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I am a Reiki Kundalini Master-Teacher, as well as being Qualified to Practise and Teach the Healing Art of the Akashic Records. I am a Ray Child of the Dhuman Adamic Race who go back many millions of years to Ancient Atlantis, Venus and the Divine spheres before planet Earth came into being many ages later.

The Dhuman Adamics, who were created from the Breath of God, have incarnated through the many aeons with other beings from planets in the solar system to help Earth evolve.

I am a spiritual writer - channeller, believing in clairaudience, clairvoyance, spiritual psychic art, dreams, trance and the Akashic Records. I am a Reiki Healer and also use crystals. I also do spiritual readings by email using divination cards and guidance from my guides and teachers.


On my website above, Home - the lower half, this has writing on The Venus Brotherhood, where teachers are bringing back higher teachings to Earth. It also explains how in the beginning, Venus and Mercury were part of the Spiritual Sun but were separated millions of years ago as Earth THEN came into being. So although these planets are separate now, aeons ago, they were within the orbit of Ancient Atlantis and the Divine spheres, as well as certain other planets in the solar system, and movement was inter-changeable between them all, both by levitation and with space-crafts.
What brought you here?
As often happens, I typed in Atlantis under Google.
What can you contribute?
My spiritual writings, also to support others here with their postings as we all raise our consciousness and awareness away from 3d Earth to higher planes and re-gain our remembrance from ages past, going back to our origins - which vary with each of us, therefore memories will differ greatly from one to the other. However it is fascinating to become aware of the differences and heritages we all have, all sharing still the quest of returning Home and becoming one with the Creator and all life-forms, human and other.
After 30 years of studying, I have read many different teachers. The teachers which resonate with me are the Dhuman Adamic teachers where detailed knowledge was first brought to light about 1930. I can appreciate and learn from other spiritual channellers, and do - the Pleiadians for instance, and others from the higher planets. Chris Comish here, and channellers who come into my Facebook feed and whose writings are on the internet.
The Book of El Daoud, by anon. The Book of Truth and the Teachings of Osiris, by HC Randall-Stevens (El Eros). Mona Rolfe's books, The Sacred Vessel; Initiation by the Nile, but I love all her books. These books resonate deeply within me and I feel a complete love and affinity with them. Over the years I have read a wide variety of spiritual channellers' books. Later ones being The Wonder of Unicorns, Diane Cooper; The Anubis Oracle with a set of accompanying Oracle Cards.
Ben Hur. The Ten Commandments. Although I enjoy modern films with a variety of subjects, also certain documentaries and dramas.
Elvis Gospel, spiritual music. General music, am quite flexible. I can forget about music sometimes!
To remember much of what I have forgotten not only on the Dhuman Adamic Race, going back to my origins and to other planets in existence in the solar system before Earth came into being.To raise my awareness to higher dimensions beyond 3D Earth, and to write from the Akashic Records.

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Calling All Angels: The Pleiades:

Posted on January 11, 2013 at 4:41am 1 Comment


Wising everyone a healthy and good Christmas, and thank you for all your spiritual postings.

Posted on December 22, 2012 at 11:39pm 4 Comments

Hi everyone


I just wanted to say thank you all for the spiritual postings which have been added here since I joined Shamballa earlier this year, as they have greatly helped to raise my consciousness, adding to my understanding.


Thank you to Chris also, for setting up such a spiritual site.


Blessings for…


12 12 12 by Sabrina Reber, How to raise your vibration:

Posted on December 5, 2012 at 6:00pm 1 Comment


Sabrina Reber, at the Red Pyramid, and the St Germain Flame. stunning.

Posted on December 4, 2012 at 11:00am 2 Comments

From Sabrina Reber, of How to Raise Your…

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At 3:06pm on March 30, 2013, Carmen Irarragorri-Wyland said…

Happy Easter, dear Pat!

At 11:47pm on March 28, 2013, Tara Mary said…

With Love  ~  Tara

At 9:27am on March 28, 2013, Eva said…

At 2:35pm on March 5, 2013, Eva said…

At 9:07am on March 1, 2013, Eva said…

With a little help from a friend. ♥

At 7:28pm on February 18, 2013, Tara Mary said…

Hi Pat, thanks for your visit and the lovely image!  Yes, it's much warmer than England and the USA right now!  Been flooding again though, here in parts of my State of Qld.  I live by the seaside near Brisbane which is flood free, but many towns and cities are copping floods for the 4th time in 2 years.  Not nice!

I managed to take the dogs out walking earlier in light rain and they were very happy with that, they love their walks.  Resting now, listening to Lama Surya Das chanting the mantras - Awakening the Buddha Heart.  They are full of love !!

Love and many blessings to You dear Pat, Tara *~~

At 11:05am on February 9, 2013, Valery Jianu said…

Dream of a winter night...



At 4:21am on February 5, 2013, Valery Jianu said…

Hi Pat,have a lovely day

At 6:29am on January 26, 2013, Valery Jianu said…

Hi Pat,

have a nice sunday :)


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