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How to know if there’s a symbol of a ghost /spirit on your family tree?

Today I will explain to you how to recognize the syndrome of a ghost in the family tree.

Ghost  or Spirit

It could also be called “replacement child”. For example, a child is born, his name is Antonio and he dies. After his passing, another child is born and the parents also call him Antonio. Antonio lives on Antonio’s mind. Furthermore, is very probably that the second child will never feel loved and recognized by his family and, even though he could receive tons of attention,…


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Based on GNM's “Ontogenetic System of Tumors”, the widely propagated theory of metastasis that suggests that cancer cells travel through the blood or lymph vessels and cause cancers at new sites is, in Dr. Hamer's words, “pure academic fiction”. Cells in general and cancer cells in particular can under no circumstances change their histological structure or cross the germ layer threshold. For example, a lung tumor cell, which is of endodermal origin, controlled from the brain stem (“old…


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VEINS, emotional and spiritual meaning:

Blood (family, clan) passes through the veins on its way back; once shared our love, it returns to the heart (house) with the love it has received from our environment.

Venous problems indicate that we find it difficult to accept or receive life, love and joy and allow a space within.

It can also mean that we are experiencing a devaluation conflict related to not being able to accept, manage, face, any family situation. "I am not able to carry this cross" "I have to clean the…


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Problem With 'pseudoscience' Label

A good definition of 'science' is simply knowledge obtained via observation. Then 'pseudoscience' is the 'knowledge' that is claimed to be science but which actualy is not. The problem is that what constitute 'enough evidence' is actually subjective. To some pple, the school teaching and the satelite photograph of earth is not enough evidence that the earth is round. So to them, 'round earth theory' is pseudoscience!

A good attitude of a scientist or any other 'truth seeker' should…


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PANCREAS, emotional and spiritual meaning:

Pancreatic enzymes are the most powerful of all. If enzymes are missing, food sits in the stomach or intestine and is expelled again undigested, so the body does not get the necessary energy from food.

When you have any symptoms related to the pancreas, you have lived or are living a situation where someone has dishonored you.

We can find two conflicts: ignominy + resistance.

"I have made (or have) a disgrace, something detestable".

"I have lived something…


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Apologies To The Would Be Members of The Hall of Great Lights

Blessings everyone! I want to take a moment out to apologize to all of the individuals who have been so patient with me. I know that a few of you have been trying to join my group, however, you are not able to find the button to join. Just as I am unable to find the button to accept you.

I had planned to post a wealth of information there for you as well as some of my own channeled modalities for you. I have been able to make my first one available to you however, I am not sure that…


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Send Healing To Yourself

So often, we are busy sending love and healing to others, that we forget to send healing to ourselves


Most people, when given an opportunity to aid someone in need, are eager to do whatever they can to be of service. Those of us who have chosen to make healing the world a vocation are grateful for any occasion to send light and love to people in our immediate spheres of influence and beyond. As we apply our passion and our principles to this altruistic endeavor, we…


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Ask And It Is Given

Greetings Light Family!

I want to share the book, "Ask And It Is Given" Easter and Jerry Hicks, along with a review of it that I uploaded in the video section. The video is by China Brooks. She is well versed in the Laws of Manifestation and is indeed a Master Manifestor. I hope that this book serves your highest good! 

Blessings and Namaste!

I invite you all to join my group: The Hall of Great Lights. There you will also be able to get my new channeled Empowerment, "…


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