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Cold Sores: it is commonly called “fire”, or sore fever. It is a condition caused by a virus. Vesicles on the lips accompanied by pain that cause tension, pulling, tingling or burning are formed.

It is the physical manifestation of an inner contradiction. You want something that attracts us but at the same time, we are afraid of it.

This “fire” on the lips can be caused by a harsh judgment against someone of the opposite sex that has not been expressed, at the…


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WARTS, emotional and spiritual meaning:

A wart is a hard bump (benign tumour) in the skin caused by a virus. They are of variable shape and size, often painless unless pressed, and are, more often, in the hands or in the feet.

Warts mainly affect to self-critical people and, therefore, very sensitive to reproaches and to any type of aggression; and people who believe themselves ugly and unworthy of love.

What biological utility has a wart? What is its role?

It is a small shield. For what…? To protect…


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EYES disorders, emotional and spiritual meaning:

They are the organs of vision. The mirror of the soul. They do not only collect impressions from the outside but also express any emotion and feeling that is experienced from the inside. Through the eyes, we recognize immediately emotions like anger, fear, or love. The eyes represent the ability that one has to approach life and see others. All eye diseases tell us of our inability to see life objectively, they highlight our view and our way of seeing things and situations as they really…


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LYMPH NODES, emotional and spiritual meaning:

They are small bumps that are distributed throughout the lymphatic system. Involved in defending the body against infection. Symbolically, they can be considered as the "body police".

The lymphadenopathy (swelling of a lymph node) appears after a violent emotional reaction we have retained. We have been attacked and have the feeling of not knowing or not being able to defend ourselves. It is an accumulation of disappointments caused by a person or a situation.

"I feel attacked,…


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Anything Can Be Healed!

When an individual who has been out of balance has made the decision to return to balance, they must make it a high priority project. Nothing else must be more important. Particularly in the case of a catastrophic illness, the return to health necessarily becomes more important than family, friends, or job. When there has been the recognition of a path to health, nothing must interfere with that path. The development and maintenance of a positive mental attitude is imperative.

Each of…


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Is the Ego Your Friend or Foe?

It’s common to hear people on a spiritual path saying that you need to destroy or erase the ego. However, while you have a physical body, it’s necessary to have an ego just as much as you have a mind and intellect. Rather than focusing on eliminating the ego, your aim should be to balance it so it acts in harmony with all your other layers of life.

In terms of evolution, the non-local Absolute manifests the Jiva or individual soul. The individual soul brings…


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COUGHING, Emotional and metaphysical meaning

Sudden movement of expulsion of air from the lungs due to discomfort of the throat. The definition refers to that cough without an apparent reason that occurs at certain times of day to day or chronically (several or many times every day).

Coughing symbolizes the expression of emotions or thoughts that have been repressed.

Conflict of territory.

Separation conflict of oneself by enemies who want to own my territory or to own me.

Conflict reject something or…


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SCIATICA, emotional and spiritual meaning:

Pain that occurs in the course of the sciatic nerve (from the sacrum to below the knee through the back of the leg). It is due to mechanical pressure or nerve inflammation.

Conflict of impotence and devaluation of the direction.

Anxiety related to a displacement or movement that hinders or forces us.

Conflict over having to bow before a person or situation.

Fear of the future and lack of material goods, insecurity before everything yet to…


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Why does my body gets sick?

I’m sure that you’ve heard about the human body being a perfect self regulating machine.  For example, our bodies take care of keeping the glucose levels in our blood in optimum condition. When glucose levels get high, the body creates insulin that transforms the sugar in the blood into energy, and when it gets too low, the body will let us know by creating dizziness or a feeling of sickness so that we can eat something. All of this is the result of the body’s self regulation…


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I Am Your Symptom

¡Hola! Tengo muchos nombres: para el dolor de rodilla, dolor de estómago, reumatismo, asma, flujo nasal, gripe, dolor de espalda, ciática, cáncer, depresión, migraña, tos, dolor de garganta, insuficiencia renal, diabetes, hemorroides. La lista sigue y sigue.…


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