Sit down and breathe deeply, see a light above you coming down in front of you.
Now it gets bigger and bigger also envelops you, you are now protected by this light.
Imagine that you are standing in front of door into a beautiful tree.
SEE how the tree grows bigger and bigger-feel how its secure foliage enclose you and also protect yourself.
Infront of you front of you is a door into the roots of the tree.
Go through the door-and close it after you-inside the door are a elevater
You are now elevating down along the trees roots, you're now down to the root system the tree force
Feel how you are filled with Red energy from Mother Earth.
Now open the door.
Above you'll see a long wide path.
There, in front, you will see a glimmer of light, imagine now that you begin to go down this path, and that the light you see getting bigger and bigger.
You are now in frontof this big fire
Go up to the fire also look into it-you can feal heat radiating from the fire.
Now look deeply into the fire, see if you see any animals or whatever.
Know that this fire has the power to cleanse you.
YOU are now going into the fire becomes one with the fire-bread in fire-bread out fire follow the breath to become one with the breathing that also purify you-feel the tension when all the problems inside you disappears-clensing you morfe and more with every breath you take
The power and the heat from this fire are now lifting you up high in the air
On the horizon, you will see a new light.
Now, when you get closer to it you will see that this is a shimmering city-incredibly beautiful with a radiant light.
You will see a bridge that is located on a river.
You land softly on the bridge.
There, you'll meet a shimmering light creature that takes you gently by the hand also lead you down on the bridge located by the river.
There are many light beings there.
Being of Light leads you cautiously to the edge of the bridge.
You are enjoying the the great peace that surrounds this bridge.
your feet are dipping in the water when you sits safely on the edge of the bridge
When you down and you can see that the river is clean energy-love-light-twinkling stars in gold and silver undulating in it.
It is the most beautiful thing you've seen.
Feel how the river's energy flowing through your feet also fills you with joy and love.
Suddenly you see to your delight a beautiful dolphin who comes up to you-it nose touches your third eye.
Feel the touch of this beautiful dolphin, he says:
Jump in and swim with me!
You jump in and plays with the dolphin.
Feel the power of the light and energy flows through you when you and the dolphin playing in the river of energy
You know after a while that it's time to get up out of the river.
You thank the dolphin-he is now your special friend.
You are now up and step onto the bridge, there is an open book with beautiful gold cover-See if there is something written to you.
It need not be a book can be something of items you have received by this experience
You will now bid farewell to the beings
Now, when you take off again and you'll see that all beings of light waves at you also that you are welcome anytime again to swim in this river.
You are now back at the fire.
You walk along the trail to the tree roots.
You are now entering the door and you feel you are slowly lifted up to the door leading out of the tree.
You thank the trees for their protection also its great energy and you now secure her energy is
Slowly move your arms also legs, feel how you're back in the room again.

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Do you happen to have this meditation in an MP3 format or anything.  Because I'd love to be able to just close my eyes and visualize this without having to stop and read it.

Thank you so much my friend.  :D

Much love to you  ~April

Dear April, no i haven't it in mp3...

much love


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