• The Path of Archangel Michael

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    Group for those interested in following the path of spiritual protector. About Archangel Michael  https://ascension-research.org/michael.html

  • Spiritual Growth

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    This is a group to help each other with our spiritual growth, upliftment, & ascension by sharing meditations, prayers, group activities, & loving support for each other in any way members suggest. And we ask that we be guided and over lighted in all of our thoughts, words, actions, prayers & medita…

  • MU & Lemurian Healing

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    Lemuria was an ancient civilization which existed prior to and during the      time of Atlantis. Physically, it is believed that Lemuria existed largely      in the Southern Pacific, between North America and Asia/Australia. Lemuria      is also sometimes referred to as Mu, or the Motherland (of Mu…

  • Prosperity and daily jobs

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    Do you have a job?  Do you like where you work? If not what do you do to change this? What is prosperity from your point of view? Feel free to discuss on this topic. I belive sharing our experiences will help many in finding what they are happy with in this aspect of theyr lifes. I find very inspir…

  • Ashram del Grial (en español)

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    Grupo Dedicado a la autorrealización del Maestro interior ya La Sabiduría de la Luz aprendida Una Traves De Las Experiencias Vividas. Todos somos Portadores de ESE Nuevo Amanecer en Nuestras Vida. A Través de Tener Nuestra propia "Varitas Mágicas" liberamos, Protegemos, sanamos Y equilibramos Cuer…


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    A group where we can share information about Usui Reiki with eachother. Since there are so many different teachings I think that we can learn a lot from eachother.  

  • Help each other

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    These  group for all  those  who  need  any  help  in spritual  jorney 

  • The Hall of Great Lights (Behind The Veil Initiations By Michelle Dobbs ©)

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    Greetings Light Family! In this Group I hold space for us to support each other in our spiritual growth. Just as many other group initiators on this platform, I plan on growing with you. Whatever path you decide to walk, there is no doubt that there will be something that you are able to share with…

  • Reiki, Seichim, Egyptian and Shamanism Attunements

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    Let's share which Attunements have been most effective for us and also explain in what ways these attunements have helped us.  Feel free to discuss the attunements listed here on my website, here on the Shamballa website or any website on the Internet.

  • Project Cancer Liberation

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    If not for my Dad, I would not have become a Healer & Teacher and for that I have chosen to be awaken and to be able to heal Cancer victims worldwide. Once a 40 sticks Cigarettes smoker who quit within 24 hours and started to embrace Spirituality when I had been in Depression when losing my Dad dur…

  • Butterfly Healing Arts

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    Butterfly Healing Arts features information and training in the Butterfly Reiki System, Butterfly Taiji, Butterfly QiGong, and Butterfly Min Zin and Meditation. All are welcome to join us, share insights and knowledge. Founder and Chief Instructor, Sifu Michael Fuchs- "Ancient Treasures For Modern …

  • Book Club

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    We have a group for The Urantia Book, which is fantastic but I wanted a place to discuss other books as well. I believe that all books have value, even the "beach blanket" reads that are considered by some to be "mundane". Inspiration can be found anywhere, there are no limits!

  • Rozwój Duchowy

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  • Art of the Peace

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    Being at peace is the state of being where one is, fully immersed in life, living connected and completely accepting of all things. It is living without struggle, resisting change, or withholding oneself from life. Become connected by knowing yourself, tuning into who you are, how you are, and what…

  • Exchange of attunements and courses

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    Lets exchange our skills here for free, let teach each other something new it can be from attunements to anything related to divinity

  • Starseeds

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    Awaken the starseeds within ~ sharing collective knowledge, growing, finding out what Magic we truly posses within. Motivation and insportation for those of us who've been "in the closet" per say that are ready to learn, emerge and send light, love and truth to others

  • Kala Dharma Movement

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    Kala Dharma Movement is the Movement the sets out and balances the diferaces of Neo / New age / Monotheistic from the New World starding after 657 Ad , ECE.  Common names of Religions Aperring after Christ. Monotheism , Neo paganism , Neo Platonism, New Age before 1845, we teach Theosophical Societ…

  • Please Sign This Petition

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  • New Glass Spoon Pipes From Bestglasspipes

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    USA glass specialists, Bestglasspipes, are a big hit with EDIT customers. We stock a huge collection of Bestglasspipes's waterpipes and bong accessories, which are extremely popular due to the quality of the craftsmanship, their innovative design and great value prices. Today, we have launched a ne…