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Star Sirius

Published on Mar 24, 2012 by TerreDeLumiere96

Sirius is a star whose ancient civilization, highly developed, has by far exceeded our own growth. The intelligence of Sirians being much higher level spiritual, mental and emotional. They had the task of helping mankind to "the great leap forward" to access the new spiritual age.

The energy that is transmitted during the…


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Your Totem: Tips on Knowing Your Totem Animals


This page on your totem animal tips is in response to a question from someone newly exploring the realm of animal energy. Specifically, she wanted to know more about how to more clearly identify and communicate with her animal counterparts. The following is part of my response:… Continue

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Finding your Power Animals

Power animals most often come to us in dreams, meditations, initiations, and visions. You can have more than one power animal. Your power animal at a given time can change depending on your lifepath at that time. Power animals are often attracted…

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Identify Animal Totems Invoke and Observe

Another method of…

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Hummingbird Animal Totem

alt="Hummingbird animal totem" />

t is not commonly known that the fluttering wings of the hummingbird move in the pattern of an infinity symbol - further solidifying their symbolism of eternity, continuity, and infinity.

By observing the Hummingbird, we see they are seemingly tireless. Always actively seeking the sweetest nectar, they remind us to forever seek out the good…


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Silver Birch - When Nothing Happens

or those who worry that nothing is happening yet or that they're not experiencing much whilst developing their latent gifts.

Silver Birch explains:-

"No time that is spent in the desire for spiritual attainment is ever wasted. You wait very patiently, I know, but I want you to realize that great progress continues all the time. The bonds of unity between us are being strengthened and there is a quickening in the perceptions of your own soul powers. Growth, unfoldment and… Continue

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