Phase One.
Call forth in meditation Melchizedek, Metatron, and Thoth for their special protective seal to be placed around you in conjunction with your normal tube of Light. This seal is made up of sacred geometries that are all packed together, such as triangles, circles, diamonds, merkabahs] fire-letters, and key codes. Once they place this seal around you it is automatically and permanently activated for your protection. This permanent activation is unusual; most techniques must be requested every day in order for them to work. Melchizedek told me that this seal could be called the Heaven on Earth Seal for the Children of Light.
Phase Two.
The second part of the sealing system is a most extraordinary process that I highly recommend you request. In this phase Melchizedek, Thoth, Metatron, and Djwhal Khul place, through your chakras, spinal column, skin, and any organs and/ or glands that need support, a kind of sealing that contains geometric shapes, forms, and colours. What this sealing substance does is to automatically heal the chakra, organ, or gland if it begins to get out of balance. If that happens, the geometric forms begin to light up and spin like mini-merkabahs and they eject any energies that do not conform to the perfected ideal. This system will remain dormant as long as your body and chakras are in balance. The moment any organ, gland, or chakra goes out of balance, the system kicks into action. This program will work automatically for the rest of your incarnation, once it is installed… The whole process is extremely gentle and, in truth, barely noticeable. It takes about an hour to fully install the whole program. I was also guided to call on the higher Light quotient to come in and say the words “Heaven on Earth” as a type of additional programming process. Once installed the program works automatically, but it can also be consciously invoked to kick into action. The system works in conjunction with the process of sitting on the ascension seats and calling in the higher Light quotient from Metatron, the Arcturians, Melchizedek, or other masters. One of the major benefits of having this program installed is that the masters go through your chakras, organs, glands, spinal column, brain, and entire four-body system and clear out all the etheric mucus and imbalanced energies before they cover each area with the geometric shapes… When they install the program, they will go through one chakra at a time and one organ at a time to make sure you are feeling comfortable. I would recommend lying down on your bed for one full hour the first time you [invoke this process.


Dr Joshua David Stone teachings

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understood everything, thanks !!!

Nice group, thanks for sharing!

I did not understand  the second part of the intiation...and i can you explain  me more?..thanx 


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