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Cleaning the implants is one of the most powerful proces i have learned in my spiritual Academy "I AM UNIVERSITY".. dr Joshua David is explanation of WHAT ARE NEGATIVE IMPLANTS.... EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE IMPLANTS AND DEVICES FOR LIMITING SPIRITUAL The implants and devices are barriers limiting spiritual vibration in the path of ascension that block their progress toward full self-any supply. They block your path by putting up sales and creating false realities in his conscience, thus limiting your access to your Higher Being. These are external control mechanisms of the Dark Forces that keeps you in a dual reality. Although there are many types, purposes and causes, all unconscious act as conduits of negative energy in your life and represent karmic bonds and associations need to be healed and rectified. FROM WHERE COME THE IMPLANTS? The implants represent collective karmic patterns that have been externally imposed by the Dark Forces in an effort to control thought and emotional responses of humanity. Throughout the history of this sector of the universe the dual realities (good and bad) have been many. We as Lightworkers have been in many of these different realities. We're now approaching the completion time and rise to this planet, so it requires you to be free again to return to our state fully empowered, leading to the planet and its inhabitants with us. Each time we enter a new planetary system to save him from the Dark Forces is necessary that we associate with the experience of life on this planet so that we can change it from within. It is a sacred act to embody a dual reality, take ownership of its dysfunction, rise above this and return to God. WHO ARE THE 'DARK FORCES'? The dark forces are beings that do not honor God / Father / Mother as the Creator / Source. They seek to take power and energy from other beings rather than receiving them from God. Although these beings were created by God, they (through their own free will) have participated in the illusion of separation from God and has been opposed to his creations at the level of duality. In their grief they seek to control others. One way to do this is through implants. HOW OBTAINED IMPLANTS? The implants are given in different ways in many different brands of time, locations and situations. There are many different types of implants and purposes. Some types are the product of the history of interaction with the dark forces of numerous battles during our duality in several planetary systems, beginning with the Battle of Orion. All have been caught many times in this or other lives and have undergone implantation of one kind or another. These implants are the soul of karma that we carry from one incarnation to another. Once incarnate on this planet will continue the battles of duality. The Draco and reptoids invaded this planet during the period of Lemuria and has been in control ever since. After the original fall of Lemuria, Atlantis finally also fell. It was during the fall of Atlantis that the deployment was dispersed on this planet. The government barred the use of magical powers-spiritual you. They used implants to give force to its control. Sometimes some holes deployment processes kill the body and you just woke up in a future incarnation, powerless and memory. Do this for a few lives and you have the modern man with very little awareness of their true spiritual power. The last way in which we have received the implants is through associations with various spiritual organizations of a negative nature. This includes any religion or cult that uses mind control and fear to strengthen control of its members. These are all major religious institutions, as well as the most obvious companies that have used black magic votes, agreements and control mechanisms related to exercise control over its members. These vows of fidelity remain to be repealed. That energy needs to be transmuted. The implants are received through the subtle bodies and control our access to higher frequencies. When our vibrations fall to the level of duality and we believe in the illusion of separation from God we are susceptible. Because mankind as a whole lives a dual and bought the illusion of separation from God, we are all living under the influence of some type of implant or device spiritual limitation. All we have to be cleaned up. Remember, those of us who want to control us and deployed to believe that we are one with our Creator. If we believe that we become a threat to them. HOW TO KNOW IF I HAVE IMPLANTS? Since we, as Lightworkers, have been actively engaged in many battles of duality in different planetary systems, all have been caught many times and have been subjected to implants of one form or another. The question is not "I have implants?" but "What have implants and how I'll get rid of them?". If you're on the planet and certainly was not clean you have them. And even if it was cleaned by methods other than one or two devices, chances are that you are not there are all removed. There are millions of them. This process will clear all the varieties known and unknown, for all time periods, dimensions and locations simultaneously. There is also a protection that is built with this process (when you get the release through a transmission personnel) to protect you against any attempt to be any who want to deploy you again. The implants have played a critical part of the karma that needs to be resolved from one life to another. When this is implemented requires that regresses the wheel of reincarnation again and again to resolve the karma and be controlled by dark forces again, a very clever way to guarantee the state of the planet forever, that is, until now. A soul to ascend back to your I AM presence, all the karma must be balanced, all the implants removed. Although there are individuals who have ascended since the time of Jesus, this has been a rare success so far. The planet itself has decided to climb to a fifth dimensional reality. Grace was extended to absolve all karma for those who elect to rise with him. Grace is part of the release of implants. WHAT DO YOU CLEAN IN THIS PROCESS? This process cleans all implants and devices for limiting spiritual, known and unknown, spiritual weapons, parasites mental and emotional body, entities stuck together, thought-forms of all types (including curses, charms and spells) and vows and agreements maintains the devices inside. WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF IMPLANTS AND DEVICES FOR SPIRITUAL LIMITING? Implants battles duality is named based on the wars that took place, such as Orion, Sirius, Planet Maldek, Arturo and the system of the Pleiades. The implants in the history of the earth were named based on time periods or societies, such as the Lemurian and Atlantean. These also include all forms of self-imposed limitations, impediments magical, three-dimensional crystals of implants . The implants are living in emotional and mental bodies of his victims and parasites from the body are called mental or emotional. They can be the spiritual cause of many physical illnesses. The spiritual weapons are a type of psychic weaponry that is manifested in the energy field as a kind of weapon (some of which are very exotic). These devices may present past-life traumas and body memories of having been killed with the weapon or device which is implanted. They may represent negative vibes sent by another person present to you. May be the causes of chronic pain in the body. Entities are any disembodied spirit with no tie or cord that connects you. Such entities may be in your life past or present. You can be surrounded by bodies of his own past life or past life of another. Ways of thinking used in this context are any negative thoughts sent to you in form of negativity, curses, spells, conspiracies, etc.. Grays Implants / reptoids / Draco are alien forces following active on earth and follow deploying people in the form of psychic attack (N. E.: The Grays, who were the abductions that were, are no longer on Earth a long time). You may feel as headaches, strokes of negative energy or emotions of low vibration, moving through you. The cover-ups are limiting devices that consist of spiritual vows and / or contracts with negative spiritual brotherhoods, unholy alliances or associations, when want wilt state with no guide or separated from God. These votes and agreements affect you until you are waived because they leave you open to claims of beings from these organizations. They have access to you in dream state or in the inner planes and are the main causes of interference in your spiritual life on the physical and psychic. These votes may also include vows of poverty, chastity, obedience, etc.. The agreements or contracts implants are those who claim the implants are in place and those who make them return to the third dimension is not entirely waived. This is the main reason that some release techniques have not succeeded. This is also why you need conscious participation in the release process. The bonds are karmic past life associations with certain individuals or places that emanate through your gifts and affect relationships negatively.

