'Fair Exchange is a multidimensional principal. What is a fair exchange for one individual differs to what it is for another. What is 'fair' depends on the persons world view and what their needs are at that time.

When genuinely and whole heartedly you begin to shift your consciousness to 'oneness' you begin to see, feel, know that all is one. Yes within the one there are individual aspects, but in each individual aspect there is a representation of the whole. Moving to 'unity' you become in tune with the All or whole in you.

At this point your 'Fair Exchange' understanding shifts from 'What do I rate my service as?And what are my needs at this time?' to 'What benefits another's growth in love and light, benefits me as we re completely interconnected in the oneness. All my needs are met and I trust in God to provide all that I need at the right time'.

In other words the more people on Earth can become more aligned with their divine purpose and move more in the light, the more you/I can do the same and the more effectively we can together manifest the 'New Earth'.

We are all one.

Your 'Fair Exchange' is that you are incarnated now at this wonderful time and are willing to hold the light. Each night many of you in your sleep do energy work and support the ascension processes. Many also do this as part of conscious daily practice.

By simply choosing to raise your consciousness you begin to shine light more brightly and so naturally help others around you to be more light. This is a law of the Universe that a 'higher vibrational frequency always changes the lower'.

Give freely and receive freely as much as you feel comfortable to. Yes the emphasis is on as much as you feel comfortable to and not by any means as much as you feel you can or should! There is no need to be a mater, many have lived this experience already. It is about beginning to get used to living in 'Love Consciousness' and bringing heaven to earth. In this there is a level of trust that you will be provided for that has to be awakened before you can truly begin to give freely from the depth of your heart. The state of giving simply for 'love sake' is a very powerful healing state that gives you far more in return than you could even imagine, but it has to be done in pure love and this takes time. People on earth are waking up to this state of pure love now and the conditioning of the survival mode is been outgrown.

All is in perfect divine order and so it is.

If you are not ready to give or receive in this manner please let others do so without passing judgement. Please let people have a right to their remembrance! If they put out to the universe 'I wish to remember, I wish to awaken!' The support is there for them. To many their 'Call' to awaken, their agreement to take part in ascension, their wish to hold the light is the 'Fair Exchange' for the energy activations. We know how challenging the path has been. The more love we show the easier it will be for all of earth people during this time of magnificent transformation.

These is also another law of the universe, the more energy you channel and share freely the more energy you will be given. The more you support others in truth and pure love, the more support you will have. The more you use your natural gifts the more gifts you will awaken to. So by giving in total gratitude you receive exactly what you need in total love.

This principle brings the parable about talents to mind (Matthew 25:14-30)&(Luke 19:11-27). The servants who used their talents and multiplied them were told ‘Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.’   or in Luke  ‘Well done, good slave! Because you have been faithful in a very small matter, you will have authority over ten cities.’. And so we servants to God are given talents, gifts and we can choose to use them and multiply them or we can put them underground  just in case we do something wrong, like in this case break the rule of ' fair exchange'. Yes respect the law, but do not be blinded by fear. See the truth of the matter and follow your heart call! The time will be soon upon us when the new earth does fully manifest and then who will be given the role to lead and guide dear fellow awakening souls and who will have to give their posts up due to lack of clarity?

I do not promote for anyone to not be paid fairly for their service what I urge is that we all review our attitude in the light of the Law of Onesses in mind.  Times have changed and are fast changing. What was correct two years ago may not apply now. Review, letting go and staying in balance seem to be the words of this year and I suspect the beginning of 2014 too. My wish that the words for the near future be love, peace and unity.

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