"With the power of the Universal Forces of Light, I release:

• all agreements nonaligned with the divine plan on all levels,

• conscious, subconscious, and super conscious,

• throughout all time and space, and with the power of the Universal Forces of Light I command:

• all those nonaligned with the divine plan

• of my entire being and life, including: all those influencing, having

• influenced or intending to influence

• me in any way, directly or indirectly:and all those shielding from, diverting of, or interfering with this command;

including: all beings, parasitic beings, psychic parasites,

• drug entities, thought forms, psychic mechanisms, psychic implants,

• cords, curses, spells, hexes, psychic-robots, limiters,

• any kind of black magic, psychotronic influences, cosmic evil,

• stimulation or evocation of my past harmful karma,

• anything appearing to be of the light but not really,

• intensification of my misaligned with the divine plan problems,

• control lines, subliminal and super.liminal programing, intentions,

• vibrations, patterns, forces, energies,

• any of the above that are masquerading as my being,

• any of the above integrated with my being but not aligned

• with its divine plan, any of the above coming through other

• people or other beings or other objects toward me or other
• people or events in my life, any of the above that is timed to
• activate in the future, and anything else that is nonaligned with
• the divine plan, on any and/or all levels of existence,
• known and unknown or unnamed;

to release:

• from me and all beings and things

• and go into the level of the Light of the Spiritual Soul

• or into the level of the Divine Light

• or into the level of the Cosmic Light,

according to the Highest Good, now, and continuing for a ...week"!

Remember to do it at least every week. Set aside a day when you always do it, such as Sunday first thing or before bed. The Universal Forces of Light will align with your intention for a week at a time. You have to keep up the momentum and show them that you still want the protection and clearing, as they follow your free will.

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Thank you, God bless

Blessings AMBA

Amazing and so Powerful - Thank You



Just made a image of this invocation using MS paint to save in PC, anybody interested  can use

thank you

Immense gratitude for the content! It's very rich! I'm thinking of using radionic quantum tables, I'm already imagining their strength! Once again, grateful for all the shared content! Bless you!

Great thank you !! I already imagined anchoring on the Blue Quantum Radiation Table to boost the effect !!
immense gratitude !!!

Thank you beautiful Amba! Exactly what I needed!


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Cho Ku Rei! Cho Ku Rei! Cho Ku Rei!

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