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Once you realized you are in prison, then and only then you can design your escape. DAN MILLMAN

This post is about our emotions and thoughts enslaving our lives to the point that they cloud the light of Our Divine Nature ...

It is about Self-observation and Being in the Moment,

freeing the energy that…


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Lots of mp3download for the violet flame at:



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by Meg Blackburn Losey, PH.D


a book that offers a witnessing of the author's sensational experience into multi-dimensionality,

describing her work with the Masters, initiations and healing chambers in the old Atlantis.




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From ASSISI: A call to pray for Egypt

THANKS TO ARI for posting this at:

~ ~ ~

Dear …


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the Mood of Devotion


If we wish to become esoteric students, we must train

ourselves vigorously in the mood of devotion. We must…


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UFO & Abductions

History Channel has featured an interesting program about alien abductees:

A famous hypnotherapist (Barbara Lamb) has regressed about 400 people who claim

having been subjected to medical experiments during their abduction, including

being implanted with devices.

Surgeon podiatrist Dr. Roger Leir has extracted a device made of metal implanted in Tim Cullen

(back in 1978): although there was no original entry scar, a 6 mm metallic object was found…


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Microwaved Water & DNA

A point not to ignored. Read the article, look at the pictures, then make up your own mind.…


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We are One: Gregg Braden on Science of consciousness - by Marlene Marion

a post from Marlene Marion:

also check:

with a lot of information on the heart/emotional physiology/heart-brain interaction/intuition/emotional…


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Moving forward to the Past

an interesting post

by Michael Beloved :

The article which is at the Web address below might be providing evidence that it is possible to move forward in time and also go forward to the past.

Science has long said that the time arrow only moves in one…


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