Licensing of Chris Comish's copyrighted book content or using City of Shamballa images/logos/slogans on your products for sale

Note: This licensing page does not apply to content not owned by/created by The City of Shamballa or Chris Comish. Individuals wishing to license their own copyrighted content will need to sell their licenses themselves.


Copyright Licensing (Annual licensing fee or pay per use fee)- Permission to include Chris Comish's content in your publications (book, magazine, newspaper, blog, article etc).


- Entire books by Chris Comish are not be licensed to be placed online or republished online or offline except through distributors with express written permission by Chris Comish. If you intend to re-publish an entire book, work out a republishing agreement with Chris Comish. 


If you are a publisher of books, newspapers, magazines or otherwise and would like to re-publish portions of Chris Comish's text from his books you will need a license from Chris Comish to pursue your commercial interest. This is a copyright license and will be handled online by the Copyright Clearance Center via the link below:


If you are choosing to re-publish an entire book by Chris Comish (in either paperback or ebook or both), Chris Comish is always the holder of original copyright and its benefits and is entitled to 20% of the retail price (list price) of the republished work in royalties paid at a minimum on a quarterly basis. Please email com5corp(at) to work out a republishing rights agreement separately (this is handled outside of the Copyright Clearance Center) for the republishing of an entire book.


Trademark Licensing


Licensing is also available for the use of The City of Shamballa's logos/art for commercial use on merchandise or elsewhere (such as publications- offline or online, radio, tv, broadcasts, movies etc). This is a trademark license and will be drafted and formalized by the City of Shamballa's trademark lawyer.


To begin the process of applying for a trademark license follow these steps:


Standard Domestic Trademark License
The standard domestic trademark license is designed for companies that produce products on an ongoing basis and it grants a licensee the right to use the City of Shamballa's trademarks for a specified period of time. Based on the City of Shamballa's interest in protecting its name, reputation, and the values it espouses, the City of Shamballa is conservative in regard to the products it allows to bear its trademarks and the companies for which it grants standard licenses. As a result, license requests are reviewed based on a rigorous set of standards that enable the City of Shamballa to evaluate the appropriateness and quality of the proposed licensed products; the manner in which the Marks will be used; the marketability of the products; the company’s history of compliance with business and licensing standards; and the company’s standing in the business community at large. Typically, the City of Shamballa licenses apparel, novelty items, stationery, merchandise, and other such traditional products and requires that all licensed products are of good quality, compatible with the City of Shamballa’s standards, and represent the the City of Shamballa’s trademarks both appropriately and accurately.


License Requirements
In addition to meeting the criteria referenced above, a company must fulfill the following requirements in order to obtain a standard trademark license from the City of Shamballa:


Produce products in accordance with our licensing standards (in terms of class and quality)
Represent the our trademarks appropriately and accurately
Submit product samples for quality assurance and trademark use reviews
Maintain Commercial General Liability Insurance
Submit artwork for review and approval by the City of Shamballa prior to production
Pay licensing fees: an Annual Program Administration fee for the duration of the term.
Submit Royalty Reports and, if applicable, Royalty Payments on a quarterly basis

* Among the products not licensed by the City of Shamballa are alcohol and tobacco items, drug paraphernalia, adult entertainment items, weapons, and products related to gambling or lotteries.
The Licensing Process


A company interested in obtaining a standard trademark license from the City of Shamballa must submit a written request, which will be reviewed by us to determine if the company produces goods that meet the the City of Shamballa’s product standards. If such a determination is made, the company will be offered the opportunity to apply for a license by submitting a License Request Proposal;
Upon receipt, the Proposal and Application will be again reviewed by us, and if the information meets our licensing criteria the company will be offered a standard trademark license agreement drafted by our Trademark lawyer;
Once the filled out license agreement is received, the License Agreement is finalized by our Trademark Program Lawyer and, if in order, the company will be granted a standard trademark license, notified of that fact in writing, provided with an executed original License Agreement, a royalty reporting form, and a digital file of the City of Shamballa’s primary trademarks.


Requesting a Standard License
A request must be submitted in writing to the our email address, com5corp(at), and should include the reason for your company’s interest in obtaining a license, as well as a list of the products your company produces. If your company produces goods that meet our product standards, it will be offered the opportunity to submit a License Request Proposal. The License Request Proposal must contain the following information:


A statement of intention explaining your company’s interest in obtaining a trademark license from the City of Shamballa;
A summary of your company’s background that includes its mission statement, business goals, and history;
A list of the proposed products to be licensed and information about those products including a product catalog, if one is available;
A product line history;
A detailed business plan outlining your company’s proposed strategy for the production, distribution, and sale of the City of Shamballa  products and identifying your company’s target audience(s) for the sale of those goods.


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