Connect to your Higher Self, then connect to the Arcturians.


Arcturian Technologies
Following are some of the many wonderful love and light technologies that have come forth from the Arcturians. The Arcturians use the highly advanced computers on their ships to do this work. Once you are on line, so to speak, in the computer banks of the Arcturian ships, the slightest request instantly is answered.

Golden Key Number 54-Light Quotient Increase And Strengthening The Physical Body Through The Arcturians
This golden key has been so indispensable in my manifestation that I use it every day. I call to Lord Arcturus and the Arcturians for a 100% light quotient increase, along with a healing and strengthening of whatever parts of my physical body need attention.

At other times I ask for help in balancing all the meridian flows in my body. I do this sometimes before bed, and I find I sleep better. I also do it after typing for four or five hours. You all know the feeling of how the body can ache after typing or sitting at a computer for a long time. I make this request and usually within fifteen to thirty minutes I feel my entire etheric system come back into balance.

Golden Key Number 55—Calling On The Arcturians In Extreme Situations
This golden key is for people with chronic health problems. For those of you with this spiritual challenge, I recommend running the Arcturian energies 24 hours a day on a consistent basis. Keep praying to the Lord of Arcturus and the Arcturians for a 100% light quotient increase and healing of the physical body part that you’re having trouble with. If the energy doesn’t feel strong enough ask them to increase the frequency. Keep asking over and over again for an increase until they do it to a level at which you can really feel yourself percolating so to speak.

If you feel yourself beginning to fade and not feel well again, call them back in and ask for more light and healing in that area. Call in the Arcturian liquid crystal technology every day followed by the golden cylinder a half hour later. This will keep your field clear and energized.

In extreme situations when I am not feeling well, I will ask to go to the mechanism chamber on the Arcturian ships to be worked on. When I am extremely fatigued and in emergencies, I ask the Arcturians for a total revitalizing and energizing of my physical body. I have found this to be an invaluable tool. I also meditate or take a catnap when I feel tired. In extreme situations you also can call upon Dr. Lorphan and the Galactic Healers. (See Golden Key 66).

Golden Key Number 56—Arcturian Liquid Crystal Technology
This Arcturian tool is the Arcturian liquid crystal technology. Upon request, the Arcturians will siphon into your four-body system and chakras a type of liquid crystal that immediately will deactivate any and all negative energy. Often I will use this process first and then call in the golden cylinder.

Golden Key Number 57—The Arcturian Golden Cylinder
The Arcturian golden cylinder can be called for directly from Lord Arcturus, and it will be lowered down over your four-body system. It will remove all kinds of toxic energies, and I have used it to remove unwanted implants, elementals, etheric mucous, parasites and any other imbalances on any level. It is like a huge magnet drawing out impurities.

Then as the cylinder is lifted up off the body, it pulls out any remaining residue. I have found that the combination of these two completely clears my field every time. These tools have been a Godsend in the healing of all of my bodies and in my ongoing clearing process. They also are ascension accelerators. I use these tools any time I feel myself getting unclear or contaminated from involvement with life lessons or during the sleep state.

Golden Key Number 58—The Arcturian Prana Wind Machine
This golden key is the Arcturian prana wind machine. I have found this tool to be invaluable. Call for the Arcturians to anchor this into your energy field. It is a fan that is lowered into the heart chakra, and it blows all negative energy right out of your energy field. It realigns and clears your nadis, or etheric wiring, and your whole etheric lightgrid. It also helps to clear your veins and arteries. It has had a very strengthening effect on my physical vehicle. I have used this anytime that I have felt any negative energy in my energy field.

