The Good Force be with you!

The following are daily wisdom from God -

1. Obey God first then obey God last!

2. Our good deeds are counted as merit in Heaven!

3. What matter most is you are happy & enjoy your everlasting life for all eternity!

4. As the true Shiloh, all peoples and nations obey Me now & forever!

5. The good wins as God triumphs now & forever!

6. Heaven is a perfect place God made for us who love Him!

7. In these New Heavens & New Earth, God makes all things new for you & Me!

8. In everything we do, we do it for the greatest glory of God!

9. You are happy because of the purity of your heart & you have seen God!

10. You are happy because you need God & the Kingdom of Heaven is given to you!

11. You are happy because you are a nature lover, and you are in Paradise now & forever!

12. By God's Wisdom, the New Jerusalem is built; by understanding, She is established forever!

13. Life knows what you need and gladly gives you your good desires!

14. A good heart & mind give us joy & peace for all time to come!

15. Surely, it's a beautiful world we have in these new heavens & new earth now & forever!

16. With Light, we can see what our eyes behold & praise God for the beauty of His wonderful creations now & forever!

17. Life continues to exist for us to inhabit the habitable planets of the Cosmos now & forever!

18. A good life is living forever a life worthwhile!

19. Light is beautiful & eternal because it comes from God!

20. The Good are triumphal because God is Good & God favors them now & forever!

21. You love Wisdom, thus, you have a good life & a citizen of The New Jerusalem, the Holy City now & forever!

22. As the Bright Morning Star, I write, " Have a Perfect Day always!"

23. An Endless Pleasures for Us who love the Eternal Wisdom of God!

24. Because we love Eternity, we make use of time for time is valuable like gold, and thus, we enjoy it now & forever!

25. All Good Things that come from God remain forever that we have to be thankful for always! Thanks be to God in My Mighty Name Jesus Christ!

26. Success is the victory of Goodness & getting what you want for God's greatest glory!

27. Be nice, stay alive, happy & safe now & forever!

28. To see is to believe, to live forever is for God!

29. As the Eternal Wisdom of God, I am glorious & triumphant in Heaven now & forever!

30. Life is all we want for so we value it like gold!

31. True Happiness is all we want for so we truly enjoy life for all eternity!

32. True Knowledge is all we want for so we truly enjoy learning for all eternity!

33. True Love is all we want for so we truly enjoy lovemaking for all eternity!

34.  Yes, the perfect truth is Life is good & an ensemble of functions that destroy death & evil for all eternity! Thus, Life exists forever & ever!

35.  Think God as you think yourself for all eternity! 

36.  It is wiser to be at peace for the reward is bliss!

37.  God's blessings be upon you as always now & forever!

38.  The Good wins as God triumphs!

39.  To master yourself for good is the highest virtue!

40.  Yahweh God gives us everlasting life thru His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ!

41.  For whatever good we have in our heart & mind, we make it happen as always now & forever!

42.  Happy Father's Day! We have a Peaceful World to maintain & to sustain the prosperity of our people! 

43.  We are what God wants us to be!

44. The more we love God, the more He loves us!

45. Live & let live forever!

46. Let us give the Angel his golden measuring rod to measure the holy city, New Jerusalem, My Wife!

47. For God puts eternity in mankind's heart & mind to live forever by His grace thru His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ!

48.  The New Jerusalem, the Holy City, My Wife, is beautiful in the picture or video but in reality, She is far more glorious than ever!

