah Reiki energy so you could use it to serve humanity and earth

all what you need to do is say the fellowing :

I now ready to recieve Allah reiki (level ) Prepared for me by Mhamed Bushnaq for my highest and greatest good

then drink a glass of water let the energy flow

for the healing just call on allah reiki silence or out loud and the energy will start to flow  

i hope that you like this…


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Eazy way to kill your egoself & surrender yourself to the spirit

Greeting my brother's and sister's of light

my beloved one's i have found a eazy way to silence your ego self and surrender to Your spirit/I Am Presence it goes this way:

I want you to imagine a Door in front of you and there is sign on the door say's egoself i want you to open that door and feel the energies , thought's , feel that coming form you egoself

now i want you to say to your egoself the fellow with powerful voice :

with the name of our lord… Continue

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integrate Yourself with 98% of God

Greeting my brother's and sister's of light

As all of you know that God have infinite aspect and any of God's name connect you with that aspect

if you meditate enough on any of his name's you will be come one with that aspect of god

i have share eair with you tne mantra "I Am Allah" which i have found the word " Allah " very powerful one which is connect you with 65% of God's aspect

Now instend of it use " I Am Divine Allah Head " if you meditate on this mantra it will… Continue

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How to Unite with God

My brother's & my sister's of the light greeting

i have come to you in this gloryful bliss day to give you mantra that will change you life as have change mine for good

i have given this mantra by the God himself to help  you my brothers and my sisters with your ascension Journey

Now to the mantra : I AM Yamtron

the explantion the Word Yamtron is one of the Most powerful god's name's that Existence

after i have been given this Mantra my beloved Asceded…


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Simple Prayer for Purification and Protection

greeting my brother's and sister's of light

today i have come to you to share some simple prayer for the protection and purification the whole of your being have give to me by the creator himself

so my beloved one's joined your hand togther front of your heart chakra and say the following :

I ask for ful purification and protection of my being in the God's Light of perfection and purification for my entire energy matrix , 4 body system and 3 mind system

repeat it…


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Allah Meditation

greeting my brothers and sisters of shamballa i have came to You in this very blissed day to give you very powerful mantra i have given by the creator our God himself

the mantra is : I AM Allah , I AM That I AM

this powerful mantra it will give you

1. very clear  connection to you with  god himself so you could talk to him directly

2. rise your vibration to dimension of god's infinite universe

3. integration of your consciousness with god's infinite …


Added by Mhamed Bushnaq on September 23, 2012 at 12:16pm — 4 Comments

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