Golden Key Number 59—The Arcturian Joy Machine
The Arcturian joy machine is another amazing Arcturian tool. It has a wonderfully beneficial effect on the emotional body. Any time I feel emotionally low, I will call for the Arcturian joy machine. I’ll make you a bet. Right now call to the Arcturians for the Arcturian joy machine to be activated, and I will bet you ten light quotient points that you will not be able to stop smiling and even laughing. I have shared this with friends and they have been completely blown away. The Arcturians will send you pure ninth ray joy, and you will not be able to be depressed even if you wanted to be. Nothing is more healing then joy. Ascension, joy and love are all connected. Use this tool to help cultivate the Christ/Buddha quality in your daily life.

Golden Key Number 60—Arcturian Voltage-Increase
The next golden key has been the use of the Arcturian voltage-increase technique. Often when I’m standing in line at the market or post office and want to utilize the time, I will whisper to myself or telepathically say, "Lord Arcturus and Arcturians, increase the voltage". I will feel an increase in the flow of spiritual current running through my body. It is simple, effective and can be done quickly in the midst of any activity.

Golden Key Number 61—The Arcturian Plating System
This is a key dispensation I received from Lord Arcturus. This was an anchoring of the Arcturian plating system into our chakra systems. Lord Arcturus said that this advanced technology, metaphorically, could mail a letter in 18 seconds which normally would take the chakra system three months. These advanced technologies, which one by one were anchored in over time, literally resurrected my entire being.

Golden Key Number 62—Arcturian Reprogramming Of Your Biochemical Etheric Makeup
The next golden key is to ask Lord Arcturus and the Arcturians to reprogram your biochemical etheric makeup to make sure it is in accord with your physical body structure. In my case at one point my spiritual, mental and emotional bodies were evolving faster than my physical vehicle, so the Arcturians had to upgrade my biochemical etheric makeup to create consistency within my four-body system.

Higher Dimensional Healing Teams and Temples
Golden Key Number 63—The Inner Plane Healing Masters
The next golden key is working with the Inner Plane Healing Masters. These healers have been the other super key to the resurrection of my physical body. When calling forth this group of inner plane healers, invoke your Christ self and your monad along with the Inner Plane Healing Masters. I call them in, or feel myself in one of their healing chambers, any time that I’m not feeling well no matter what the symptoms or cause. When I needed them the most I would call them in many times a day. After you call them in, tell them what you want them to work on. Lie down and rest or meditate and let them work on you for up to an hour.

Following are some special requests that you can make of the Inner Plane Healing Masters:

Request a complete cleansing and repairing of all of your vehicles: spiritual, etheric, mental, emotional and physical. This includes asking them to repair any leaks or holes in your aura.

Request to be given shots on the etheric level of the substances you need such as vitamins, minerals, hormones, etc, under the guidance of the ascended masters. This is like giving these to yourself radionically or like the request for etheric acupuncture. It works because everything is energy.

I used to get a lot of healings from other practitioners until I realized that nearly everything I needed I could access on my own. This is the finest group of healers available to humanity. The Inner Plane Healing Masters and the Arcturians are an awesome one-two punch for staying in good health on all levels.

Golden Key Number 64—The Etheric Healing Masters And Restoring Your Divine Blueprint
The next golden key was asking the Etheric Healing Team to repair my etheric damage from past lives and this life. This is most important because otherwise your physical body is working off of an imperfect blueprint, and complete recovery cannot occur. Call this team in and ask them to repair your etheric body and bring it to a state in which it outpictures only your perfect monadic blueprint. Working with this team, in conjunction with calling for the anchoring of my monadic blueprint body and my mayavarupa body, greatly accelerated both the healing of my physical vehicle and my ascension.

Golden Key Number 65—The Acupuncture Healing Masters
This golden key is to ask the ascended master Acupuncture Healing Team to put etheric acupuncture needles in your body to help correct any physical health problems you are having. Ask them to remove the needles when you are complete.

