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Sound Healing: World Sound Healing Day

Join thousands throughout the planet for the 14th Annual WORLD SOUND HEALING DAY on Friday, February 14, 2015. At 12 noon (local time in your time zone), sound forth for 5 minutes with the "AH", created and projected with the energy of compassion and love, sending a sonic valentine to Gaia, our Mother Earth.

At that time, please go to…


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Mother Mary Ascended Rosary for us!

2015 Was Birthed In A Star Burst of Light

by Patricia Cota-Robles…


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Here's the Link to the Kryon Monthly Bulletin:


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Kryon Channelings

As you are aware, I routinely post Kryon's messages as soon as they are published from Lee Carroll's website: www.

Kryon, calling Himself the "Magnetic Master," is a Spiritual Entity from the "soup of God," as He refers to Himself. He began giving us messages through Lee Carroll's channelings 25 years ago, after it was apparent that we as Humanity had chosen not to anihilate our race. I am also including the link below, which gives you the opportunity to sign up for Kryon's…


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Words & translation for Gayatri Mantra....Namaste.

Om bhur bhuvaha svaha
Tat savitur varenyam
Bhargo devasya dhimahi
Dhiyo yonah prachodayat

Praise to the source of
all things.
It is due to you that we attain
true happiness on the planes
of earth, astral, causal.
It is due to your transcendent
nature that you are worthy of
being worshipped and adored.
Ignite us with your all
pervading light.

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Mantras & Their Special Meanings...

I have just posted the Gyatra Mantra vidoe, by Deval Premal & Miten. This Chant, sung by Deva Premal, is the oldest religious chant still known to mankind. It comes from Ancient India. It is over 9000 years old. The chant is a supplication for mercy and enlightenment from Gayatri, the first and great creator goddess, worshiped by the Rishi order, who considered themselves servants and students of She Who is Essence and Origin of Being. It was considered healing & protective and was…


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International World Peace Day

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Sacred Sites of Gaia

Greetings, Everyone!

Have you found the website for Sacred Sites on Earth? If not, you must visit it:

Find sacred sites near you, that you've visited, or might discover to add to your travel plans. They are special, holding mystical energy in vortexes or vorteces, that one can feel or intuit when there. Just amazing how many there are.



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A Time of Vigilance and the Gift from the Comet ISON

According to Patricia Cota-Robles, 2014 brings us a New Earth and Ascension of Humanity. Click on the following link to read her latest report on where Gaia & Humanity are heading this year:

Namaste. BJ…


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Comet ISON and Christ Consciousness

I am seeing subtle changes in the behavior of others, and an increasing awareness of how their behavior affects others. Patricia Cota-Robles believes we are now in "the Cosmic Moment.....and every man, woman, and child on Earth is being bathed in the most intensified 5th-Dimensional Solar frequencies of Divine Love that we are capable of withstanding without being vaporized." I do see changes in how people react and interact around me, and there seems to be an increased awareness of how we…


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A Time of Vigilance and the Gift from the Comet ISON

Patricia Cota-Robles ( writes "this is a time of vigilance for awakening Humanity and the millions of Lightworkers who have worked so tenaciously to cocreate the Cosmic Moment we are now in the midst of.....a vigilance based in the inner peace and the elation of knowing that we have God Victoriously made it through the most fragile and complex, yet the most monumental, shift of consciousness ever attempted in any system of…


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