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At present there are one thousand and one therapies. From the oldest, such as Ayurveda or Acupuncture, to newer as allopathic medicine (drugs, surgery), biodecoding, bioenergetics, the technique for emotional release, massages, Reiki, crystals, homeopathy, osteopathy, reflexology, etc., each of which speaks of the wonders you can do about our health. Spectacular stories are heard everywhere about this or that healing, because existing healing techniques are innumerable.

Which should…


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Genome Project And Neo-Darwinism

The famous scientist, Bruce Lipton noted problem in the idea that all cellular activities are controlled by DNA. However, he doesn't seem to realize that such an idea is crucial to neo-Darwinism. Same thing applies to all those who note that the famous human genome sequencing project was advertised using what is now seen as a wrong idea that most if not all diseases are caused by mulfunctioning of genes.

How can it be said that genes has anything to do with diseases? Disease can be… Continue

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My Mt. Shasta journey through the years...

Please follow this link to my YouTube channel to watch a short video. Also like and subscribe to my channel for more upcoming informative videos.

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Helping Us All Expand Our Experience Of Our Multidimensional Ascended Master Self By Steven Hutchinson

Helping Us All Expand Our Experience Of Our Multidimensional Ascended Master Self By Steven Hutchinson

Below are three beautiful meditations not only to help each of us experience our Multidimensional Ascended Master Self more fully that ever before, but also to help…


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weakly Interacting Chi

It is said that chi flows through the body organs such as lungs etc. Then the chi can physically affect the body organs. But the body moves from place to place. So chi must follow the body from place to place. This suggest that we should consider body-chi interaction akin to the electromagnetic interaction. Well we could 'answer' these questions the usual way the careless 'gurus' do: 'it is beyond understanding'. But why should we do that without making any attempt to understand? Furthermore it… Continue

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Top Down Causality In Chi Dynamics

If you search the word 'reiki' online, you will soon or latter find the word 'placebo'. 'Placebo'is a reluctant and temporary acknowledgement that 'sometimes mind can affect the physical world'. The ability of the mind to affect matter is an example of 'top-down causality'. The 'bottom-up' causality is, for example, when chemical reactions, as in dopamine affect the mind. But simple reasoning using 'action and reaction forces' should show you that there isn't anything in the world that is acted… Continue

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Quantum Miracles States

In physics most changes are understood as motion. So the concept 'state' reduces to the concept of 'spatial configuration'. The miraculous state will then be just a certain extraordinary configuration. This is not to say that all changes are understood this way in physics. 'change in magnetic field',for instance, may be accompanied by happenings that are not motion, hence the state of magnetic field is not entirely 'spatial configuration'. Whatever 'change' might be, though, we can describe a… Continue

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In The Language Of Hilbert Spaces

It is not hard to accept that one can form a spiritual idea that generalizes the concept of existence.Normally we understand existence as 'spatio-temporal precence'. Hilbert space can be said to be a 'non-spatial coordination'. So the concept 'precence' is generalized to the concept 'coordinated'. 'Spatial precence' is what we usually call it simply 'precence'. Then we normally equate 'this 'precence' with 'existence'.

'Space' can be defined in general sense as 'set of… Continue

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Top-Down Causality To Shift To Different Frequency Levels

One of the most knee-jerk dogmas in mainstream science is the so called 'bottom-up' causality. It is 'knee jerking' because whenever it fit the 'materialist', the riverse causality is casualy suggested. In a nutshell, given a complex system such as an ocean, the behavious of atoms in isolation don't help us to fully understand the ocean for the atom's behavious in the ocean can be thought of as their fundamental behaviour in the ocean, that has little to do with their behaviour in isolation.…


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