Recommend Featured Products/Sell your EPUB E-books

Recommend products to sell as Featured Products or sell your own EPUB E-books in the City of Shamballa Store.


You may choose one option or both options.


1. Option #1: Featured Products Listing


Recommend Featured Products in the City of Shamballa Amazon Store found at the City of Shamballa Store, the banner at the base of this website, and at our Amazon Store. If you are a reader or a seller or both, you can recommend any products you would like to have featured. The product must be found on Amazon. All products must be related to New Age. This is not a location for off-topic products- no spam, no adult/nudity, no get rich quick nor offensive content allowed. This is a free publicity option. Send an email to Chris Comish at com5corp(at) with the subject "Featured Product Request". Include the name of the product on Amazon. A link to the product on Amazon will also help with finding the product. After sending the email, check back within a week to see if your product recommendation is listed at the store.


2. Option #2: List your EPUB for sale at the City of Shamballa Store


Don't have an E-book but want to write and publish one? Check out our Publishing Services. We create your E-book from your submitted word document. Let us do all of the formatting and coding so you don't have to.


If you are a Publisher with full rights to an E-book or a Self-Publisher you may list your EPUB E-books for sale at the City of Shamballa EPUB Store (this store is embedded at the City of Shamballa Store link as well). This is a chance for you to earn extra money by listing your E-book on our website. All listings earn you 70% royalties (70% of net purchase price). The City of Shamballa/Chris Comish receive 30% of the net purchase price. You may list an EPUB here with or without an ISBN number. If you have an ISBN number make sure that you are free to list that ISBN at independent stores like the City of Shamballa. ISBNs are not displayed at the Store but may be a part of your EPUB E-book file. Ensure you have full publishing and distribution rights for your E-book before listing your product here.


To list your EPUB E-books for sale here follow these directions in this order:


1. Your EPUB E-book must be related to a New Age theme. No get rich quick books nor books full of advertising/spam nor nudity/adult nor offensive content. The E-books must provide quality content to the reader. You must own all copyright to your E-book. No public domain books or re-publishing of books without securing proper rights.


2. Your E-book must have a 300 dpi book cover image. A book cover may be increased in dpi via Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Microsoft Publisher and other sources. This is the cover in the store listing. Buyers will click on your cover to purchase the E-book. The cover image will be resized by Chris Comish to match the cover sizes of other E-books already in the store. You do not need to have a cover image embedded in your EPUB E-book file. Don't have a 300 dpi book cover image? Marius Baicu can design for you the perfect cover image for a reasonable price.


3. Set a purchase price. All prices are set in USD and must end in the number 8. Examples: $3.98, $1.28, $4.08 etc. Prices must also not equal any prices of EPUB E-books already in the store. This is how your E-book sales are identified/tracked by Chris Comish so you can receive your earnings. You must have a PayPal account to receive royalties. All royalties will be paid to you monthly in USD by Chris Comish through PayPal. If you do not use USD, PayPal will automatically convert the payment into your home currency.


4. Provide a short paragraph description for the E-book. Include the Language of the book. The book summary can be written in the language of the E-book. The language line will be written in English (example Language: French, Description: write your description in French). See more examples at the COS EPUB store.


5. Review your EPUB quality using Adobe Digital Editions. This is free software where you can review your EPUB. Ensure your formating is correct. Your EPUB file will also be reviewed by Chris Comish before it is listed for sale. It will speed up the listing of your EPUB if your E-book is already pre-reviewed by you. EPUB quality is important to ensure the reader has the best experience reading your E-book.


6. Send your name, your PayPal email address, the .EPUB file, 300 dpi book cover, short paragraph description (with language line in english), and purchase price (in USD, ending in 8) to Chris Comish via email at com5corp(at) with the subject line "COS epub retailer request" in the email.


7. Before you are eligible to receive any earnings you must send a tax form to Chris Comish via email at com5corp(at)


US Citizens/US Resident Aliens: Send a W-9 form to com5corp(at) with subject line "W9 form COS retailer." Here are the instructions for the form. If you receive more than $10 in royalties a year you will receive a form 1099-MISC for your royalties earnings from Chris Comish by January 31st (received via email or paper mail). You are responsible for paying taxes on your earnings received. One copy of the form 1099-MISC will be provided to the IRS by Chris Comish for you.


Non-Resident Aliens/Foreign: City of Shamballa income is US source income because Chris Comish is a US citizen. Therefore US taxes apply to all earnings through this website regardless of its users' locations. Non-Residents/Foreign have two options (A or B). Option A is more paperwork (you fill out W8-BEN form and also W-7 form (if necessary)) but allows for reduced or no taxes taken from your earnings (because you are not a US citizen/resident). Option B is to do nothing and have 30% of your earnings taxed by the US Government (IRS). Option A allows you to maximize your earnings (up to 70%). Option B is 40% royalties earnings only.


A. Option A has 2 parts. First, get an ITIN (see A-1) if you do not have one. If you have one already you can skip A-1. Second, fill out the W-8BEN form (A-2) and email it to Chris Comish.


