Hi dear friends!

What are your experiences with sensing and connecting with reiki abroad? My friend ,we both are attuned to the original Usui lineage reiki frequency , was in Poland last time and said he was something like  "cut off" from reiki. The contact couldn ´t be initiated. He said that the "local demons" or how to call this, or better the local entities /frequencies , which are different than the ones we have in our country (in which we were initiated into reiki) disabled the contact. As if they were quardiing their "territory"  - metaphorically expressed. It ´s quite a strange phenomenon. I experienced something like that in a different place than where I live. In one  particular town in our country where I felt as if it was harder  for me to tune to reiki. I felt different and not very pleasant.  It was as if by travelling, the frequences of the changing places also change. Along with that  the personal  inner state changes and also the actual ability to sense and attune to reiki fully. 

Do you have similar experience ? 

What about different countries? I havent ´t been abroad for a long time- since  all my initiations. So I can´t say, what is it like abroad. 


Monika Vida P.

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I think it's just the local vibration that you feel. Every place city/ country has different vibration. Depending on this you can feel more connected or not because you can harmonize better with one of the vibrations and not so better with other. It's amazing to find places you feel better than the place you live. 

I feel different vibrations in the city's that i travel, i never traveled in other country, but i wish :D.

I travel oftern in a city near myne, at 30 km distance, and i can say everything feels so different there. There are "abilities" that i have here in the town that i live and "abilities" that i have there. Overall there i feel so good energetically, it's like a vacantion for me when traveling there.

Don't worry about negatives... it's just the local vibration of that place. It can feel bad for you because it's not compatible with you this doesn't mean it's bad, it's just a vibration that you don't like, like the food :D. although it can also be bad too but you don't have to worry about your connection, it's the same just that you feel it different.


Oh, thank you. It ´s wonderfull. I feel that´s  exactly IT :-) You put it into words so beautifully. 


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