Golden Key Number 66—Dr. Lorphan And The Galactic Healers
An invaluable golden key in my healing was working with Dr. Lorphan and the Galactic Healers. This is a highly advanced group of healers which you can call upon in extreme health situations. Because my health lessons were so severe, I called on Dr. Lorphan and he did wonders with recircuiting my energy field and strengthening my digestive system. I use Dr. Lorphan and the Galactic Healers in serious situations when I need resources in addition to the wonderful healing gifts of the Arcturians and the Inner Plane Healing Masters.

Golden Key Number 67—Color Baths In The Inner-Plane Healing Temples
With this golden key, request to go to the healing temples on the inner plane and bathe in the color baths. These are pools of liquid light and color. They are the most glorious healing spas. Call to your angels of healing and request to have a healing bath in a healing pool of whatever color you desire. This is a wonderful thing to do before bed because it is so relaxing and rejuvenating.

Healing on All Levels
Golden Key Number 68—Healing Must Be Done On All Levels
This golden key is to remember that physical healing cannot be completely manifested without first healing the etheric body, emotional body and mental body. Use the tools I have provided in this book to heal these bodies which are the cause of all disease in the physical body.

Golden Key Number 69—Clearing With The Fear-Removal Matrix
This golden key, the core fear-removal matrix program has been a Godsend. This technology is a process whereby all of the core fears that you have stored in your four-body system—from this lifetime and all of your past lives—can be removed with help from the ascended masters. Call forth Djwhal Khul and Vywamus to anchor this lattice-work technology into your energy field, and request their help in removing your core fears. This can be done in regard to overall fear or with specific fears.

This matrix also can pull out all astral entities, astral disease, gray fields and mental and/or etheric disease and help to mend and realign your etheric lightgrid with the help of the holographic computer in DK’s ashram.

Over a period of about nine months, I had enormous amounts of core fear removed from my four-body system. All of the health lessons I had experienced had caused fear to be stored in my organs. Clearing and removing all of these weeds from my system catalyzed a resurrecting and regenerating effect on me. In one weekend workshop that I led, the masters removed 45% of my core fear for my entire life. This is quick therapy! This is a technology that is available to all. I go into this in more detail in a chapter in my book, Beyond Ascension.

Golden Key Number 70—Removal Of Etheric Toxic Debris
The next golden key in my healing was to request the removal of all etheric darts, needles and bullets. These negative aspects usually have been deposited from past lives, but they also can be acquired from this life.

Every time people attack or get angry at others, they are sending them psychic darts such as this. All this stuff needs to be cleansed and removed. You can see now why people get so sick and why there are so many diseases relating to a break-down of the immune system such as cancer. To a great extent it is because all of this inner plane stuff has not been cleansed and removed. This is why conventional medicine so ineffective with chronic diseases. They deal with just ten percent of reality and are missing 90% of what is going on in the rest of the twelve-body system.

Golden Key Number 71—Clearing The Etheric Filter Through Your Personal Color Coding
This golden key came from an insight that my friend shared with me concerning what the masters referred to as the “etheric filter.” They said that every etheric body has a filter that works much like a dryer lint filter. It was built to work automatically, but over time it has become clogged in most people. Thus light has not been able to pour through properly. Melchizedek said that it is of the highest importance to clear this filter. This is done through calling forth one’s personal color coding.

Each person has his or her unique color coding. For example, Melchizedek told me that my personal color coding is the platinum ray, the golden ray, the blue ray and the red ray. Melchizedek said that the platinum ray is the direct God-source energy; the golden ray is his ray from the Golden Chamber; the blue ray is the ray of Djwhal Khul’s ashram; and the red ray is El Morya’s first ray ashram dealing with leadership. To clear your filter, call forth from the masters your own personal color coding which will help to clear your etheric filter. I would recommend doing this once a month as a tune-up.

Golden Key Number 72—Adjusting The Etheric Web
This golden key is to ask Djwhal Khul and Lord Arcturus for an adjustment of the web of the etheric body. For those who are too empathic, a tightening of the etheric web may be in order. For those who are too closed down emotionally or psychically, a loosening of this web may be needed. Leave this up to your own Mighty I Am Presence and the wisdom of the ascended masters. Most people need a tightening of the etheric web for it provides more protection.