A-1. The W-8BEN form requires you to have an ITIN number even as a Non-Resident Alien/Foreign(applies to all payees wishing to relieve 30% tax withholding by claiming tax treaty status). The ITIN is a US taxpayer number for Non-Resident Aliens/Foreign. This number is required for the tax form (for those wishing to claim tax relief). According to the end of the page of The IRS Interim ITIN guidelines, you do not need to mail your original passport to the IRS to get an ITIN to claim tax treaty benefits (you will still need to submit a notarized or certified copy of your passport with the W7 form). To get an ITIN file a W7 (Request for ITIN) form with the IRS. Here are the instructions for the W7 form. The mailing address for the W7 form is found in the instructions. Check both boxes a and h. In the line next to box h write: "Exception 1(d)- Passive Income- claiming tax treaty benefits" then on the bottom write in your tax treaty country and treaty article number. (This information is found in Publication 901 on pages 54 and 55, use official text symbol TIAS# for treaty article number). You will need a supporting document from Chris Comish (your withholding agent) (see exception 1d in the W7 instructions, and Chris Comish will provide you a signed letter when you request it for the packet.) Carefully follow the instructions for the W7 form writing N/A in all non-applicable boxes. Chris Comish can review your W-7 form before you submit it if you email the draft copy to com5corp(at) Once it is ready to go with all supporting documents (certified/notarized passport copy with apostille (see instructions) + letter from Chris Comish) you mail it to the address in the instructions. Once you receive your ITIN number from the IRS in approximately 2 months, you can email the W8-BEN form to Chris Comish. Your earnings will continue to accrue and will be paid out once the W-8BEN form is received by Chris Comish. Once you have an ITIN you don't need to get another one, you can use the same ITIN to provide to other US E-book retailers to list your E-books for sale.


A-2. Send a W-8BEN to com5corp(at) with subject line "W8BEN form COS retailer." Here are the instructions for the W-8BEN form. This form will provide relief from US taxes if your country has a tax treaty with the US. Don't worry about filling out item 9 on the W-8 form. Once you state your country on the form, I will know your tax rate by looking in the IRS publications. To see your tax rate (if any) see IRS Publication 901 Page 35 or 37, Copyrights/Income Code 12 royalties (if a number is present in the table that is your % tax rate, if zero is present you will not be taxed). If your country is not listed on page 35 or 37 of the publication, taxes will be withheld on your 70% royalties at a rate of 30%, and you will only receive 40% of the net earnings.


B. If you do not email Chris Comish a W8BEN form within a reasonable time (3-4 months) or you let Chris Comish know you have decided not to submit a W-8BEN form then 30% taxes will be withheld from your 70% earnings. If you decide not to submit a W-8 form then email Chris Comish at com5corp(at) so you can begin receiving earnings at a rate of 40% royalties.


By January 31st you will receive a form 1042-S from Chris Comish (received via email or paper mail) regardless of your earnings/tax withholdings. If you have an ITIN and claim tax treaty benefits your rate of 0.00% tax (or tax rate for your country) will be noted and your ITIN will be listed on the form. If you do not have an ITIN, 30.00% tax will be listed and your ITIN will be blank on the form. One copy of the form 1042-S will be provided to the IRS by Chris Comish for you. If your earnings were taxed for any reason (i.e. no tax treaty with US) your tax liability will be listed on the form. Chris Comish will withhold your taxes and pay the IRS for you from your 70% if you have tax liability. If there are no taxes on your earnings, you will not have taxes withheld from your royalties but you will still receive a form regardless. If taxes were withheld, you can use this form to present to your country's tax authority as proof of US tax paid for potential tax relief in your country. Non-Resident Aliens also file IRS form 1040-NR or 1040-NR-EZ before April 15th to claim refunds on any tax withholdings and attach form 1042-S to the form.


8. Frequently Asked Questions


A. How are my net earnings calculated? 


Net earnings are calculated using the following formula: Purchase price - Ning platform paid access fees (fees automatically deducted) - PayPal fees (fees automatically deducted) = Net earnings. Then you receive 70% monthly (unless you have mandatory 30% tax witholding- i.e. no tax treaty). Your earnings are tracked based upon the purchase price of your ebook. For example all prices $2.98, $1.48, $1.28 belong to Publisher X. If a sale happens where the purchase price ends in an 8, Chris Comish will consult his publisher listing to annotate your sales. Your earnings will be paid out monthly via PayPal. You must provide a PayPal email address to receive earnings.


B. The City of Shamballa is an open to the public site. How can I ensure my .EPUB files are safe from public downloads?


Although the COS site is open to the public, your book files are safe. All files are placed behind a Paywall which blocks search bots and humans from reaching the files free of charge. The Paywall is created by the COS Platform, Ning, and keeps the files secure. That is why Ning fees are deducted from the original purchase price before Net Earnings are received.


C. Can I view my earnings before I receive them?


Yes! Visit to track your estimated earnings. If your E-books sell, you will receive royalties payments via PayPal monthly. There is no threshold for earnings payments monthly, regardless whether you receive $5 or $100+ you will receive your earnings.


If you have additional questions, feel free to email Chris Comish at com5corp(at) Thank you for participating in this opportunity!


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