Ask Lord Arcturus and the Galactic Healers to Clear your nadis and
meridians with light technologies. Sometimes over decades, pathways of
light, which normally circulate around and through nadis and meridians
become compressed or blocked due to wrong thinking.
If you ask for these pathways to be opened with light technologies,
they will go through all the pathways with light, in the range that is
right for you, and clear these pathways. In doing this, the body is
infused with more energetic light pulses. This greatly improves the
subtle bodies' ability to receive telepathic communication.

For stimulating the Immune System

Ask Lord Arcturus and the Galactic Healers to apply light technologies
to your liver, spleen, and bones, together with your lymphatic system.
When this happens, your etheric body is placed on a table under
different light frequencies. These are applied in the ranges your body
needs to detoxify these immune system organs and stimulate increased
function of these organs. You may do this in combination with other
Self-Healing techniques, for general balanced health, removal of
cancerous cells, and enhanced healing of chronic problems.

For cleansing and clearing the 13 Chakras

Ask Lord Arcturus and the Galactic Healers to use their Chakra
Balancing machine on your chakras to clear any dross stagnant energy
from your chakras. This will help with the flow of the Force through
all the chakras, causing balanced health in the organs and glands of
the body. It is a good idea to ask for several of the healing
techniques at once. Know that these things are working to heal your
body. Your body is a sentient Being and is completely effected by your

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How to ask Lord Arcturus any sentence please guide i want to work on immune system & telepathy.

Se the INTENT and mentaly or outloud say.....I ask Lord Arcturusand the Galactic Healers to apply light technologies..........for.......


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