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The Calling of Light

"Higher numbers of earth souls are needed to carry out special missions related to mass fear control, uplifting communications, technological interface, information transference and the directing of certain light and sound ray frequency. Light workers and associated groups who desire to serve as liaison to the Federation and who are able to maintain telepathic contact will be given further information and assignment. Please make your intentions to service known." - The Galactic Federation of… Continue

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What is my mission besides being aware of and holding the Light?

As we each awaken, it is our responsibility to assist in awakening others in the manner that our Soul directs. In this way, the planetary ascension can proceed. We are all One, and every time we help another we help ourselves. Paradoxically, every time we help ourselves, we help others.

When enough of our Earth’s population opens their crown chakra and activates their Third Eye, Earth’s collective consciousness will reach the fifth dimension. We then will become a Galactic… Continue

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Your purpose as a Lightworker

Listen, Lightworker, all your life you've been expecting what is next. You are waiting to find out where you are going, and what you are supposed to do. Let me tell you this: Blessed is the Human Being who is aware, for the awareness of consciousness itself is what you're doing for the planet. That is the task at hand. Stay aware. Keep the light going. Walk from place to place in families, and in work. Keep the awareness. That is the decision point because the awareness changes the… Continue

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Occult Cosmology


I am a teacher, sometimes known as the Tibetan, who is attempting to convey to a group within humanity a body of teachings which will help them take the next evolutionary step forward.

This third phase of these esoteric teachings which I have responsibility for disseminating to the Western mind is necessary if they are to achieve their overall purpose, and it is with this purpose that I am primarily concerned. Let me state it plainly. The purpose of these… Continue

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Cosmic Rays Self-Attunement

This is a powerful attunement I have just discovered after integrating information from Joshua David Stone's Beyond Ascension and Cosmic Acension books. The Rays really help you increase your vibration and the amount of light you hold.

Start at the top of the list and then work down the list as far as you can go. Each is an increase in vibration. Simply visualize the color and you being bathed in the light. Take at least 5 minutes with each ray. You are welcome to take longer. When… Continue

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My Personal Ascension experiences


I wanted to share with you some spiritual experiences I've been having. I contemplated sharing this, but I decided it would be a spiritual service to share with you since I feel many of you are on the ascension path.

Some interesting things have been happening to me since the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. I'll discuss with you about what happened during my initiations since you all will at some point experience similar things, since God has decreed to me that… Continue

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The Soul's path and Self-Realization

The Soul is that part of you in eternal bliss. To rejoin the Soul in entirety we must find that eternal bliss within. This comes through Self-Realization.

Self-Realization is a big word that means many things. It is following your heart and intuition in all situations. It is being thankful for all blessings. It is being thankful for each challenge in life, as it is another opportunity to grow. It is satisfaction with the smallest blessings in life, as all are blessings to you and you… Continue

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The Seventh Initiation, a day by day chronology (my experiences)

The Seventh Initiation, a day by day chronology

8/8/09 The Infinity Gate

6:30 AM Began the seventh initiation, felt my hands and feet anchor with energy just like when then 5th and 6th initiations happened. Felt some light anchoring in my root, sacral/navel chakra, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown. Walked through the golden doors of Shamballa again in my minds eye. Then I walked past the place where my sixth initiation took place, then flew over Shamballa.… Continue

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The Laws of Karma

“ The Laws of Karma” from Soul Psychology By Dr. Joshua David Stone

The Laws of Karma

"For verily I say unto you, till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, 'till all be fulfilled."


"And it is easier for heaven and earth to pass, than one tittle of the law to fail."


The basic law of karma states that as you sow, you reap, what you put out comes back… Continue

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About Life and all those numbers

Something I've begun to realize-

Life is a movie. We go through various scenes without knowing the conclusion of the movie. This is the veil. We are the actors and actresses. God is the Director. We are tested along the way during these scenes or situations. God has a vision for us- the Christ. God wants us to be the Christ in all situations in our lives. We are tested in how we react to the situations. If we are not reacting to the situations within the Christ vision, then we see… Continue

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The 7 Planetary Initiations- The Path to Ascension


I wanted to share this great information with you.

Courtesy of



Initiations are path how you get closer to God, how you grow your person

and how to rise consciusness permanetly. They are spiritual path to God

from planetary system to highest level, Paradise. When you pass the sixth… Continue

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Daily Invocation of the Angels


I've been reading this almost every day, one can feel the energy of the angels, and it grounds you in love vibration when you feel off-center. Just wanted to share this with you all.



I now invoke the mighty Archangel Michael to stand at my right hand side. I ask him to pour courage and strength into me and bring about positive results to my endeavours. I now request that he cut all my negative cords and… Continue

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Contacting the After-life and Other Realms

By Chris Comish

This article explains, based upon the author's experience, techniques used successfully to contact the other side.

Not everyone needs to channel the after-life or other realms. Most seek closing or information. Only your heart knows what to do.

ADVICE- only ask to contact a specific person or being that is for your highest and greatest good. Ask that Archangel Michael and your guardian angels or spirit guides to protect you from all harm and ill… Continue

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