Golden Key Number 73—Clearing Of Pets
This golden key has been the understanding of the need to clear from pets all alien implants and negative elementals. This was brought home to me after I had had my implants cleared. However I had forgotten to have my two cats, Patches and Rags, cleared in the process. Clearing pets is an easy procedure. Just call in the liquid light technology and the golden cylinder from Lord Arcturus and the Arcturians and make a specific request that all negative alien implants and negative elementals be neutralized and removed from the animals you want worked on.

Golden Key Number 74—Clearing Old Imprints From The Energy Field
The next golden key has been my request to Djwhal Khul and Vywamus for the removal of all negative imprints from my aura. Negative imprints usually are carried over from past lives. They include such things as a sword or knife wound in the energy field. Also request that all irritations and spots in the aura be healed and cleansed. All of these things are very easy to heal and remove if we just know what to ask for.

Golden Key Number 75—Requesting A Complete Genetic Clearing
The next golden key was a series of cosmic clearings that literally revolutionized and resurrected my entire four-body system. In the first part of this process I requested from Djwhal Khul, Lord Maitreya, Melchizedek and Lord Arcturus a complete genetic-line clearing of all sickness and weakness within the physical body in this life and all past lives.

As part of this, also request to the Arcturians for the complete removal of all cancers and disease of all kinds that have formed within the etheric, mental and emotional bodies. Call for a complete removal from the physical and etheric vehicles of all that is not of perfect, radiant health. Request this for your entire blood line—past, present and future.

Golden Key Number 76—Cosmic Cellular Cleansing
This golden key is to call forth to Melchizedek, Metatron and Vywamus for a cosmic cellular clearing. This will clear your entire cell structure back through your first inception and incarnation on earth.

I think you are beginning to see that by calling forth these different spiritual technologies, no matter how sick we are physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually, we literally can be brought back to life. These are the advanced spiritual technologies of the future that are available now. And the purpose of this book is to make them available to you right now. The most amazing thing is how simple they are to use and how effective. The spiritual path should be simple; I think you will agree.

credits:Dr Stone teachings

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Thank you dear AMBA. Much Love to you
thanks my friend,blessings.Myspace Comments - Ángeles

thanks for these information

I try to take contact whit the Arcturians

Light Love and Power


Imagination is the key and fuel of so called enlightenment or our true reality in other dimensions.  We not only can have it how we want it.  With out our imaginative input we are lost and the universe is lonely without our being our part.  "Working" or living more like, in other dimensions is just like it seems.  You have a desire or need and you create a clever way to make it happen. It can be as simple or complicated as one may hope for.  I want a beautiful long house in the shade of a magnificent mountain near a river where we can be together in cozy oneness for a while...want to show up!  :)  The word impossible is a curse on humankind, work hard and you will see that nothing is impossible-Amma
Thank you so much again Amba!

Thank you for sharing this Amba. I have a question is it best to work your way throught this one day at a time to adjust to the Arcturians energy? Thanks and many blessings.

Thank for sharing this Amba...the Arcturians are incredible...blessings...Loretta

thank you dear friend


In love and light,


This is great; thank you!

Love this!! Thank you!

so would I state out loud to lord Arcturus and state that i would like to use the golden key 56 and after awhile ask to use the golden key 57 for the golden cylinder? I think this is wonderful thank you. my question is to anyone who knows about this... as a friend had sent me this page to help and I do communicate with my higherself a lot and once centered I can feel connected in sorts sure sometimes i can get the message and other times i dont. i am still in that practice of having a direct connection consciously,. so once i feel a connection to my higher self I then request the arcturians and let them know i would like to use golden key XX whichever the number?? if i could have some help with this or let me know if i am correct please let me know, sorry i was a little confused. thank you with all my heart and much gratitude!



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