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  • Done it for my whole family with amba. Very powerful process, my family recovered sensé of générosity and love. Karmic relationships evolved. My sons became faithful with others. So much energy clearing in one night... even my baby changed his way of looking the others. I saw him like he is.... the beautiful gift of giving and receiving became normal for them. I considération it's à marvelous gift to receive this méditation. And i have faith in the future now.
    Consider this, this can really be life changing. Imagine kids not disturbed by implants, evolving in peace. No process of mental illness. Relationships without attachement.
    I haven't got the money to be instructif to this système and amba did this for us, but i'll do this when i'll recover enough money.
    Love <3
  • This is like surgery being performed energetically. A life-saver. The results are immediately felt after the 2 hours. It has been a great experience for me and my family members. My father was depressed and could not sleep. All of us were worried. I requested Amba to perform Implant clearing on him. The next day my father said that he is feeling so good and had slept well in the night. He could sleep well thereafter.

    Once my mind was so full of negative thoughts and Amba did the Implant clearing. I could feel negative energy being pulled out of my head. And next day, I was so relaxed.

    The last time Amba did the Implant clearing on me, an implant in the solar plexus was removed. My solar plexus used to vibrate and it also brought down my confidence levels in office. Immediately, the next day I could feel my confidence back to normal levels.

    The first time, Amba did it, it was an experience I will always remember. Light beings surrounded me and sucked out implants from this life an all past lives. So many implant were removed !

    Thanks Amba for bringing this to the fore and let people benefit from this spiritual surgery.

  • Thank you for this amazing insight, I completely understand now, why I have been feeling the way I have and I know that I must have these implants removed! <3 many Blessings <3
  • do we remove Implants-I know there is an Arcturian Team I call in and they remove them. But I suffer from FMS/CFS Hashimotos Thyroiditus and Hypothyroidism. I fit most of what is listed above. I think it woiuld do me a word of good to order the books listed. I also do theProtection meditation daily by JD Stone.
  • THANK YOU SO MUCH for all these beatiful posts  of today  !!!
  • This is PROCESS which takes minimum two hours.....Most of the cleaning process for implants mostly negative and partially cleaned surface, and only removes certain negative implants. This powerful process allows the complete removal of all negative implants, all essential parasite, all negative entities, all astral entities and all not incarnated spirits of all the spells and black magic effects, and all the vows and promises (contracts) that hold negative implants in person. Removes all of the above, and all that is not Christ-like nature, known and unknown, past life, this life, simultaneous lives, future lives, the lives of all dimensions spaces, levels, time frames. Removing the negative implants performs special teams of Highest light beings with the certain members of Luminous Angelic Kingdom (Lord Metatron, Arch. Michael, Ascended Masters like Saint Germain, Lord Maitreja....and many others.....)

    Some of the possible positive changes that can be observed after this process:

    Life is changing for the better in all aspects.
    Chronic pain go away if it is cause by negative implant.
    The person feels that he has more energy.
    Sense of inner peace and clarity.
    The person feels safer in the world.
    Less" mental " conversation.
    It produced and / or strengthens the possibility of channeling and increases the purity of channeling
    A new sense of purpose and direction in life.
    The feeling of love, peace, happiness, joy.
    Expands spiritual awareness and consciousness of unity.
    Dissolving of unproductive relationship.
    Achieving greater harmony within the productive relationship.
    Internal cleansing.

    • Thank you for posting! So how can we learn this technique to do this?

    • Thank you for inspiring this post.

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