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In the ocean of our being.

Every step that you have taken has led you here to the place where you surrender to the heart. The place where Love brings the mind into the merging as well, that it might wait in anticipation for the next revelation of Love. It is one shift out of the ego-mind's sub-creation that is made of thought. One shift into the heart, into the remembrance of only Love that has always been the truth of you I Am waiting to welcome you as a new creation, a deepening part of the hologram of… Continue

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You are the love, too.

Here you are - Love moving. Here you are - Love increasing. Here you are - Love giving of itself so totally that more Love is born in great explosions of new life continually. And that which has been perceived as the world is suddenly seen as the energy field of a living heart - a being of great life awakening unto itself. And you, the energy of its birth, holding its resonance as perfect and fulfilled. Every consciousness joined in the intention as a new star is born.


Through the… Continue

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The heart sees everything.

When you shift to the heart you are in Love with everything, completely open, joyously merged in oneness. You are in Love with all that you encounter. Not in Love as a person loving something or someone but in Love like being part of the ocean awake to the tides and to the movement of joy, to the rising waves of creativity and the blessings of grace as Love moves you, delights you, and ever expands you into ever-greater joy.


When you shift to the heart, the illusion fades away.… Continue

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Selflessness requires courage.

Making a sacrifice is forgetting about the self. It is taking time away from worry, fear, anxiety and pain. It is becoming busy doing and being someone who makes a difference in the world. Sacrifice is the ability to give away to another with no expectation that anything will happen other than the opportunity of being of help to another. When we offer service to others it is a space of sharing and many times there is an expectation of receiving something in return; that’s why getting a haircut,… Continue

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We are still growing

Our world is made up of many strong women. Everyone has their own definition of strength and what it entails, but I assure you, everyone has someone they know that can be put on this list. A strong woman could be you, your mother, aunt, cousin, wife, girlfriend, teacher, or the cashier at the department store.

When you look at a woman, the things that you don’t see are just as important, if not more important, than the things that you do see. What you see is almost the end result of… Continue

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The same goes for anything

In our day-to-day life, we get over excited, overstimulated, stressed, and overworked, too much of one thing or another, whether it is our frame of mind, our emotional reactions, or something in our outside world affecting us. We all need to learn the techniques that enable us to relax at all times. What this means is we can have the ability to retrain our behaviors so that we can feel better, no matter what is happening or how we are feeling. This is a great tool for all situations, for it is… Continue

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A lifetime of love and gratitude

A lifetime of love begins with a single step, a journey of a thousand miles. A new experience offers a thrill and an adventure. A tiny, precious hand to hold is all grown up now. A smile when you hear those special words make your heart skip a beat.

Precious moments shared, memories made, love and laughter and an, “always”. A lifetime of grinding it, making it and shaking it, just seems to have flown by. Words left unspoken always leaves you wondering, “why.”

Rejoicing in… Continue

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For every embodied soul

All that is perceived as separating us from each other and from the One of whom we are each a part, arose out of the original separation from the Oneness and the fear that began as a result. It is only through the eyes of fear and the need for self-protection that our own eyes can stop at the outer layer of another's being, judging them or fearing them for the qualities of that layer, without knowing that it is merely a transparency for the One heart, the One mind, showing itself through the… Continue

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Look for reasons to be happy.

Thoughts are an illusion, but the earth and its beauty is not an illusion.

The secret to happiness, love, peace, and joy is our connection to Great Spirit’s Wisdom. This is the space of divine creative energy.

When we think about the future we use memory and imagination. One example: “Because I had an unpleasant experience vacationing with my parents last summer, I will have to be especially on guard this year.

Memory and imagination equals a projection of the… Continue

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To leave behind and what to carry forward.

During your lifetime friends will turn into acquaintances, lovers will become memories and ex’s will become strangers. The hardest times of your life will become your greatest lessons. Your lessons are your stories to be heard by others, so they will learn that they do not walk alone.

While on your journey through life, many will walk beside you; some temporarily, while others race ahead of you and others lag behind. You realize that everyone is connected, but their paths may vary…


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Clear your mind of everything

Dare yourself to dream. No matter how big or how small, just dream. Dream about where you want to go in life. Dream about doing what it is that you wish to do. Dream of a world the way you wish it was. Don’t be afraid to dream, let your imagination take you away. No place is to far nor too near.


Once you dream of how you want things to be, the universe will help you make your dream come true. Of course you will have to do work on your part to make it happen as well. Dream not only… Continue

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Your angels are always there with you

You are becoming more open because of your spiritual growth and this can leave you feeling vulnerable, especially during difficult or chaotic times. You feel more deeply now and it isn't always fun when you are surrounded by other humans who are completely unaware that they send off an energy vibration or that you can feel. Sometimes some of you are unaware how much you are feeling that truly belongs to others. Taking the time to clear your fields can help you immensely.

Your angel… Continue

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To help you learn to fly.

Consider how your life has changed since you have been on this conscious journey of transformation. You have been through enormous change because of the path of transformation that you have chosen and this has brought with it new developments and understanding in your thinking and how you see the world. Like an emerging butterfly, you are learning to take off and fly.

Ask your angels to help you if you are experiencing any discomfort on your journey upwards and onwards as it is… Continue

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In enjoying yourselves and everything you do

There’s plenty of art on your planet that could easily be classified as lower-vibrational, and if one transitions to the lower fourth-dimensional realms after death, they, just like the soul who transitions to the higher planes, are able and willing to produce similar art to what they produced on earth.

Creativity is an aspect of existence in every plane of reality, and even if one’s trapped in a lower state of consciousness, their creations can still manifest but will do so in the… Continue

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Humanity’s just beginning to rediscover spirit

If you could only fathom a portion of your indescribable beauty, you’d see that you’re glimmering souls of light who deserve to enjoy the rich and fulfilling experiences you seek.

Learning about the higher dimensions and your evolution back into them enables many of you to feel a greater sense of wholeness and freedom that the limitation of the earth just doesn’t offer, and we’re happy to provide a link to the other side by telling you all about the blissful realms you’re growing… Continue

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Standing in integrity

This New Day brings us opportunities for dynamic change to take place. Change is happening on a grander scale than ever before, however this time it is the lightworker who can make the difference in what the final outcome will be. You are now planting the seeds that will be the beginning of the next cycle so choose wisely for yourselves and those that follow. All points have been leading up to these changes that will be taking place over the next years and so learn what you can from the past,… Continue

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To help you on your way.

When you are at a cross road, or you need to make a choice or change in your course of action, ask your angels to help you help you find the most beneficial route for your soul to take that will help you through and get you on the path of least resistance as you are ready to leave all the drama, confusion and chaos behind you and move on to something more meaningful for yourself and your growth.

Angel guidance reminds you that you are always in the right place to start. Prepare to… Continue

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Our spirit is made of love and compassion.

Self-compassion does not have loud bells and whistles. It does not have strong sensations at all. It is tiny and subtle. Microscopic. And it is the most powerful tool for transformation you might ever find. Self-compassion is having sweetness for yourself, no matter what else you might be experiencing. When you are worried, close your eyes and let Sweet Me fall into you like leaves drifting to the ground. When you are sad, let Sweet Me settle alongside the sadness. When you are hurt, frightened… Continue

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To experience self-compassion

We all know what it's like to want to improve ourselves. We want to be more spiritually evolved, more enlightened. We want to be more loving and patient. To be healed of our childhood wounds. To be better parents, or better people. And there are situations in our outer lives we wish would improve, too. We want a job doing something we love, something that makes our heart sing and our soul soar. We want more money so we can feel safe and supported and free. We want a relationship with a true… Continue

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