49.  Everyday we have a happy feeling that we are going to enjoy our everlasting life for all eternity!

50.  Everything we know is God's idea of intelligence!

51. Happy are you who love for you are loved by God!

52. All things under heaven are now in God's supervision for all eternity!

53. God knows what is best for us & He will gladly give it to us at the proper time!

54.  Our lives are righteous that's why we are living forever!

55.  Happy are you who have a merry heart for you are in a continual feast for all eternity!

56.  All good things remain forever for it is God's plan for all eternity!

57.  A happier life is a life for God & His Christ now & forever!

58.  Good morning, everyone, nice day to enjoy our happier everlasting life from God thru Christ!

59.  Happy are you who have found God in your life thru His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ!

60.  A Happiest God is a happiest creations!

61.  The goodness in our heart is the God who is in us!

62.  The happiness we bring in the World is the happiness of our God in Heaven!

63.  The wisest thing to do in order to be happy is to believe & trust in God! Happy Thanksgiving Day!

64.  The ultimate goal of men is to be happy, and we find it in God! Have a good month of December 2017!

65.  Master yourself to be with God & He will give you happiness for all eternity!

66.  For those who believe in God & the Lamb, everlasting life & happiness!

67.  The more we know God, the happier we are! Have a Joyful Holiday Season!

68.  A Life in Christ is a Happy Life! Happy New Year 2018!

69.  Learn from the past, live in the present & prepare for the future! Have a good month of January


70.  To be in God's Presence is to be happy all the time!

71.  Living happily forever is God's gift of everlasting life for us!

72.  By enriching our God, we enrich ourselves!

73.  God's winners inherit all things & they are called children of God!

74.  By loving our God, we love ourselves!

75.  The Lord rewards the righteous for their good deeds!

76.  The triumph of life is the triumph of goodness now & forever!

77.  By believing in our God, we believe in ourselves! Have a good month of March 2018!

78.  Everything we do is for the greatest glory of God!

79.  As King of Heaven, I'm going to attend to My Wedding!

80.  Happy World Water Day! I give you the free gift of the Water of Life for Global Excellence now & forever!

81.  A moment of prayer with God is true happiness for us!

82.  The greatest thing we know is God's Holy Name in our mind!

83.  Into the Sun our name will go, into the Sun we will know the truth!

84.  The more we accept God in our lives, the happier we are!

85.  By God's standard, we are winners of the highest quality now & forever! Have a good month of May 2018!

86.  It is more blessed to give to God than to receive because the more you give to God the more you receive from God.

87.  God smiles to a happier person like you! O:)

89.  The longer we live, the wiser, happier & healthier we are! Have a good month of June 2018!

90.  If you are not the problem then you are the solution. It is better to be the solution because the problem fades away while the solution remains forever!

91. A Happy Life leads to a Successful Life as always now & forever! Have a good month of July 2018!

92. Fortunate are the righteous for they have eternal life. Yes, the Righteous are Physically Immortals!

93. Everything in the Universe is Love now & forever! God loves Me!

94. Obedience to God Most High brings success for us! Have a good month of August 2018!

95.  My rule is everlasting and My kingdom is eternal!

96.  Cosmic Love & Wisdom combined result to Heavenly Happiness for all eternity!

97.  A society that honors God is an honorable society for all eternity!

98.  We are living forever in harmony with nature for all eternity!

99.  Only in God we can find endless happiness...endless happiness to you & your family!

100. I am a Cloud Rider or a Skyrider for all eternity!

101.  The good words of the wise make sense and give joy to our heart!

102.  Because of the Kingdom of God, our joy is full forever!

102.  Our Blessed Life is a Successful Life from God thru Christ!

103.  As Spiritually-Minded Persons, We have an Eternal Life!

104.  Blessed are those who trust in the Lord for they are loved by God!

105.  To live forever is to be happy all the time!

106.  True Happiness make our life healthy, wealthy & wise now & forever!

107.  A Happy Prosperous New Year 2019 to all!

108.  The best thing about God is the happiness He brings to us!

109.  To be happy is good for our heart!

110.  Happiness is the result of our success!

111.  Happiness is God's idea of enjoyment!

112.  Happiness is a great feeling God endowed to us who love Him!

113.  Everlasting Life & Happiness are freely given to the righteous!

114.  Choosing happiness is a wise choice because it comes from God! Have a good month of March  


115.   Happiness can make you laugh & feel younger for good!

116.  With happiness, all good things are joyful!

117.  Happiness is good because of the great feeling we enjoy!

118.  Happiness make us wise because we make our God happy!

119.  Happiness is a winner because of the moments we rejoice!

120.  To be happy is for God!

121.  Happiness make you rich because of your good sense of humor!

122.  Happiness is loving yourself because you love God & your fellowmen!

123.  Your happiness is the result of the good things you have done! Have a good month of May 2019!

124.  Happiness is the best thing we can share with our loved ones!

125.  Happiness is our treasure when we always remember our God!

126.  Happiness is our wonderful feeling that lasts forever!

127.  Happiness make us physically immortals because of our faith in God thru Christ, His Son!

128.  Happiness is what God want for us to have in our lifetime!

129.  Happiness make our life easier as we enjoy our life with gusto for all eternity!

130.  Happiness make our life peaceful because of the love we experienced from God!

131.  Happiness brings back Paradise for it is God's plan for us!

132.  Happiness make us beautiful because of the purity of our heart!

133.  Happiness make us strong & healthy because laughter is the best medicine!

134.  Happiness is all over the Universe because love conquers all!

135.  Have a good month of September 2019! Angel of September is AA Uriel!

136.  Life is eternal, enjoy life for all eternity, life is eternal victory!

137.  To be happy is to live forevermore in Paradise!

138.  Thanks be to God for letting us live forevermore in Paradise!

139.  Happiness is enjoying our lifetime in pleasure for all eternity! 


Yes, truly, we live forever & prosper! Alleluia! Amen! <3 O:) * (Y)

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Your Wedding Invitation - Have a good month of March 2018! Alleluia! Amen! <3 O:) * (Y)

Blessed are those who are invited to the Wedding of the Lamb! Alleluia! Amen! <3 O:) * (Y)


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