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Top-Down Causality To Shift To Different Frequency Levels

One of the most knee-jerk dogmas in mainstream science is the so called 'bottom-up' causality. It is 'knee jerking' because whenever it fit the 'materialist', the riverse causality is casualy suggested. In a nutshell, given a complex system such as an ocean, the behavious of atoms in isolation don't help us to fully understand the ocean for the atom's behavious in the ocean can be thought of as their fundamental behaviour in the ocean, that has little to do with their behaviour in isolation.…


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Giving anything spiritual and healing you wish

Dear ones

I have a watsapp groupfor joining of 1 month at no cost. I can give you holly spirit. Special downloaded code .any kind of attunement in this world. Giving premenent shield .frequencies and energy for surrendering to GOD (but may takes time) connecting you to ponds of divine wisdom. Giving initiation to any master or system and .......all for healing and special growth..

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Analogy OF Quantum Spin

A spining thing can be thought of as vibrating. In the case of quantum spin, the Larmor frequency and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance exemplifies this. In spirituality, vibration is used to, amongst othings, illustrate 'multi-dimensional' reality. There are two issues pertaining to spiritual.

1.) There is the epistemic part of spirituality whereby we are often forced to use analogies to depict a possibly 'unfathomable' scenario.

2.)We know from our experience that anything vibrating…


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Light Masters Spiritual Business & Finance and Love, Relationships & Matchmaking

Live! International Tele-Activation


June 27, 2020 9:00 AM (Pacific/Las Vegas Time)   


 This training is designed for beginning students, advanced spiritual seekers and group facilitators!


 Instructor Training Certificate Included! 


Would you like to help others, family members, friends and clients achieve their goals and dreams, create a successful business…


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ANAL FISTULA, spiritual meaning:

Most fistulas are the result of an anal abscess.

We have experienced a dirty, unforgivable, painful, disappointing experience and it has caused us anger and sadness at the same time.

Unconsciously, we keep thoughts, pain, and emotions, not to forget them, but to learn from them and maintain a strong sense of revenge.

"After that, I cannot trust. It destroyed my life".

"Now I do not expect anything good in life, I cannot believe".

"I lost my trust in love,…


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Vacuum Polarization=Light Body

Space is not empty. It is composed of several mediums. These mediums are 'matter-antimatter potentials' that can undergo polarizations. They especialy do so in the vicinity of charged particles. This creats literal auras around charged particles. Carefull thinking of the structure of such auras in the living bodies will show you that they form a living bodies on their own! As a carrier of consciousness in the photonic (positron-electron potential) plenum, yes, it is a light…


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Soul Substance

Unfortunately, over time, people redefined 'soul' oblivious to the fact that it thus overemphasized on actualy what it doesn't count: 'the sabstance'. What counts: 'immortality' eventualy went under the bed! So I warm the floor by re stating the truely meaningfull and original definition of 'soul'.

SOUL: The immortal part of us.

The other common definition? Not very smart! It emphasise on ill-defined, mis-defined or downright undefianable concepts: immaterial, incorporeal,…


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Interdimensional Circuit

In my proper, elaborate theory of planes of reality, the frequencies pertain to particle interaction. Specifically, particles of a given band width interact only with other particles of that band width, and never of other band widths. There is the question then as to why particles don't simply alter their band widths and begine to belong to another plane of reality. For this, we can suggest a way of doing it in such a way that 'inter dimensional circuit' must be completed…


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Earthstar: Global Update - The Story of Earth's New Awakening International Tele-Activation

Earthstar: Global Update - The Story of Earth's New Awakening International Tele-Activation



June 13, 2020 9:00 AM (Pacific/Las Vegas Time)  $35


Come join…


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Multidimensional Reality Inside 3D

We don't have to think that the world is literaly more than 3 dimensional to understand spiritual planes of reality and physics. A '2D' hologram has information about a '3D' world. I say the 3 dimensions exists inside the 2 dimensions! Same apply to 'Multidimensional Reality' in our 3D 'space'.

But we still can understand this more than mere analogicaly! Every atom forming the objects of our world can revolve around a tiny, microscopic circle as it moves. Points along the…


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Let Violet Fire of Freedom Roll

No photo description available.

Let Violet Fire of Freedom Roll

Lovely God present I AM in me

Hear me now I do decree

Come to pass each blessing for which I call

Upon the holy Christ self of each and all

Let Violet fire of Freedom roll

Round-the-world to make all whole

Saturate the earth and its people too

With increasing Christ radiance…


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Heal the world

There is Coronavirus, worries about the economy and jobs, worries about food shortages, protests about police brutality, and natural disasters over the summer. There will be a US Presidential election in the fall. Don't forget we were placed on this Earth to make the change we want to see in the world. 

CALLING ALL LIGHT WORKERS... IT'S UP TO US. We need to be the answer to all this darkness. SHINE BEACONS.

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Energy Matching & Setting Up Matrixes - Live! International Tele-session



May 30, 2020 9:00 AM (Pacific/Las Vegas Time)  $35


Come join Bryan and the Archangels for this new eye opening and very informative class that will detail the specifics of physical ‘energy matching’ techniques that you can use in many types of situations with other people, so that you can navigate and direct the…


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Angelic Symbols




Added by Chris Comish on May 27, 2020 at 6:30am — 2 Comments

Energize My Life! Lightwave Healing, Energetic Assistance & Support Program!

3 Times a week we will help to:

- Energize your Financial Prosperity, job or business & products!

- Upgrade your health and send you healing energy!

- Strengthen your family connections, relationships, friendships!

- Send light to your pets and protect your home!


Do you need an energy boost? Do you need powerful, etheric assistance to…


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Immortality In Quantum Entangled, Holographic Universe

If you look at an hologram, especially the transmission type, there is no image there to see. The image is 'dead'. Still if you shine the usual, decoherent light, through the hologram, it doesn't reconstruct any image at the other end. The image is there relative to the coherence of the light. Same applies to the 'immortal body' in the holographic universe. The meaningless image in the hologram is 'homeomorphic' to the meaningfull image it project.

Quantum Entanglement allows us to…


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ANUS, emotional and spiritual meaning

It is the terminal orifice of the digestive tract, also psychologically, it represents the culmination of an idea, of a relationship or termination of any process; we release all that no longer serves us through the anus.

Problems in this area relate to "contain" or "retain". We feel a great pain because we have a lot of work duties we do not know how to free, we are in too many experiences, too many to handle and we want to get rid of them all, free ourselves, but the situation…


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Death-Life Homeomorphism Immortality

Death as a gateway to 'another world' can be understood even if we think that there is no soul and 'everything is physical'! So the questions like whether consciousness is caused by the brain or something 'immaterial' has nothing to do with the question of whether or not there is life after death! The debate about the existance/nonexistance of 'the immaterial' as a way of underpinning or undermining life after death is pretty old fassioned, and is doomed to fade away.

To be specific,…


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Lightworker Call to Action - Free! Sunday 6:00 PM!

All are welcome!   We will be having Lia quick, global energizing session at 6:00 PM on Sunday, May 10.  If you would like to be part of this positive movement and support the planet, the Free dial in number and access code is listed on our "Classes" page.  Click on the link below...  



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