July 2015 Blog Posts (9)

You are being given opportunities to change your life.

Within you is a Divine connection to an all knowing consciousness that is beyond time and space and it is when you learn to trust in that connection and the feelings it invokes within your sacred heart that you see the results of your intentions, your purpose and your destiny fulfilled. Often-times these feeling defy the logical mind and seem to come out of nowhere and yet this force is far greater than anything you have experienced before. Trust what you feel in your heart as you are opening… Continue

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However it comes your way.

Today's message is about self-examination and really getting to know yourself and who you really are and who you are becoming by your desire to expand your light. Sometimes on the journey of life you can get caught up in the images that others want you to be and sometimes personal integrity is compromised to fit in or go with the status-quo. Sometimes there is a need to compromise some activities to make those around you happier, however it is also important for you to be true to your own heart… Continue

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Even if you are amidst darkness or suffering.

In this moment trust that there is joy waiting to be felt, being offered, and found, no matter how hard that may seem at this moment, believe it to be so. Let go of any attachments to problems, people, or outcomes as much as you can and you will find yourself allowing. Take a moment and step back, take a deep breath, and allow the Divine Creator to take over and let all things sort themselves out. Even if you are amidst darkness or suffering, you can find joy, even if just for moment and… Continue

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Allow your spiritual gifts to open and grow.

You have many gifts that have been given to you to assist you on the path called human and one of them is your psychic and spiritual abilities. To nurture this energy and have it grow, it is helpful to express your Divine feminine energy, which all of you have, male or female. This energy includes learning to trust and tap into your intuition, your nurturing qualities, and your capacity of love.

Each of you also have masculine spiritual energy which helps you to be brave and strong,… Continue

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You are coming into your own power

There is no need to hurry or rush for things to happen, everything will unfold with the Divine timing of all that is. Everything is on cue and on time and you are exactly where you want to be to accomplish your goals and tasks, even if you can't see that right now. Trusting that all the right people and situations are in place is key.

Take care and be gentle with yourself and others. Surround yourself with positive and supportive people, situations and environments as much as you… Continue

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You deserve to live an abundant life

There are always options and alternatives available. You have a complex decision to make and once you do, the movement you desire will happen. Do the research, make the choice and move on to something more challenging for yourself. It is time to get to work and get things done as these will lead you to the many options that are available to you and help you direct a stream of high-vibrating energy with your thoughts, words, and actions.

Choose your thoughts and attitudes consciously… Continue

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I am at peace with myself

Today's message is about finding that peaceful place within you that knows, trusts, and believes in possibilities and inspiration. When you soften your heart and your mind you are more receptive, inviting, and open. You become a magnate for all that is needed for you, your loved ones and your world. A part of you longs for inner peace and harmony and it is time to honour that feeling and allow. It is time to be soft and let the subtle waves of your heart wash over you and become receptive to… Continue

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As I awaken the joy

This is a time of celebration, a time of laughter and joy, to celebrate the rewards of your hard work, to gather together with community and regard happy relationships and family. Release yourself from any burdensome situations or energy and lighten your life by bringing in thoughts and feelings of vitality, joy, and zest.


Every cloud has its silver lining and so understanding that everything also happens for a reason helps to release those irrational fears and anxieties that only… Continue

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As I breathe in Creator Light

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is to experience peace and calm within. As you find this place within you, it helps to shift your outer world and creates a state of serenity, tranquillity, and peace by assisting you to soothe your mind and calm your nerves. Meditation can help you, and when you achieve and experience that inner stillness, it begins to reshape how you view and experience your world. Finding peace and calm increases your confidence by dissolving your fears and… Continue

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