Herbs, Plants, and Spices for your Health


Herbs, Plants, and Spices for your Health

A place to come to learn, and share with all, about the wonderful plants herbs and spices, we have on this beautiful planet. Also some posts on medical matters.


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For every poisonous plant on this earth there is a another
nearby that counteracts it.

Mother earth gave us these Healing herbs and plants, we should use that which
we have been given.

For thousands of years people believed that foods not only nourish us but can
also heal the

body. We know that for over 5,000 years the Chinese have studied thousands of
plants and herbs and discovered their purpose.

The world's first book, “I Ching”, or “The Book of Changes”, is a
Chinese text written long before the Bible. Some of the knowledge in this book
forms the basis of many Chinese beliefs.

The legendary emperor, Shen Nong, lived over 5,000 years ago and began
studying and

testing various herbal remedies. He also developed the theory of "opposing
natural forces" which would later play an important part in the Taoist
philosophy - Yin and Yang.

Hua Tuo (110 - 207 AD) is considered to be the first famous Chinese
surgeon and the inventor of anaesthesia. He was one of the first in history to
utilize herbal medicine in his remedies. In addition, he is renowned for
creating remedies using simple formulas by combining only a few herbs.

Zhang Zhong Jing (150-219 AD) was the most famous of the ancient herbal
doctors. His book contained more than 100 herbal formulas. Due to the amount of
new information he discovered, his work would become a cornerstone in history,
repeatedly analyzed by later generations.

Tao Hong Jing's (456-536 AD) He added more than 350 new herbs to the
catalogue, bringing the total to more than 730. He then created categories with
the new herbs that he discovered in his own work. This piece of work in
particular would have an incredible influence on later generations.

Li Shi Zhen (1518-1593 AD) researched for four-decades, the immense
history of Chinese herbs and classified the ones that he found to be reliable
and true. His book contains 1,892 herbs, classified in 6 sections, 52 scrolls,
and 60 categories. The Greek philosopher & physician Hippocrates was the
father of modern medicine 2,500 years ago.

He said: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” In the early
1600’s Jakob Böhme from Germany
wrote the book “The Signature of all Things." In this book he unveils his

belief that God marked everything and created each with a sign (signature). It
contends that every whole food has a pattern that resembles a body organ or
physiological function and that this pattern acts as a signal or signs as to
the benefit the food provides the eater.

Dr. Tei Fu Chen has studied many Chinese philosophies & the many
benefits of herbs that have been discovered over the last 5000 years, including
the book, “I Ching”. Today he is the founder and chairman of Sunrider
International which is the largest herbal manufacturer in the world, marketing
in over 40 countries. The company produces over 400 unique products that are
based on the Philosophy of Regeneration. These unique, highly concentrated
whole food formulations are the best products available today.

A to Z - Ailments list and the Herbs and Plants for Healing them

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A - J List of Ailments and the herbs and Plants to Help - Part One

K – Z List of Ailments and the herbs and Plants to Help - Part Two

An Index of "How to make your own Natural products"

Anti-aging (apple cider vinegar and green tea) Toner

Non-toxic Windshield Wiper Fluid

Homemade Deoderant (Easy and Effective)

Homemade Blackhead Removal Pore Strips

Make Your Own Cologne

White Vinegar for Cleaning and So Much More

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Comment by Melodie Munro on October 9, 2011 at 11:50am
Anne, this is what this group is all about. Please I would love to know. And this is just the place for you to share it. If you are happy to post it as a discussion above, please  do add it there so it will always be there for members to read at a later date. If not, put it here and if you are happy for me to post  it into the discussion area as well, I will be more than happy to. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and happiness to share. Blessings, Melodie
Comment by anne elder on October 9, 2011 at 8:49am
If any one wants to know of the benefits of Castor Oil and Coconut Oil I'll be willing to give it.
Comment by Melodie Munro on October 6, 2011 at 4:38am
Info wars Hidden Camera - Fluoride Treatment Facility: Nightly News Report
Comment by Melodie Munro on October 6, 2011 at 4:09am
Cancer-fighting ‘superbroccoli’ goes on sale in UK

Cancer-fighting ‘superbroccoli’ goes on sale in UK

A heart disease and cancer-fighting "superbroccoli" developed by British scientists has gone on sale in the UK.

While the vegetable looks the same as standard broccoli, it contains a boosted amount of the nutrient, glucoraphanin which may protect the body against heart disease and some types of cancer.

Beneforte - a hybrid of British broccoli and a wild growing Sicilian variety - is available in Marks & Spencer stores now and will appear on other supermarket shelves next year.

British scientists used conventional breeding techniques to develop the new broccoli, rather than genetic engineering.

Work on the project began after the wild broccoli variety was discovered in 1983, with naturally raised levels of glucoraphanin.

The nutrient breaks down in the gut, into the bioactive compound sulphoraphane, which circulates in the bloodstream.

Evidence indicates that sulphoraphane, has beneficial effects such as reducing chronic inflammation, stopping uncontrolled cell division associated with early-stage cancer and boosting the body's antioxidants.

Compared with normal broccoli, eating Beneforte broccoli raises sulphoraphane levels two to four times.

Research suggests broccoli-rich diets help to reduce the risk of prostate and bowel cancer. Other studies have shown that it can prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Professor Richard Mithen, from the Institute of Food Research said: “Our research gives insight into broccoli's role in promoting health.”

He added: “Now there will also be something brand new for consumers to eat as a result of the discoveries we have made.”

Science minister David Willetts praised the “fantastic achievements” of the scientists.
Comment by Melodie Munro on October 6, 2011 at 4:09am
Thank you Beverly, glad to have you on board dear Friend.
Comment by Melodie Munro on October 6, 2011 at 2:53am
Hi Hannah, bless you for joining me here. I hope I post things that people are interested in. If there's anything you would like to know about here, let me know and I will search and post. Blessings, Melodie

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