Found a quiz that you may find interesting and helpful with your ascension.

Uncover your life's purpose by finding your Monadic ray (or Soul ray). Your Monad has a primary ray and then there are also blends in each Monad of the other rays. The Monad is the Oversoul (The Group Soul- Think WE ARE). The Soul is the individual (Think I AM). The Monad and Soul share the same ray. The personality (your horoscope) may or may not share the same ray. The personality ray is part of the Veil of forgetfulness. However, the focus of this post is about the Monadic/Soul ray as a means of accelerating evolution/ascension.

In alignment with the Law of Free Will, you may or may not comment. It is what your Heart desires that is important. This approach does not come from the ego, it comes from the Heart to share to give others ideas. There is no judgment, we are all equal brothers and sisters in the Divine. If this resonates with you, if you would be so kind to comment here about what Monadic/Soul ray you are, it will help with identifying a means of Service you are drawn to. If you are already on the path, please let us know what Service you do as a way of uplifting others. 

I bow to the Divine within you. 

P.S. More about the Rays here

Also check out for teachings from the Masters about Service. 

Perfect Attributes of the 7 Rays:

1. Strength.
“I will be strong, brave, persevering in his service.”

2. Wisdom.
“I will attain that intuitional wisdom which can be developed
only through perfect love.”

3. Adaptability or Tact.
“I will try to gain the power of saying and doing just the right
thing at the right moment—of meeting each man on his own ground, in
order to help him more efficiently.”

4. Beauty and Harmony.
“So far as I can, I will bring beauty and harmony into my life
and surroundings, that they may be more worthy of him; I will learn to
see beauty in all Nature, that so I may serve him better.”

5. Science (detailed knowledge).
“I will gain knowledge and accuracy, that I may devote them to
his work.”

6. Devotion.
“I will unfold within myself the mighty power of devotion, that
through it I may bring others to him.”

7. Ordered Service.
“I will so order and arrange my service of God along the lines
which he has prescribed, that I may be able fully to take advantage of the
loving help which his holy Angels are always waiting to render.”

~ C.W. Leadbeater, The Masters and the Path (pp. 259-260)

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Replies to This Discussion

I am ray 2 (love/wisdom) This does suit me as I am most energized when I’m helping someone realize something, working on behalf of a person, being a conduit for healing and illumination and dispensing(channeling) truth. I find the mutual signs of libra Gemini and Aquarius a little unsettling though- at a personality level so I find it interesting that these signs carry this frequency and aspects. But,, thank you to Chris, I am learning that the rays are not one’s personality but how they serve humanity best at large. I am a healer and actor so I do believe I am “in” my ray so to speak. 

Thank you for sharing sister. I bow to the Divine in you. Namasté


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