Namaste blessed souls of humanity
It is my honor in the realm of the ascended field to descend and be upon thy feet now
I come with a gift and answers
I come with the requests you have made wrapped around in a scroll of gold
Liquid gold that lightens up the hands and hearts of those who receive
First I will address those journeying cancer
The disease that the matrix created
The radiation fields of misinterpreted teachings
The field where power has been misused
I come here to tell you cancer is man made
And it will be eradicated from the face of Earth
I need you all to begin together to visualize a golden vessel
Like a glass
And fill it with liquid violet light
If thou know anyone trapped in this matrix program thou all call cancer you can go ahead and visualize them taking this energy light remedy
Remember soul
In its perfect health is what drives thy life
Nothing else
Can you feel this?
Now those who have the disorders of the minds
And attention deficit
Labels created by the matrix machinery of misused power of those who have used control to manipulate
And know not better
As they are programs themselves
I need thy help to start visualizing an emerald vase
Crystal emerald color vase
30 cm tall
And fill it half way through with liquid golden elixir
And half violet one
Visualize them taking a drop every three days
And pour it in their crown chakra
Those of thee who believe thou have a broken heart
Broken trust
And abuse has been in thy field
Receive right now from me a palm size rock
Its form is holographic
And in the center is carved the words
Visualize it in thy left hand and see it melt inside thy body
As it melts see the rock travel in thy blood system
Do this imagery for 31 days
Now those who have asked and are asking right now on finances and thy business
Listen well
Thou must eat the next image
A rock crystal white
That is like bread
I had upon thy right hand
I want you to eat a piece of it slowly
Right now
Taste it
It's like bread yet it's sugary like
Yet it is not sour nor sweet
Just melts in thy mouth
This is the elixir of abundance
And serves as an eraser to eat from your subconscious mind the thought programs of lack
And any thought that says that financial success is not for thee
That money is evil
That time is not enough
Blessed be and eat this just a piece for the next seven days
In the morning and at night
Watch thyself
The need to try to eat all even in an imagery
Balance and self regulation must take place
Many of you here can change thy corporations
Thou must shift the genre of what you are doing
Do not panic
Some of thee are ready to move out of that relationship that stagnates thee
It's time for all of you golden caged buddhas to come out of the cage
And to create an army of peace
That doesn't fight
But that lives with honor
An army that radiates such strong energy love frequencies that any evil
Any darkness
Disappears immediately with thy presence
An army of commitment
Of consciousness
Of thought mastery
You know you are ready
And in the power vested in me by the violet flame
And by the eternal mind of love of the divine
I ask thee to open thy mind and receive this gift
And I am going to remain with thee all for the next 12 days
And I am going to whisper to thee the changes that must incur
And thou must set aside any limited stopper
That you call thought
Any judgment that you call justification
And for these 12 days join me without complaining
The weather
Thy past
Thy family
The money
The house
The car
The people
Thy workers
Thy boss
Thy pet
The cat
The birds
The wait
The noise
If thou can master this for 12 days
Thou have joined a population of universal beings that are committed to elevate universes in to the communion of oneness with the divine
Abundance in all of its forms awaits for you
Miracles are created by the mind in order
And the non expected ones, the ones you prayed the most for
Are answered in manifested materialization when you have aligned in the now
With the power of god in me
The god in you
Breathe the violet flame in
I am here
I am that
That, I am
St. Germaine.

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thank you Amba, very beautiful..

This was absolutely fantastic!

Thank you beloved I am.

Wishing you all the best in your/our ascension.

Many blessings!


Hi Amba

That is lovely.





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